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O'Dwyer's Newsletter - Jul. 16, 2012 - Vol. 45 - No. 28 (download PDF version)

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Porter Novelli, which is searching for a new CEO, has brought in veteran agency pro Rich Jernstedt as a part-time senior counselor in Chicago to focus on new business and counsel clients.


Jernstedt was CEO and chairman at GolinHarris in 26 years at the firm and later a senior partner at Fleishman-Hillard, where he has been a consultant during the past year through his firm, The Jernstedt Company.

Acting PN CEO Michael Ramah said Jernstedt will bring “strategic depth, a significant understanding of

our business and a real record of leadership” to the firm's Chicago operation.

Ramah took the reins last month with the resignation of CEO Gary Stockman at PN, which has seen other high-level departures this year.

Jernstedt noted PN’s “commitment to transformation” and said he looks forward to contribute to that effort.

Porter Novelli is pat of Omnicom.


Andrew Williams, a former public affairs staffer to Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner now with General Electric, will join Goldman Sachs next month as the bank continues its PR overhaul.

Williams has been director of media relations at GE for the past two years, helping the company respond to fallout from a damaging New York Times piece last year that said GE paid no corporate taxes in 2010.

The Financial Times, which first reported Williams’ move, noted he was a fixture seated behind Geithner during congressional hearings early in the secretary’s tenure in the Obama administration.

Prior to Treasury, he was VP for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York under Geithner and worked on the agency side as a director for Public Strategies.

Goldman in March brought in former Geithner aide and White House press secretary Jake Siewert to replace longtime communications chief Lucas van Praag, who retired.

That move came after a vicious cycle of bad press for the bank since the financial crisis which climaxed when a 12-year employee savaged the firm in a widely read March 14 New York Times op-ed that declared the Goldman work environment “toxic and destructive.”

Prior to Public Strategies, Williams was a media relations specialist at the Federal Reserve Board.


Chlopak, Leonard, Schechter & Assocs. is handling the transition of Enrique Peña Nieto, who was declared the winner of Mexico’s presidential race on July 1.

Peña Nieto

The election marks the return to power of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), which dominated Mexican politics for 71 years until it was ousted in 2000 by National Action Party (PAN) presidential candidate Vicente Fox.

Peña Nieto takes office Dec. 1.

CLS&A, which began work for Peña Nieto July 1, does not have a formal contract. It will provide communications counsel and assistance to the transition team, including distribution of news/announcements, and monitor news and policy developments related to Mexico-U.S. interests.

CLS&A receives a $50K monthly retainer. It reports to Diego Gomez, head of international press for Peña Nieto.


The World Society for the Protection of Animals is looking for a firm to handle a $200K public outreach campaign slated this fall to encourage American and Canadian consumers to purchase “cage-free” eggs.

It believes people are unaware of the plight of the more than 370M hens that are packed into tiny cages in which they can neither turn around or stretch their wings causing stress and physical injuries.

“Caged-egg production is one of the cruelest practices in farming,” says the RFP from WSPA, which has run a “choose cage-free” effort in Canada.

The organization is looking for a “visually-appealing” campaign that is “emotive in nature.” The effort should be “unique and engaging” and one that sets WSPA from other animal welfare organizations such as Humane Society International and Farm Sanctuary.

A successful campaign will by Dec. 31 increase traffic to WSPA websites by 20 percent and social media followership by 10 percent, earn 300 media clippings (20 percent from “top-tier” publications), garner at least 100,000 consumer action petition signatures and support fundraising efforts.

Beth Sharpe, communications director of WSPA, is the contact person at 416-369-0044 ex. 111 and [email protected]. Deadline: July 23.




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