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Last Updated: Tue., Sep. 29, 2020 @ 5:00 pm

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'Big Loser' Sits in White House

Tue, Sep. 29, 2020

By Kevin McCauley

TrumpDonald Trump would call anyone with his lousy investment record "a big loser” and unfit to serve as president of the US. He’d be right... State Dept. protects First Lady's tender sensitivities... Round up all the journalists.

COVID-19’s Effect on Social Engagement

Mon, Sep. 28, 2020

By Ronn Torossian

Ronn TorossianNew research shows the COVID-19 pandemic may be responsible for a resurgence in people using social media to connect with friends and loved ones. (1 reader comment)

The Trump Years Have Been Platonic—No, Really!

Fri, Sep. 25, 2020

By Bill Huey

Bill HueyThe more I reflect on the past four years of Donald Trump’s tenure in office, the more I see it in terms of Plato’s famous allegory of the caves. (4 reader comments)

Top Banana Tries to Turn US Into Banana Republic

Thu, Sep. 24, 2020

By Kevin McCauley

TrumpPresident Trump overplays his hand in bid to become America's dictator-in-chief... Mars Food ditches Uncle Ben. What took it so long?... Surprise, suprise. COVID-19 takes toll on US levels of compassion, happiness. (3 reader comments)

BRT's 'Purpose' Pledge Fails to Spark Change

Tue, Sep. 22, 2020

By Kevin McCauley

BRThe Business Roundtable's high-profile "purpose" report turns out to be a wash. Companies that work for all stakeholders continue to do so, while those that put stockholders on top of their lists stress financial returns. (3 reader comments)

Qantas Wins with Out-of-the-Box Travel Offer

Mon, Sep. 21, 2020

By Ronn Torossian

Ronn TorossianSeveral airlines are looking into scenic “flights to nowhere” in an effort to accomplish marketplace goals in areas where travel remains restricted. (1 reader comment)

Trump is Clueless When it Comes to PR

Fri, Sep. 18, 2020

By Kevin McCauley

TrumpDonald Trump blames bad PR for not getting getting him the credit that he deserves for his "phenomenal" job in handling COVID-19. He's clueless about the role of PR... PRSA Student Society of America seeks to improve the national dialog. (3 reader comments)

Fox News, Trump: Partners in Collusion

Thu, Sep. 17, 2020

By Kevin McCauley

HoaxIf you want to explore the collusion between Fox News and president Trump, pick up Brian Stelter's new book, "Hoax: Donald Trump, Fox News and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth." (3 reader comments)

Trump Gives Scientific American No Choice

Wed, Sep. 16, 2020

By Kevin McCauley

Scientific American magazine coverDonald Trump forces the hand of the editors at Scientific American as it makes its first presidential endorsement in 175 years. (1 reader comment)


Man Up, Joe!

Tue, Sep. 15, 2020

By Bill Huey

Bill HueyEnough of the empathy, Joe. Many of us have lost a loved one to cancer. It is terrible. But what we need is a strong leader, not a social worker to get that dangerous sociopath out of the White House and on the run from federal prosecutors in New York. (4 reader comments)

Rep. Carolyn Maloney Fights for Integrity of PR

Mon, Sep. 14, 2020

By Kevin McCauley

Carolyn MaloneyNew York Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney is upholding integrity of PR by seeking to derail Donald Trump's PSA campaign designed to cheer up Americans bummed out by COVID-19.

Disney Responds to Mulan Criticism

Mon, Sep. 14, 2020

By Ronn Torossian

Ronn TorossianDisney is facing public backlash after it was discovered that several scenes in its much-anticipated “Mulan” remake were filmed in China’s Xinjiang region, which has been the site of human rights violations.

The Problem With Masks

Thu, Sep. 10, 2020

By Sandra Harbrecht Ratchford

Sandra Harbrecht RatchfordWhile the majority of Americans say they support wearing masks during the COVID-19 pandemic, legions of others aren't so sure. (8 reader comments)

Trump Lied to American People About COVID-19 Threat

Wed, Sep. 9, 2020

By Kevin McCauley

RagePresident Trump, our doting national father, was so worried that his children would get nervous and anxious about COVID-19 that he decided to spin a fairy tale about the big bad virus just vanishing into thin air. Bless his heart... US companies fail to heed president's call to exit China... Disney and Apple part ways on human rights in China. (6 reader comments)

BioPharma CEOs Pledge to Put Science Over Trump

Tue, Sep. 8, 2020

By Kevin McCauley

CovidThe CEOs of top biopharma companies issued an extraordinary PR statement today to counter president Trump’s politicization of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis by rushing a vaccine to market. (2 reader comments)

United Dropping Fees to Encourage Fliers

Tue, Sep. 8, 2020

By Ronn Torossian

Ronn TorossianIn an effort to survive in a notoriously competitive marketplace, some airlines are hoping that offering perks such as “no change fees” will be enough of an incentive to get people traveling again. (2 reader comments)

A Labor Day Unlike Any Other

Fri, Sep. 4, 2020

By Robert Dilenschneider

Happy Labor Day weekend!
Thanks to the pandemic, many of the celebrations marking Labor Day this year have either been cancelled or scaled back. But the labor that we celebrate on Sept. 7 made this country great, and it is going to keep right on doing that through the pandemic and into the future. (7 reader comments)

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Gears Up for Civil Unrest

Thu, Sep. 3, 2020

By Kevin McCauley

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEOFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg warns of post-election civil unrest... WPP CEO Mark Read updates "Never trust anyone over 30" slogan of the 1960s for digital age... Black/white relations sink to new low... Council for Biotechnology Information, PR front group for genetically modified crops, is no more. (3 reader comments)

FDA Chief Should Follow PR Staffers Out the Door

Wed, Sep. 2, 2020

By Kevin McCauley

Stephen HahnThe Food and Drug Administration is blaming the messaging rather than the messenger in the aftermath of its blood plasma treatment for COVID-19 PR crisis. Commissioner Stephen Hahn should follow FDA PR staffers out the door. (1 reader comment)

HHS Should Kill PR Plan to Counter COVID-19 'Despair'

Tue, Sep. 1, 2020

By Kevin McCauley

CoronavirusThe Dept. of Health and Human Services should drop its plan to spend $250M for PR to "defeat despair and inspire hope" in fighting COVID-19. With Trump in office, it's a waste of money... Whatever happened to the US trade deficit with China?... Zoned out on Zoom. (1 reader comment)

How Jed Rubenfeld Could Restore His Reputation

Thu, Aug. 27, 2020

By Jane Genova

Jane GenovaYale law professor Jed Rubenfeld, who has been suspended for two years for sexual harassment, could make a career comeback—if he takes a few important steps.

All Hail Donald Trump, Conquerer of COVID-19

Wed, Aug. 26, 2020

By Kevin McCauley

Larry KudlowEconomic guru Larry Kudlow declares COVID-19 is over, setting stage for Donald Trump to declare victory over virus despite reality of rising death toll... CDC caves on COVID-19 testing... Melania Trump offers alternate reality of America united against the virus... Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos gets sweet revenge. (3 reader comments)