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Edward M. Yang is Managing Partner of Firecracker PR, an agency that specializes in helping technology companies rapidly scale awareness through their proven “Ignites” process. Yang is author of “RepGold: A Step-by-Step Guide to Successfully Repair and Build Your Online Reputation.”

Jake Yanulis is Senior Vice President at H/Advisors Abernathy.

Eric Yaverbaum is CEO of Ericho Communications. He’s also author of the industry-standard bestseller, “PR for Dummies,” as well as “Leadership Secrets of the World’s Most Successful CEOS.”

Dorothy York has been President and CEO of NYC based North American Precis Syndicate for nearly 20 years. Dorothy has been committed to bringing new and innovative thinking to the company with an emphasis on customer service and maximizing results at cost-effective rates. She, along with her staff of highly trained experts, took the company at the turn of the century, before it had basic e-mail and Internet capabilities, and transformed it into a technologically advanced leader in the field of feature news distribution, including writing, production, and monitoring. Dorothy has helped serve many clients, including most Fortune 500 companies, the top 20 PR firms, over 100 associations and many government agencies. In addition to overseeing the business direction, Dorothy is focused on ensuring that each client receives consistent, high-quality service. She provides strategic counsel based on a wealth of experience. Her team of experts has an average tenure of over 10 years. Team building and employee growth are of paramount importance. She has ensured that campaign results have consistently met or exceeded objectives and expectations, thanks largely to relationships built up with the media since the company was founded in 1958. With the explosion of results from digital capabilities, NAPS has earned unprecedented coverage for its clients. Her work has been characterized by creating integrated communications programs, that work across platforms, from traditional media to digital channels. During her extensive career, she has had hands-on involvement with many campaigns, starting in 1986, when she first joined the account management team, and then worked her way up. Before taking on the NAPS CEO role, Dorothy was Executive Vice President and Principal, overseeing account management and participating in leadership meetings across all departments of the company. She counseled clients in all facets of the service. Throughout her years of service at NAPS, Dorothy has helped develop new areas of expertise including TV, radio, social media and digital capabilities. Dorothy received here Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Boston University and has taken post graduate courses in journalism at Columbia University.

Dr. Dustin York is an associate professor of communication at Maryville University

Carrie Young is a Vice President in Padilla’s Health Practice.

Jonathan Young is Marketing Services Director at Media Frenzy Global

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