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O'Dwyer's Newsletter - Mar. 19, 2012 - Vol. 45 - No. 12 (download PDF version)

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O'Dwyer's Newsletter, Pg. 1 - Mar. 19, 2012

The United Nations Population Fund, under recommendation to become “significantly more visible” by its new executive director, is dangling a multiyear PR contract for a global firm.


The New York-based development agency, known as UNFPA, released an RFP on March 9 after executive director Babatunde Osotimehin said the organization has to raise its profile to further its mandate.

Agencies are being asked to submit plans for media relations across print, broadcast and digital/social media focused mainly on the U.S. and Western Europe. That includes placement of Osotimehin’s “messages, stories and features" in outlets like the Financial Times, New York Times, Le Monde, PBS and BBC, as well as blogs covering topics like reproductive healthcare, family planning and population.

Disseminating press materials, monitoring coverage, and orchestrating the launch of “The State of the World Population” report in London are included as well.

The selected firm will work with the UNFPA’s media and communications branch.

Deadline for proposals is March 23. View the RFP at


Goldman Sachs on March 13 said it has brought in ex-Treasury aide and White House press secretary Jake Siewart to replace its exiting communications chief.


The move came as the bank holding company took a major PR hit March 14 when a 12-year employee penned an oped in the New York Times declaring “the environment now is as toxic and destructive as I have ever seen it.”

Siewart takes the title of managing director and global head of communications for the bank as Goldman partner and global communications head Lucas van Praag, who is retiring at 62.

Reports indicated Siewart was also considering a post at PepsiCo, where earlier this month Julie Hamp left the revamping food and beverage giant as its chief communications officer.

Siewart was VP of global communications for Alcoa in 2001 after serving as the last White House press secretary for President Bill Clinton and from 200911 advised Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.


PR firms either specializing in tech or with big tech practices showed major growth in 2011 as tech companies grappled with selling and explaining complicated products to a blizzard of audiences, according to the O'Dwyer technology rankings released today.

Edelman, whose overall growth rate in 2011 was +15.9% to $604 million, had a 24.3% spurt in tech to $126,752,418.

Others big gainers included:

APCO Worldwide, +24.6% to $31,080,000 Atomic PR, +35% to $12,006,603
Sparkpr, +17% to $10,396,043
Davies Murphy Group, +36% to $8,883,415 Airfoil PR, +19% to $8,127,627
MWW Group, +16% to $7,603,000
Launch Squad, + 30% to $7,573,405
Merritt Group, +15.7% to $6,573,638
Allison + Partners, + 30% to $6,300,000
Makovsky + Co., +66% to $3,000,000
Borders & Gratehouse, +66% to $2,337,557
Bateman Group, +28% to $2,337,557
Catapult PR-IR, +24% to $1,044,924

Demand High for Tech PR

“Technology has transcended IT,” said Pete Peterson, global technology chair of Edelman.

Rankings Seal
Technology Rankings on pg. 3

“It now impacts every facet of Technology our lives and is fundamentally Rankings Issue changing nearly every industry,” he added. “As a result, tech companies must now engage with an ever growing number of customers and
stakeholders. As consultants, our mission is to help clients navigate this complexity in a way that drives positive commercial, reputational and regulatory outcomes.”

Kimberly Davis, senior VP and head of the technology practice of Waggener Edstrom Worldwide, which had $59,305,000 in tech fees, said the firm “Touches every level of the IT technology stack from silicon up to the application layer.

“We work with innovators in ‘new’ industries such as clean energy and ‘old’ industries such as aerospace, telecommunications and diagnostic imaging. We help deliver in-depth stories around innovation and change that move markets and crown leaders…we help companies to shift the industry dialogue, drive adoption of new products and ideas, and, ultimately achieve real and lasting business success—increased sales,” she said.

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