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Michelle Abril is Vice President at Coyne Public Relations.

Bill Adams is an executive vice president in Allison+Partners’ Global China Practice and market leader in Shanghai.

Dami Adenaike works as a social media strategist in Marketing Maven’s Los Angeles office.

Nikkia Adolphe is PR Director at Media Frenzy Global.

Victoria Aguiar is a senior vice president at Bliss Integrated Communication within the agency’s Healthcare Practice.

Chowning J. Aguilera is Healthcare Practice Lead at Jackson Spalding.

Ariela Aharon is an Orthodox Jew and patriotic American expat. She currently resides in Jerusalem, Israel where she studies psychology and volunteers as an EMT. Ariela is presently doing freelance work and can be reached directly at [email protected].

Kevin Akeroyd is the CEO of Cision, a leading global provider of software that empowers marketing communications professionals to identify key influencers, craft and distribute strategic content, and measure meaningful impact.

Meg Alexander leads inVentiv Health Public Relations Issues Management practice.

Stan Alleyne is a senior consultant at Tunheim, a communications consulting firm in Minneapolis.

Jill Allread, APR, is CEO of Public Communications Inc., a national independent PR and digital agency headquartered in Chicago.

Maria Amor is vice president of Havas FORMULATIN, the Hispanic PR division of Havas Formula. She also serves as vice president of programming on the Hispanic Public Relations Association’s national board.

Brandon Andersen is Director of Marketing at Cision.

Steven Andersen is Vice President for Content and Client Strategy at the international communications firm Infinite Global.

Alexis Anderson is vice president of Havas Formula’s B-to-B division.

Richard L. Anderson is Senior Managing Director at Feintuch Communications.

Caroline Andrew is senior vice president at Mfa Marketing & PR.

Beth Andrix Monaghan is the CEO and founder of InkHouse, an integrated PR firm with offices in Boston, New York, San Francisco and Seattle. Find her at @bamonaghan on Twitter.

Eric Andrus is Executive Vice President at KARV, a strategic and communications advisory firm specializing in issues management, corporate communications, litigation support, and crisis communications with offices in New York City and Los Angeles.

Julia Angelen Joy is president of Z Group PR and has worked with more than 100 small businesses on a variety of corporate messaging, digital marketing, and public relations solutions.

Joe Anthony is President and Co-Owner of Gregory FCA. He has led the firm’s financial services unit since 2003.  Joe is responsible for the agency’s specialized public relations, content marketing and social media services for asset management, mutual fund, ETF, RIA, insurance, broker-dealer and financial service firms. LinkedIn

Kathleen Anthony is vice president at FrazierHeiby, a marketing communications firm in Columbus, Ohio.

Guy Antonioli is President and Founder of GCA Consulting / Focus Latino.

Lynn Appelbaum is a professor in the advertising/PR program of The City College of New York.

Dave Armon spent 20 years at PR Newswire and was president and COO when he left in 2008. Since then, he has been a board member, advisor and executive for PR and marketing technology platforms including Techrigy, dna13, Critical Mention and 3BL Media, where his currently serves as CMO.

Bryan Armstrong is Senior Managing Director & Head of Capital Markets in the Americas at FTI Consulting.

Mandy Arnold is the CEO of Gavin, a digitally minded public relations and marketing agency based in York and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Kathryn McMahon Arrigg is Director at PAN Communications.

Lisa Astor is senior vice president and co-lead of client relations at PAN.

Mike Atkinson is a Public Relations Senior Account Executive at Sage Communications.

Kayla Atwater is Director of the Travel & Tourism division at Hemsworth Communications.

Denise Aube is a brand strategist and Health Practice Leader at Crosby Marketing Communications.

Joan Auritt is President of Auritt Communications Group in New York City.

Kyle Austin is the founder and managing partner at Beantown Media Ventures (BMV), a PR, content, and digital marketing agency that has helped 100’s of venture-backed startups drive inbound leads and build valuations.

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