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Last Updated: Fri., Mar. 1, 2024 @ 5:35 pm

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Oprah Ditches Weight Watchers

Thu, Feb. 29, 2024

By Kevin McCauley

OprahOprah Winfrey's decision to stand down from Weight Watchers board magnifies the danger of using a celebrity spokesperson, even one as admired and beloved as the actress/talk show host... Big Oil uses "carbon capture" to combat global warming as PR smokescreen... Team Biden whistles past graveyard as it downplays Michigan primary results.

Macy's Sounds the Retreat

Tue, Feb. 27, 2024

By Kevin McCauley

MacysMacy's claims its plan to shutter 150 stores represents "a bold new chapter" in growth. It certainly sounds more like a retreat... The Sentencing Project and Meraki Communications Group show the power of PR with campaign to highlight America's incarceration crisis... Master of spin Ryan Binkley exits from GOP presidential race but takes solace in getting 4x as many votes in Iowa as Asa Hutchinson.

Trump, Carlson, Vance: 'Putin's Puppies'

Thu, Feb. 22, 2024

By Kevin McCauley

PutinTony Blair could never live down his "Bush's Poodle" nickname. Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson and JD Vance will suffer the same fate as "Putin's Puppies." (Updated)

Would You Borrow Money from Donald Trump?

Thu, Feb. 15, 2024

By Kevin McCauley

Donald TrumpDonald Trump dips into his corporate playbook and says US should "loan" money to Ukraine and it's okay if it can't repay. It worked for Trump as four of his casino companies went belly-up... Democrats risk losing their key young voter constituency by running Joe Biden again.

Robert Hur Arouses Slumbering Democrats

Wed, Feb. 14, 2024

By Kevin McCauley

Robert HurSpecial counsel Robert Hur lifts Democrats out of denial about Joe Biden's advanced age... White House "Co-Press Secretary" John Kirby has crisis management skills needed for these troubled times... Lyft screws up earnings press release... Corporate raider Carl Icahn flies again at JetBlue.


Teneo's Lips are Sealed by Saudis

Wed, Feb. 7, 2024

By Kevin McCauley

SaudiTeneo, which represents Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund, is ordered by Saudi courts not to turn over documents to US Senate... Ron DeSantis' Central Florida Tourism Oversight District orders Disney World workers to take frequent baths and use deodorant... Israel muzzles Palestinian media by arresting its reporters, according to press watchdog.

Trump Wants to Kill Bill Backed by Border Patrol

Tue, Feb. 6, 2024

By Kevin McCauley

Border PatrolBorder patrol guard union supports measure to stem flow of immigrants that is backed by Biden and opposed by Trump... Bank of America caves to the anti-woke crowd... Good luck to former WeWork CEO Adam Neumann who wants to revive office-sharing company whose time has passed.

GSK Shirks Its Moral Obligation

Thu, Feb. 1, 2024

By Kevin McCauley

GSKGSK says predecessor companies did nothing wrong when they tested experimental vaccines on infants and children housed in Ireland's notorious Magdalene Laundries... Allen Media Group wants Paramount Global to take its takoever offer "seriously"... Sleepy Joe Biden cruises to victory in replay of 2020 election.

Will MAGA Cultists Cheer for SF 49ers?

Tue, Jan. 30, 2024

By Kevin McCauley

San Francisco 49ersCan MAGA cultists stomach cheering for the SF 49ers, a team that represents what they view as the progressive, gay-loving, abortion-supporting sinkhole on America’s west coast?... TikTok's top lobbyist in Israel quits and charges platform with antisemitism... WPP to put efficiencies and cost-savings on priority list for BCW-Hill & Knowlton combine.

What Would Harold Burson Think?

Thu, Jan. 25, 2024

By Kevin McCauley

Harold BursonWPP puts an end to one of the biggest one-time rivalries in PR as it merges BCW and Hill & Knowlton. What would Harold Burson think?... Joele Frank, Wilkinson, Brimmer Katcher really does get a seat at the proverbial table... Nikki Haley turns tables on befuddled Donald Trump as she declares victory in New Hampshire.


ExxonMobil Muzzles Activist Shareholders

Tue, Jan. 23, 2024

By Kevin McCauley

ExxonMobilExxonMobil is the first major US oil company to file a lawsuit to stop a shareholder resolution on climate change from going to a vote at its upcoming annual meeting... Visit California targets Middle East as the tourism spending in the Golden State lags behind pre-pandemic 2019... CBS News legend Charles Osgood, who died on Jan. 23 at age 91, had great advice for PR people.

Nadal Joins Saudi Sportswashing Team

Thu, Jan. 18, 2024

By Kevin McCauley

Rafael NadalTennis legend Rafael Nadal joins Saudi Arabia's 'sportswashing' team as the Kingdom goes on tennis club construction binge... Don't fret. "People will always find other things to do," to adapt to the brave new world of artificial general intelligence... The Mooch rips Washington's lobbying culture.

Sanders Fights the Good Fight

Wed, Jan. 17, 2024

By Kevin McCauley

Bernie SandersSenate misses PR opportunity as it rejects Bernie Sanders' bid to probe whether Israel is using US weapons to violate human rights in Gaza... McKinsey & Co.'s opioid debacle hits bottom line as US government revenues plummet... Promoting 'deinfluencers' may prove to be gold mine for PR pros... The Guardian chides Edelman for representing climate change denying Koch Foundation.

Bottled Water Takes PR Hit

Wed, Jan. 10, 2024

By Kevin McCauley

IBWAA report that bottled water has potential to turn a drinker's body into a toxic waste dump has the International Bottled Water Association scrambling... Here we go again. The COP29 climate conference slated for Azerbaijan will be led by an energy executive, as was last year's session in Dubai... America's preference for geezer presidential candidates is out of touch with the rest of the world.

Ditching the ESG Brand

Tue, Jan. 9, 2024

By Kevin McCauley

ESGPR people should continue promoting good social impact activity but ditch the ever-toxic ESG brand... J Street, the liberal Jewish advocacy group, postpones its 2024 conference due to Israel/Hamas war. It will be sorely missed... Donald Trump should swing by Bellevue Hospital for a check-up from the neck up as his ravings are beoming more bizarre.

NRA's LaPierre to Sharpen his Marksman Skills

Fri, Jan. 5, 2024

By Kevin McCauley

Wayne LaPierreOutgoing NRA chief Wayne LaPierre could never overcome his elephant hunting PR fiasco... Xerox attempts its umpteenth restructuring. It just should change its name... The NYT goes overboard on Harvard coverage as hometown CUNY struggles and New Yorkers go hungry.

Biden Beats Bibi But Thatís About It†

Thu, Jan. 4, 2024

By Kevin McCauley

PresidentsJoe Biden would squeak by Israel prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a face-to-face electoral showdown. That's not saying much... Super-sunburned First Couple send a poor PR message as skin cancer rates surge... 'Young PR gal, $130' read a job opportunity in July 10, 1968 debut issue of Jack O'Dwyer's Newsletter of Advertising and Public Relations.

PR Firms Seek to Regain Financial Footing

Fri, Dec. 29, 2023

By Kevin McCauley

Publicis & QorvisPR firms came off their "post-pandemic high" in 2023 as they were forced to cut staffs in the wake of a business slowdown, especially in the technology and financial sectors.