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Katie Padilla, MA, PMP, is a Director at FoodMinds, a division of Padilla, based in the Washington, D.C., office.

James R. Palczynski is a Partner at ICR.

Bo Park is Managing Director and Head of Tech PR at ICR

Nikki Parker is VP of Technology and Corporate Communications at 5WPR.

Dave Parro is Partner at Walker Sands Communications.

Georgette Pascale Founder, President & CEO of Pascale Communications, LLC.

Andrea Pass is vice president of media relations for Marketing Maven, based out of its New York City office. She can be reached at [email protected].

Arti Patel is an account supervisor at Bliss Integrated Communication.

Ritesh Patel is Senior Partner-Global Digital Health at Finn Partners.

Adrian Patenaude is an Assistant Account Executives at Crosswind Media & PR.

Cynthia Patnode is a senior account supervisor at Mfa Marketing & PR.

Mike Paul is president at Reputation Doctor LLC.

Marc Paulenich is President of Hart.

Mark Paustenbach is a senior vice president at ROKK Solutions, a Washington, DC-based, bipartisan public affairs firm.

Adam Pawluk is Senior Vice President at JPA Health Communications.

Bob Pearson is Founder and Chair of The Next Practices Group.

Pen Pendleton is co-founder of CLP Strategies, a public relations boutique.

David Perez is based out of Marketing Maven’s Los Angeles headquarters.

Ashley Perkins is director of digital content at Sachs Media Group.

Lindsey Perkins Wade is founder and president of digital marketing consultancy LP Media Group.

Linda Perry-Lube is chief digital officer for RF | Binder Partners, New York. She led digital strategy for the American Museum of Natural History for more than four years and was SVP at Beyond Interactive, where she handled GlaxoSmithKline and Microsoft.

Jackie Peskin is VP, Food & Nutrition, at Coyne PR.

Charlene Peters is Managing Partner at Hemsworth Communications.

Phyllis Piano spent more than 30 years working in Fortune 500 companies, serving as an officer and chief communication officer in several. She is a member of the International Advisory Committee of APCO Worldwide. Her first novel, “Hostile Takeover: A Love Story,” was published in October 2016.

William Pierce has over 30 years in health care policy and media experience including working for two members of Congress and being the spokesman for HHS from 2001-2005. He has worked at APCO Worldwide since 2005.

Harry-Jacques Pierre, former deputy press secretary for Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, is associate VP for Rasky Baerlein Strategic Communications, Boston.

Mike Piispanen is vice president, global corporate solutions-PR, NASDAQ OMX.

Lisa Ann Pinkerton is founder and CEO of Technica Communications, founder and chairwoman of the non-profit Women In Cleantech & Sustainability, and co-host of The Earthlings Podcast. She was named a PR Executive of the Year by the American Business Awards (2020). She got her start as a broadcast journalist covering environmental science stories for NPR and PBS for over a decade.

Richard Pirozzolo, who runs his own PR firm in Boston, serves on the editorial board of the Boston Global Forum, providing PR/media guidance to the group.

Jonah Pitkowsky is a Consultant on FTI Consulting’s Crisis & Litigation Communications team.

Jonathan Pocius is VP, Sports, at Coyne PR.

Emily Poe is Chief Integration Officer at W2O.

Andy Polansky is CEO of Weber Shandwick.

Stefan Pollack, a tenured PR and marketing professional is president of The Pollack PR Marketing Group and author of “Disrupted, From Gen Y to iGen: Communicating with the Next Generation."

Louise M. Pollock is President of Pollock Communications.

Emily Porter is senior vice president of Havas Formula’s Business and Technology division

Joey “Buffalo” Portuese is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Zing How Design, the one-stop-shop for influencer creations, innovations & logistics. He has 20-plus years in CPG brand creative development.

Robert C. Post, former Associate Executive Director of USDA's Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, is Chief Science Officer at Chicago-based FoodMinds.

Sena Pottackal is a Junior Associate at Current Global.

Mitchell Prather is managing director of Djembe Communications. Launched in 2004 in Johannesburg, Djembe has offices in Lagos, Luanda, Maputo, Dubai, Zurich, London and New York.

Grant Prentice leads the Strategic Insights Practice at FoodMinds in Chicago.

Terry Preston is an account supervisor at ICR.

Michael Priem is Founder and CEO of Modern Impact in Minneapolis.

Valerie Pritchard is a Digital/Social Strategist at Makovsky.

Peter Prodromou is president of Boathouse, a Massachusetts-based independent agency co-founded by former Hill Holiday/McCann executive John Connors. He previously spent more than 15 years helping to build and lead Racepoint Global.

Jennifer Prosek is Founder and CEO of Prosek Partners.

Matthew Pugh is Vice President at Weiss PR.

Nick Puleo is the President and Founder of Comsint.

Matt Purdue is senior vice president of Content Strategy at Peppercomm.

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