Alejandro Romero
Alejandro Romero

LLYC reported first-half revenues grew 12 percent to $54M, while EBITDA advanced 9 percent to $9.7M. Organic growth rose 8 percent.

The results include LLYC’s March acquisition of an 80 percent stake in BAM, a 36-member San Diego shop that services the technology and venture capital segments.

That deal, which was valued at $13.2M, makes the US LLYC’s No. 3 market, following Spain and Mexico.

LLYC CEO Alejandro Romero said he’s pleased with the positive 1H results that were achieved despite a complex global context.

“We’ve seen a significant upswing in our numbers since Q2, and our digital and marketing solutions, as well as our focus on healthcare, give us every reason to remain optimistic about our future prospects,” he said.

Romero anticipates that LLYC will record double-digit growth for the full 2023 year.