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Last Updated: Fri., Jul. 10, 2020 @ 5:30 pm

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Supreme Count Strikes Down 'Master of Distraction'

Fri, Jul. 10, 2020

By Kevin McCauley

Warren ZevonThe Supreme Court strikes down president Trump's claim that the subpoena from New York DA Cyrus Vance distracted him from his White House duties and tarnished his image overseas. That's rich... Poor, poor, pitiful Donald. Trump is telling anybody within earshot that he's the victim of COVID-19, economic collapse and racial unrest.

Notre Dame Should Retire Insulting Fighting Irish Leprechaun

Thu, Jul. 9, 2020

By Kevin McCauley

Notre DameNotre Dame should drop its "Fighting Irish" leprechaun mascot, which is an embarrassment and insult to Irish people... Will Joe Biden recruit Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman, who was hounded by president Trump for sticking up for American values, for service in his White House?... Princeton University adds diversity requirement after it finally stripped Woodrow Wilson's name from PA school due to his "racist thinking." (6 reader comments)

Media Roundtables in the Age of Social Distancing

Wed, Jul. 8, 2020

By Stephanie Quilligan

Stephanie QuilliganWith in-person meetings on hold, the traditional media roundtable isn't coming back anytime soon. But that's no reason to write off the roundtable as a casualty of the COVID-19 crisis, particularly with all the videoconferencing tools that are now at everyone’s disposal.

Fauci's Days Are Numbered

Tue, Jul. 7, 2020

By Kevin McCauley

Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de JaneiroDr. Anthony Fauci's days are numbered as the president sees his re-election hopes slipping away... A statue is a statue is a statue except when it's in Rio de Janeiro... Stop the presses! Mary Trump, a clinical psychologist, writes that her famous uncle passes with flying colors the test for being a narcissist. (2 reader comments)


Mon, Jul. 6, 2020

By Kevin Foley

Kevin FoleyThere will come a day when America finds out why president Trump was so solicitous of Vladimir Putin. But that day will never arrive for US servicemen and women killed as a result of Russian bounties paid to the Taliban for the murder of American soldiers. (1 reader comment)

A Fourth of July Filled with Challenges

Fri, Jul. 3, 2020

By Robert Dilenschneider

DilenschneiderAs we prepare to celebrate the Fourth of July with family and friends, take a deep breath and a moment to be thankful for those who forged the path to our nation’s independence.

Trump Follows His Leader

Wed, Jul. 1, 2020

By Kevin McCauley

Vladimir PutinRussia supplies talking points to its man in DC as president Trump tries to gaslight America on "bounty on heads of US soldiers" story... Only 71 percent of Americans are "angry" about state of the nation... Facebook's Zuckerberg and the rest of social media face day of reckoning. (4 reader comments)

Hong Kong Finally Finds Firm Willing to Take its Account

Tue, Jun. 30, 2020

By Kevin McCauley

Hong KongHong Kong, which is cracking down on freedom of the press and the right of its people to express themselves, has finally found a firm to handle its $6.2M “relaunch” business... As bankruptcies sweep Corporate America, PR people are putting a sunny spin on going belly-up... Hats off to Donald Trump’s favorite Fox News co-anchor for telling the president to mask his mug. (1 reader comment)

Working From Home in a Global Pandemic

Mon, Jun. 29, 2020

By Bob Brody

Bob BrodyAs late arrivals to working remotely will soon recognize, the working-from-home lifestyle has plenty of pros and cons. (1 reader comment)

Disney Rebrands Splash Mountain

Mon, Jun. 29, 2020

By Ronn Torossian

Ronn TorossianDisney announced it will reimagine theme park ride Splash Mountain to be based on the animated film “The Princess and the Frog,” remodeling the attraction’s longtime association with the controversial “Song of the South.”

Trump Scrambles, Scapegoats CDC

Wed, Jun. 24, 2020

By Kevin McCauley

CDCDonald Trump lines up the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as his next "victim" to deflect blame for his failure to deal with COVID-19, which is currently raging across America... COVID-19 infects image of US brands in Europe... Hats off to Barri Rafferty for leaving Ketchum helm for corporate post at scandal-ridden Wells Fargo. She probably got out in the nick of time.

PR Crisis Looms for 'Most Magical Place on Earth'

Tue, Jun. 23, 2020

By Kevin McCauley

Disney WorldDisney World is going to be hard-pressed to live up to its billing as "The Most Magical Place on Earth" if it sticks to its plan to reopen the Orlando theme park with limited capacity on July 11 as COVID-19 runs amok in Florida... Facebook is the No. 1 platform for online hate and harassment, according to a survey released June 23 by the Anti-Defamation League.

The (Unexpected) Joys of Client Billing

Tue, Jun. 23, 2020

By Allan Ripp

Allan RippWhy the last three months have given one agency principal, a newfound respect for an exercise most in the business loathe: the ritual of compiling and submitting monthly invoices to clients. (2 reader comments)

7-11 Cancels Free Slurpee Day but Gets PR Win

Mon, Jun. 22, 2020

By Ronn Torossian

Ronn TorossianFor the first time in 18 years, 7-Eleven has cancelled its annual Free Slurpee Day due to coronavirus concerns. But customers can still get a free frozen drink while practicing social distancing.

Thermo Fisher Helps China Track DNA of Every Man, Boy in Country

Fri, Jun. 19, 2020

By Kevin McCauley

ThermoFisherThermo Fisher Scientific's corporate credo is "making a difference in the world." The Massachusetts company is certainly doing that in China, helping the government set up a DNA surveillance system to track every man and boy in the country... Fortune 500 CEOs say their companies won't get back to pre-pandemic employment levels any time soon.

PR's Top Pros Talk: Matt Kucharski

Fri, Jun. 19, 2020

By Steve Barnes

O'Dwyer's/DS Simon Video Interview Series: Matt Kucharski, President, Padilla
Padilla president Matt Kucharski offers some pointers on how firms can make the most of the “new reality” they are facing in the latest installment of “PR’s Top Pros Talk,” a video interview series produced by D S Simon Media in partnership with O’Dwyer’s.

T-Mobile Goes from Job Promiser to Job Killer

Wed, Jun. 17, 2020

By Kevin McCauley

T MobileThat didn't take very long. T-Mobile's promise that its $26B merger with Sprint would create jobs helped it win US support for the deal that closed April 1. Company lowered the boom on Sprint workers during six-minute conference call on June 15... Morgan Stanley suffers PR blackeye as former head of diversity files suit alleging "race and gender discrimination, retaliation and unequal pay." Bank denies charges.

Trump Unveils Miracle Cure for COVID-19

Tue, Jun. 16, 2020

By Kevin McCauley

TrumpPresident Trump unveils "ostrich's head in the sand" miracle cure for COVID-19... The public supports shielding Facebook and other social media companies from liability for content posted on their sites though Americans say Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act does more harm than good. (2 reader comments)

The End of Mediocrity

Tue, Jun. 16, 2020

By Christine Barney

Christine BarneyThe COVID-19 crisis forced a raising of the bar, but it also proved what people can do when they know there’s no choice but to avoid failure, showing that keeping the bar high can challenge us to improve at every level. (2 reader comments)

It's Time for Communicators to Lead the Change

Tue, Jun. 16, 2020

By LaTricia Harper Woods and Ben Finzel

Woods FinzelAs we all reel from the twin shocks of a continuing global pandemic and the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and so many others, many of our institutions, corporations and organizations are vowing to do better and to be better. Will now be the time when all of those promises are manifested into positive, permanent action? (1 reader comment)

Sen. Markey Stands Up for Media

Mon, Jun. 15, 2020

By Kevin McCauley

Ed MarkeyIt's a pretty sad state of affairs when a US Senator has to sponsor a resolution condemning physical and verbal attacks on journalists by local, state and federal law enforcement and supporting a free and independent press... Crazy times indeed. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention blacklists the Voice of America. (1 reader comment)