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Crisis Communications & PR Buyer's Guide to PR Services & Products

January would not be complete without our special issue on crisis communications scenarios such as when problems arise with an influencer partnership or corporate reputation takes a hit. The issue also focuses on the latest high-tech PR products and PR services for communications professionals.

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Profiles of Crisis Communications Firms:


3 Park Ave., 19th Fl.
New York, NY 10016

Robert Ford, Managing Partner & EVP, Corporate Communications
Dara Busch & Matt Caiola, Co-CEOs

5W specializes in highly charged issues and crisis management for companies and individuals facing unanticipated difficulties in the marketplace—from rumors to recalls—responding within minutes on crisis PR issues. We understand why a crisis is called a “defining moment”—and for this reason, our speed is tempered by an analysis of every possible scenario prior to taking action. We are committed to discreetly developing and executing strategies that increase positive news coverage, mitigate negative coverage, change prevalent public narratives and/or rebuild reputations. Our team tackles the tough topics head on with a well-researched and strategic 360-degree approach. We are skilled in managing ORM/SEO programs. When negative stories appear, we can positively impact online reputation, changing and affecting your search results quickly and efficiently.

Founded 20 years ago, 5W has been named a top US and NYC PR Agency by leading industry publication O’Dwyer’s, as well as awarded Agency of the Year in the 2023 American Business Awards®, and continuously brings leading businesses a resourceful, bold, and results-driven approach to communication. The agency has more than 300 professionals serving clients in B2C, B2B, Public Affairs, Crisis Communications, and Digital Marketing. In addition to its business accolades, 5W was named to Inc. magazine's Best Workplaces 2022 list.


333 7th Avenue, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10001
[email protected]

Steven Goldberg, CEO
Ellen Davis, Senior Managing Director
Cari Robinson, Senior Managing Director

What, when, and how you communicate matters more than ever.

August believes nothing is more important than effective communication when it comes to influencing perception, driving value, and protecting reputation. We apply years of experience, specialized expertise, and a holistic approach to help our clients navigate critical issues, effectively engage with their stakeholders and mitigate reputational harm while supporting and protecting legal and business strategy. Our approach is built on the foundations of deeply analytical strategy development, compelling narrative building, and diligent execution.

August’s professionals apply their experience as former attorneys, journalists, and industry professionals to advise clients on matters including litigation and investigations, crisis management, restructurings and Chapter 11 cases, financial transactions, and corporate positioning and reputation management. August is headquartered in Los Angeles, with additional offices in New York, Dallas, and San Francisco.

August and its professionals have been recognized by Chambers & Partners for litigation support and crisis communications.

Avaans Media

Remote Team:
1525 E. Armando Dr.
Long Beach, CA 90807
[email protected]

Tara Coomans, Founder and CEO

Tara Coomans, Avaans Media Founder and CEO.Tara Coomans, Avaans Media Founder and CEO.

Now isn’t the time for inexperienced or fresh-faced PR teams without real-world business experience. You need a team that picks up on nuance, fast, and from consumer blow-ups to regulatory meltdowns, guides you through the process with excellent strategic thinking.

We navigate you through the storm in a 24/7 media cycle, regardless of the situation. Our team of experts understands how to take control of a situation and ease the path.

The Avaans Media team is by your side with strategies that support your business and protect your most valuable asset: your reputation. Selected by our clients as an Inc. Power Partner for our crisis communication.


Washington HQ:
1201 New York Ave., NW, Suite 900
Washington, D.C. 20005

Nicole Cornish, Chief Executive Officer
Paul Frick, Managing Partner
Eric Sedler, Managing Partner
Dan Sallick, Managing Partner
Steve Elmendorf, Managing Partner
Jimmy Ryan, Managing Partner

Avoq is an advocacy firm that helps companies, organizations and industries elevate ideas, build brands, and tackle reputation or policy challenges. We combine communications and advocacy to creatively shape narratives, manage brand reputation, influence national debates, and engage the audiences you need to reach. We embrace an ethos of creative advocacy — informed thinking, fresh perspectives, and unique solutions — to drive outcomes with the right audiences at the right time. We don’t start with an idea; we start with a hypothesis. But instead of relying on intuition, our network of more than 200 professionals expertly meets today’s complex communications and policy challenges with a thoughtful, evidence-based approach that blends data, insights, and creativity.


15 Maiden Lane, Suite 1600
New York, NY 10038
[email protected]

Valerie Berlin, Principal & Co-Founder
Jonathan Rosen, Principal & Co-Founder
Andrew Friedman, Executive Vice President, Crisis & Legal Affairs

BerlinRosen is a full-service communications firm with more than 600 communications strategists across offices in the United States and Europe. The agency has received over 75 awards and recognitions, including PRWeek’s 2023 Outstanding Large Agency and Observer’s #1 Most Powerful PR Firm for the third consecutive year. We were also recently named a finalist for Best in Crisis and Outstanding Large Agency in the upcoming 2024 PRWeek Awards.

Founded on the idea that there was a market for a firm that could operate with the speed and intensity of a political campaign, our firm has a proven track record of delivering bold and creative solutions to crisis communications, reputation management, message development, media relations and audience engagement.

From large companies, institutions, law firms and legal organizations to foundations, nonprofits and individuals, our team has supported sensitive efforts to craft and drive aggressive strategies that protect reputations, shape narratives and confront problems in real time. We know how to prepare for the challenges a crisis brings, how to navigate internal dynamics with key constituencies and how to shape media narratives to inoculate against negative press coverage.

We not only assess the media landscape, but also take the time to identify the reactions of partners, allies and internal teams, and to develop a plan to engage these parties and mitigate any potential negative situations or responses. And we jump into swift and powerful action when a true crisis arises.

Boardroom Communications, Inc.

1776 N Pine Island Road, Suite 320
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33322
[email protected]

Orlando-Tampa-Naples-Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach-Aspen

Don Silver, Chief Operating Officer
Todd Templin, Executive VP
Eric Kalis, SVP
Jennifer Clarin, VP
Lauren Berger, VP
Jessica Shein, Account Director

Crisis Management: Preventing and Preparing for Potential Problems

BoardroomPR is one of Florida’s top PR agencies offering statewide coverage. The firm’s experienced staff of public relations and crisis management professionals routinely handle high-profile crisis projects and public affairs campaigns each year. Examples include: investigations, hostile takeovers, litigation, product recalls, criminal charges, safety compliance issues, accidental deaths, project approvals, bid objections and legislative campaigns.

Whether you’re pre-developing a crisis communications plan or responding to an urgent threat, Boardroom’s trusted and respected team will help you evaluate the situation, mitigate the risks and deal with your most important audiences, including media, social media, employees, stakeholders, customers, government and others. We immediately consult with your executives to assess the situation and develop an appropriate strategy and plan. Our team monitors traditional media, blogs and social networking sites and handles all inquiries. Call or email us if you are faced with a situation where a capable, seasoned crisis management team can help guide you to a satisfactory resolution.


Located in every major U.S. city, including San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and Chicago.

[email protected]

Curtis Sparrer, Co-Founder & Principal
Chris Boehlke, Co-Founder & Principal
Tom Carpenter, Principal
Joseph Krasinski, Chief Financial Officer
Denyse Dabrowski, Senior Vice President
Paula Bernier, Chief Content Officer

Bospar can move your business forward through the power of Politely Pushy® PR.

Are you an AI or data business raising funds? You can bank on Bospar to increase your visibility.

Are you rolling out a new cybersecurity solution? Bospar will alert media and secure coverage.

Are you working to scale your healthcare or HRtech business? Bospar will help you grow.

Are you keen to attract investors, partners, talent or analyst attention? Bospar is your magnet.

Are you trying to expand your business to the U.S. market? Bospar is ready to fly your flag.

Members of Bosparís award-winning team at a San Francisco Press Club event.Members of Bosparís award-winning team at a San Francisco Press Club event.

Public relations and marketing are critical to your business success. However, if you are busy—launching a company, raising funds, bringing a product or service to market, winning new business, providing great customer experiences, attracting and keeping top talent, and/or growing your business—PR and marketing may not be front and center. Bospar can help!

Bospar provides clients with bespoke packages that include any or all of these services:

• Public Relations & Media Training
• Investor & Analyst Relations
• Digital Content & Video
• Crisis & Reputation Management
• Integrated Marketing & Messaging
• Employee Engagement & Change Management

Whatever your external or internal communications needs or business sector, Bospar’s award-winning team has the energy, expertise, PR prowess and Politely Pushy® approach to empower you to connect with and get best results from media, investors, employees, ecosystem partners and customers.

C Street Advisory Group

641 Lexington Avenue, 14th Floor
New York, NY 10022

Jon Henes, Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Jackie Rubin, President, Strategic Communications
Luke Wolf, Managing Director

C Street is a strategic communications firm purposefully built to guide companies through their most complex financial and operational times. C Street’s experience and expertise in the world of financial distress, liability management, strategic alternatives, and restructurings is unique, unsurpassed, and sophisticated.

C Street provides one-of-a-kind guidance and expert strategic advice to help clients communicate with their key internal and external stakeholders and collaborate with their other expert professionals. We see around corners, prepare for what’s to come, and help clients communicate powerfully, impactfully and clearly when they need to most.

C Street’s team leverages its collective experience in law, business, media, and communications, as well as across industries and geographies, to help clients traverse the most important issues facing them today. C Street is led by Founder & CEO, Jon Henes, who has more than 25 years of experience advising clients on the most complex, complicated, and important restructurings and crises. Joined by a team of relentless, experienced, and best-in-class strategists and advisors, C Street is disrupting the communications marketplace and helping clients go from distress to success.

Cloudbreak Communications

[email protected]

Alex Dudley, Principal

Founded in 2020 by 25+ year Communications veteran Alex Dudley, Cloudbreak Communications has helped CEOs and rock stars, supermodels and politicians through the most trying, critical, interesting and exciting times of their lives and careers. We know what to say and what not to say. We know when to say it and to whom. We can help close a deal, right a wrong, defend one’s honor or help an organization make an impression. We can help you manage Twitter outrage and Facebook misplays. We can help an organization hope for the best and prepare for the worst. How can we help you?

Collected Strategies

121 East 24th Street, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10010

Scott Bisang, Partner
Jim Golden, Partner
Jude Gorman, Partner
Ed Hammond, Partner
Nick Lamplough, Partner
Dan Moore, Partner

Collected Strategies is an independent advisory firm providing trusted, strategic communications counsel to Boards of Directors, C-Suite executives and IR/PR leaders. Founded on a principle that the best advice comes from the deepest relationships, we seek to work with clients as perpetual partners, offering senior-led counsel on the full range of corporate, operational and social issues that companies encounter.

Based in Manhattan’s Flatiron neighborhood, we tailor solutions for our clients, providing pragmatic advice and actionable ideas to support them throughout the business lifecycle. In existence less than a year, we’ve already helped clients with private funding initiatives, IPO preparations, and transformative transactions, as well as the dynamics of shareholder activism and the complexities of financial restructuring.

Cornerstone Public Affairs

800 Maine Avenue SW, 7th Floor
Washington, D.C. 20024

Campbell Kaufman, Principal and Managing Director
[email protected]

Cornerstone Public Affairs is a bipartisan strategic communications and public affairs firm dedicated to helping our clients effectively move the needle with the audiences that matter most. We are a group of senior professionals with deep experience in public relations, business, media, government and politics. We help our clients anticipate and navigate the opportunities, complexities and challenges that occur at the intersection of business, policy, politics, and public perception to achieve their desired objectives.

We work alongside our clients to prepare for, manage and respond to a variety of challenges and uncertainties with confidence. Our team provides a bespoke, hands-on approach to understanding and managing risk, as well as helping organizations identify gaps in response plans, improving team coordination and enhancing decision-making processes under pressure—all while avoiding pitfalls and missteps in the current volatile political and media environments.

With Cornerstone’s counsel, our clients are equipped with the confidence and strategic insight to handle real-world challenges effectively by not only anticipating potential threats, but by articulating and executing comprehensive response strategies with confidence, clarity and consistency—transforming vulnerabilities into opportunities.

Crosswind Media & Public Relations

501 Congress Avenue, Suite 150
Austin, TX 78701
[email protected]

Thomas Graham, President & CEO

Conversations that matter.

Crosswind Media and Public Relations fields the most experienced and effective crisis communications force in the Southwest, and our proven Crisis Preparation Response + methodology is an active engagement that paves the way for rapid, organized and smooth crisis response and reputation enhancement.

Members of Crosswind’s CPR+ response team have experience as frontline civilian and military responders and communication leaders:

• One Crosswind responder had oversight of the entire U.S. Navy public and community communications channels during multiple national and international crises and operations.

• Another, a much-decorated combat medic, returned to the Lone Star state to help handle our own regional catastrophes and critical calamities.

• A third Crosswind team member led response teams from the world’s largest defense company and the energy industry’s most maverick corporation through multiple calamities, financial setbacks and achievements.

Our broad experience and deployments include messaging for critical litigation and restructuring, navigation to safety of one of the largest university systems in the nation, frontline defense of the industry leader among national healthcare providers, course corrections for marketing the state’s most expensive highway build, and removal of impediments to progress of disruptive technologies across the energy, biotech, engineering and financial industries.

We are the leading regional public communications and marketing-communications firm based in Texas, with deep national and international Fortune 500 experience and seasoned talent, connecting, informing and creating inspiring work. We re-tune brands and reputations to broaden public awareness. We reframe national and international narratives to deeply engage with core customers and influentials.

Texas is our home but our clients have global audiences and worldwide impact. We have deep roots in the state and understand how to bring Texas and Texas enterprise to the world and how to bring the world to Texas.

At Crosswind, we create conversations that matter.

Dentons Global Advisors

1900 K Street NW
Washington, DC 20006

Edward Reilly, Chief Executive Officer
Deborah Scott, Partner & Head of EMEA
Adam Cubbage, Partner & Head of US
Melissa Kresse, Chief Content Officer

Dentons Global Advisors is an expert-led advisory firm that provides integrated solutions for clients in an increasingly complex, regulated and interconnected business environment. Comprising Albright Stonebridge Group and a deep bench of communications, public affairs, government relations and strategy consultants, we help clients engage with governments and regulatory bodies, navigate public disclosures and transactions within the private and capital markets, and manage their reputations through critical moments of change, challenge or opportunity. Our relationship with Dentons, the world’s largest law firm, means clients can draw upon integrated legal expertise and strategic advisory services when and where they need them.

Our team of experts has significant experience advising boards and management teams on the most complex and high-stakes reputational issues and crises of the last decade. In these situations, we help protect our client’s brand, valuation, reputation and permission to operate by ensuring accurate representation of facts, maintaining credibility, strengthening relationships, reducing negative legal and/or political consequences, ensuring business continuity, driving employee engagement and protecting corporate value. Specific examples include: cybersecurity and privacy matters, product recalls, litigation, government investigations, executive transitions, labor relations disputes, workforce reductions, human resources issues, operational incidents, financial disclosures, as well as environmental, financial or social activism.

To learn more, visit

Dragon Horse Agency
A Fiduciary to Brands

Downtown Naples Headquarters:
848 1st Ave. North, #200
Naples, FL 34102
305/306-3992; 239/325-5088

North Naples Office:
999 Vanderbilt Beach Rd., #200
Naples, FL 34108
305/306-3992; 239/325-5088

Los Angeles, CA Office:
100 Wilshire Blvd., #700
Santa Monica, CA 90401

[email protected]

Julie Koester, Founder/Co-CEO
P. Blake Renda, Founder/Co-CEO

Dragon Horse Agency was among the pioneering global advertising agencies to recognize the significant value and necessity of an integrated business and marketing strategy that delivers tailored solutions. The agency’s business strategists and creative architects bring together the synergies of business and marketing analytics and strategy to provide a powerful solution called DragonONE. Dragon Horse Agency is led by a team of highly experienced partners with over 60 years of combined professional experience in business and advertising. This insightful approach to advertising and marketing has enabled Dragon Horse Agency to stand out as a leader in its field.

Dragon Horse Agency is a renowned firm that specializes in providing customized end-to-end solutions for Public Relations and Marketing. Our industry-leading digital and social media artificial intelligence platform called DragonIQ is bundled with our data analytics reporting product called DragonVISION.

DragonIQ and DragonVISION offer an advanced A.I. bundle that serves as a precision optimization platform for businesses and brands. This platform enables companies to drive tactical engagement across all platforms, worldwide, 24/7, with multiple campaigns running in unison.

Dragon Horse Agency offers a comprehensive suite of services to support your business marketing efforts. Our team of highly skilled professionals includes writers, creators, designers, technicians, internet and social media experts, camera and film professionals, TV/radio/print producers, media buyers, brand managers, analysts, and business strategists, all of whom are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

By leveraging the expertise of our team, you can build a strong foundation for your business marketing and ensure that your brand is well-positioned to succeed in today’s competitive landscape.

Dragon Horse Agency is committed to the vigorous pursuit of exceptional business marketing built on integrity, excellence, experience, and execution.


Best Marketing Campaign, Video-Telly Awards.
Best Ad Agency—Gulfshore Business Magazine.
Best Ad Agency—Expertise.
Best Website, Best Print Catalog —Aurora Awards.
Best Website—Sand Dollar Awards.
Best Direction, Best Video, Best Commercial—The Telly Awards.
Best Marketing Campaign— NYX Awards.
Best Marketing Campaign— MUSE Awards.
Top Digital Agency in the USA —UpCity.
Best Advertising/Motion Graphics/Graphics/Visual Effects- LIT Awards.
Finalist for Best Video/Best Video Graphics-CannesLIONS.
Finalist for Top International Marketing Firm-International Trade Council, Go Global Awards.


250 Hudson St., 16th Floor
New York, NY 10013
Fax: 212/704-0117

Edelman is a global communications firm that partners with businesses and organizations to evolve, promote and protect their brands and reputations. Our 6,000 people in more than 60 offices deliver communications strategies that give our clients the confidence to lead and act with certainty, earning the trust of their stakeholders. Our honors include the Cannes Lions Grand Prix for PR; Advertising Age’s 2019 A-List; the Holmes Report’s 2018 Global Digital Agency of the Year; and, five times, Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work. Since our founding in 1952, we have remained an independent, family-run business. Edelman owns specialty companies Edelman Intelligence (research) and United Entertainment Group (entertainment, sports, lifestyle).

FGS Global

909 Third Ave.
New York, NY 10022

George Sard, Roland Rudd and Carter Eskew, Co-Chairmen
Paul Holmes, Vice Chair
Mike Feldman and Paul Verbinnen, Co-Chairs of North America
Alexander Geiser, Global CEO
Andrew Cole, Deputy Global CEO
Winnie Lerner, CEO of North America
Faeth Birch, CEO of UK, Middle East and Asia
Brigitte von Haacke, CEO of Europe

FGS Global is a leading global strategic communications consultancy, with 1,300 experts around the world, advising clients in navigating complex situations and reputational challenges. FGS Global was formed from the combination of Finsbury, The Glover Park Group, Hering Schuppener and Sard Verbinnen & Co to offer board-level and c-suite counsel in all aspects of strategic communications—including corporate reputation, crisis management, government affairs and is also the leading force in financial communications worldwide.

FGS Global provides seamless and integrated support, including from professionals in design and creative, digital strategy, and research and insights, across 30 cities worldwide, serving global clients from offices in Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, Beijing, Berlin, Boston, Brussels, Calgary, Chicago, Dubai, Dublin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Houston, Kingston, London, Los Angeles, Munich, New York, Paris, Riyadh, San Francisco, Shanghai, Singapore, South Florida, Tokyo, Toronto, Vancouver, Washington, DC, Zurich.

FINN Partners

1675 Broadway
New York, NY 10019

Jessica Berk Ross, Managing Partner, Public Affairs Global Practice Leader, Crisis Management Lead Coordinator, Washington, D.C. [email protected], 202/466-7800
Ryan Barr, Managing Partner, Global Financial
Gil Bashe, Chair, Global Health & Purpose
Fern Lazar, Managing Partner, Global Health
Chantal Bowman-Boyles, JD, Managing Partner, Europe
Nicole Cottrill, Senior Partner, Nashville, Health
Robin Crawford, Managing Partner, Wash., D.C., Public Affairs
Marina Stenos, Managing Partner, Education
Kyle Farnham, Managing Partner, Global Consumer
Michael Heinley, Senior Partner, Health Litigation
Tom Jones, Managing Partner, NY Health & Pharma
John Seigenthaler, Managing Partner, Nashville, National Media
Sabrina Guttman, Managing Partner, Global Technology
Bess Winston, Senior Partner, Sustainability
Naeema Ismail, Managing Partner, Singapore

FINN Partners has been ranked among the world’s leading public relations agencies by the Holmes Report, and PRNews has acknowledged FINN senior staff as “Crisis Communicators of the Year.” Our depth of knowledge offers clients access to the counsel and strategies that reach influencers, media and policymakers effectively, and help to build resilience and positive reputation.

From business transformation, cybersecurity issues, executive leadership transition, financial restatement, government investigations, litigation, product recalls to shareholder relations, our experts in Consumer Products, Health, Economic Development, Education, Manufacturing, Public Affairs, Energy and Sustainability, Technology and Travel, blend crisis experience with sector expertise. At a time of global uncertainty, when issues rise to the level of business disruption, our team of skilled crisis experts helps clients navigate the complex communications landscape, maintain the confidence of key stakeholders, and protect reputation and brand.


112 East Hargett St.
Raleigh, NC 27601

Rick French, Chairman & CEO
David Gwyn, President / Principal
Natalie Best, Chief Operating Officer / Principal

French/West/Vaughan (FWV) is the Southeast’s leading public relations, public affairs, advertising and digital media agency, a distinction it has held since 2001. Headquartered in Raleigh, N.C., and founded in April 1997, FWV has received 30 National Agency of the Year honors over the past 26 years. Its professional services practice area is ranked 16th in the country.

FWV has become one of the nation’s go-to agencies for issues management and crisis counseling work, having defended the reputation of dozens of high-profile individuals, institutions, companies and associations. For a quarter century, we have helped prepare, guide and support our clients through challenging, unpredicted and even unprecedented times, including workplace accidents and shootings, construction-related accidents, environmental disaster response/plans (major oil spills, fires), natural disasters and driver negligence, among many others. Our experience ranges from technology, healthcare and consumer goods clients, to sports organizations and food and beverage companies—each of which has been faced with its own unique challenges and issues.

Recent crisis communications work includes:

• Managed the aftermath of one of the largest commercial fires in the history of a large Southern metropolitan area. Worked with the construction company and contractor who was building the structure, managed news media, provided media training and led social media support.

• Provided crisis communications and media training for executives of a large senior living facility conglomerate accused of negligent behavior by its employees.

• Worked with a national poultry company accused of environmental contamination. This included media training, media relations and creating a strategic public relations and advertising plan.

• Counseled and managed media for a global semiconductor company on a series of government-sourced media links on economic development plans and investments that could impact share price.

• Ongoing work with the organizing bodies of Western sports properties handling rodeo-related animal rights vs. animal welfare issues.

• Consulted and counseled multiple professional sports leagues, including Major League Soccer (MLS), the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) and National Football League (NFL), as well as associated franchises.

In addition to its extensive crisis and issues management experience, FWV’s passionate team of expert storytellers works with many of the world’s leading companies and brands, including Wrangler, Proximo, Melitta, Volvo Trucks North America, Teen Cancer America and the N.C. Department of Transportation, just to name a few.

FWV is the parent company of fashion and lifestyle PR firm AMP3 (New York City); mobility and transportation-focused agency The Millerschin Group (Greater Detroit); pet and animal health practice FWV Fetching and feature film development imprint Prix Productions. FWV employs more than 130 public relations, public affairs, social media, advertising and digital marketing experts between its Raleigh, N.C., headquarters and offices around the country.

FTI Consulting Strategic Communications

1166 Avenue of the Americas, 15th Floor
New York, NY 10036

Mark McCall, Global Segment Leader

C-suites, boards of directors, and business leaders from around the world come to FTI Strategic Communications with their most complex, business-critical issues that require diverse skill sets and integrated disciplines. As part of a global business advisory firm, we help these organizations manage change, mitigate risk and enhance their market position by combining decades of deep subject matter expertise with functional and disciplinary experience.

Our professionals serve as trusted advisors to management teams on a range of capital markets events as well as other stakeholder issues throughout the corporate life-cycle. We help clients navigate their most pressing challenges and opportunities around M&A, IPOs, restructuring, ESG and activism, moments of crisis, cybersecurity, and complex public affairs and advocacy campaigns. Our integrated capabilities in financial communications, corporate reputation and public affairs help clients protect and drive business value.

G&S Business Communications

111 West 33rd Street, 22nd Floor
New York, NY 10120
[email protected]

Steve Halsey, Chief Growth Officer

G&S Business Communications helps innovative companies change the world. Our mission is to inspire people to take action, resulting in business growth for our clients. Our vision is to fuel transformation in the six key industries we serve: Advanced Manufacturing & Energy; Agribusiness; Financial & Professional Services; Healthcare; Home & Building; and Landscaping & Outdoor Living.

Our strategists, storytellers, analysts and engagement experts meet each client at the intersection of business and communications. Our strategies help B2B clients meet their business goals, and our work produces meaningful results that move markets. Our commitment to measurement ensures that we are constantly learning and improving to make your program better.
We have a global staff of 140+ people, who operate primarily from four offices, New York, Raleigh, Chicago and Basel, but we offer our clients a global network of support through PROI Worldwide partners.

Gladstone Place Partners

485 Madison Avenue, 6th Floor New York, NY 10022

Steven Lipin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Lauren Odell, Partner and Chief Operating Officer
Christina Stenson, Partner
Felipe Ucrós, Partner
Vanessa Esparza, Partner

Gladstone Place Partners is a strategic financial communications firm headquartered in New York with an office in San Francisco. We specialize in advising companies and investors at critical moments when communications can make a significant difference in achieving core objectives. We are a highly focused and experienced team with a broad range of backgrounds, including business leaders, communications professionals, finance professionals, and former senior journalists.

With global capabilities, our diverse team is designed to meet the evolving strategic communications needs of leading companies’ CEOs, boards of directors, and heads of communications. Clients seek Gladstone Place Partners’ counsel on a range of matters, including mergers & acquisitions, crisis situations, corporate reputation and strategic positioning, IPOs and spinoffs, global trade and supply-chain matters, cybersecurity, shareholder activism, quarterly earnings announcements, and corporate governance communications.

Our boutique approach, with a focus on independent advice and confidentiality, enhances our ability to help our clients navigate layered and critical matters. We understand the complexity and super-charged nature of today’s environment, which is why we have social and digital capabilities embedded in our DNA.

Gladstone Place Partners strives to build long-term, trusted relationships by delivering the highest quality work product, paired with uncompromising ethics, integrity, and judgment. Our work is underpinned by a culture of professional excellence, meritocracy, and diversity.

Our founder and chief executive officer, Steve Lipin, has spent more than 30 years at the intersection of the corporate world, Wall Street, and the media as a leading financial journalist and top communications strategist to C-suites, boards of directors, and chief communications officers.

H/Advisors Abernathy

230 Park Avenue, 23rd Floor
New York, NY 10169

Tom Johnson, CEO ([email protected])
Carina Davidson, President ([email protected])

A trusted strategic communications advisor, H/Advisors Abernathy specializes in advising CEOs, board directors and senior executives on effective stakeholder communications and engagement. For nearly 40 years, we have worked closely with clients across sectors to help build, protect, and enhance their reputations, boost value, and seize new opportunities. Coming from diverse careers including public relations, journalism, corporate finance and investment banking, H/Advisors Abernathy’s senior professionals serve as expert advisors to corporate decision makers and provide our clients with diligent hands-on service. Our multi-disciplinary team offers relevant expertise in financial communications, capital raising initiatives, activist preparation and defense, M&A advisory, profile raising, litigation, government investigations, IPOs, crisis matters, public affairs, stakeholder management, digital communications, thought leadership and other special situations initiatives.

Learn more at
Follow us on LinkedIn at


685 Third Ave., 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10017
[email protected]

Thomas Ryan, CEO
Don Duffy, President

Established in 1998, ICR partners with public and private companies to execute strategic communications and advisory programs, and manage complex transactions and corporate events to enhance long-term enterprise value and corporate reputation. The firm’s highly-differentiated service model, which pairs capital markets veterans with senior communications professionals, brings deep sector knowledge and relationships to hundreds of clients across more than 20 industry groups. With more than 400 team members, ICR is one of the largest and most experienced independent communications and advisory firms, maintaining offices in New York, Connecticut, Boston, Baltimore, San Jose, London, and Beijing. Learn more at Follow us on LinkedIn and on X at @ICRPR.

ICR’s Crisis & Special Situations Group advises clients through dedicated experts across all categories of response and planning including, shareholder activism, short-seller attacks, M&A, bankruptcy/restructuring, litigation support, executive transition, cybersecurity and general crisis.

Infinite Global

21 West 38th St., 16th Floor
New York, NY 10018

Additional offices: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, D.C. and London.

Jamie Diaferia, Founder & CEO
Zach Olsen, President

Infinite Global is an award-winning strategic communications agency advising a wide range of domestic and international clients facing difficult scenarios in which reputational, legal and commercial risk is high.

We advise organizations and individuals, providing counsel and tactical support to mitigate risk and protect reputations when it matters most. We have broad sector experience managing our clients’ reputational risk, often involving active litigation, regulatory and political pressure, media attention and heightened public scrutiny. Infinite has an established data breach response practice that helps clients across a range of industries—including financial and legal services, education and healthcare—mitigate, prepare for and respond to the risks endemic to housing sensitive data.

Our work spans each phase of the crisis lifecycle: from pre-crisis preparation and planning, to rapid crisis response and post-crisis reputational repair.

Joele Frank, Wilkinson Brimmer Katcher

22 Vanderbilt Avenue, 18th Floor
New York, NY 10017
[email protected]

One California Street, Suite 2275
San Francisco, CA 94111

Joele Frank, Managing Partner
Matthew Sherman, President

Joele Frank provides strategic counsel and tactical support for high-stakes, high-profile special situations as well as for ongoing public and investor relations.

The Joele Frank team is broad and deep and recognized by peers, the financial community and journalists for their quality work, strategic acumen and creative approach to challenging issues. The firm’s clients range from large, global public companies to smaller, private enterprises across virtually all industries.

Joele Frank consistently ranks among the top PR firms across all its practice areas and brings extensive experience helping companies, boards and management teams preserve credibility and protect their reputation in navigating crisis situations. The firm’s scope of crisis work includes issues related to cybersecurity, workplace misconduct and ethical violations, litigation, regulatory investigations and actions, product liability and recalls, workplace violence, financial restatements and accounting fraud, unplanned management changes, ESG controversies, short attacks, and facility disasters, among others.


370 Lexington Ave., Suite 2001
New York, NY 10017

Andrew Frank, Founder and President
Eric C. Andrus, Executive VP

KARV is a globally recognized strategic communications and advisory firm based in New York City, specializing in sophisticated corporate and financial communications, crisis and personal reputation management, litigation support and public affairs. The KARV philosophy is simple—we accomplish the goals set by our corporate, government and non-profit clients all over the world, through an extensive network and an unbiased approach to solving problems.

KARV is led by a team of talented professionals with wide-ranging global experience in a variety of industries: finance, media, energy, consumer goods and services, technology, healthcare, gaming, entertainment, government and non-profit sectors and more.

We offer clients the broad spectrum of relationships that we have cultivated over many years: legal, lobbying, financial advising, management consultancy, technology, risk management/business intelligence, and other in-house or outside advisors. Through these relationships, KARV brings a balanced and comprehensive approach to issues management and strategic counsel to our clients in high-stakes situations.

Many firms offer talent and experience; however, few offer talent, experience, and worldwide relationships. This is what sets KARV apart as we deliver custom-tailored communications and strategic counsel that helps clients move forward in unpredictable times.

Kekst CNC

U.S. Headquarters
1675 Broadway, 30th Floor
New York, NY 10019

Jeremy Fielding, Co-Chief, Executive Officer
Bernhard Meising, Co-Chief, Executive Officer

Many companies and institutions around the world will confront unforeseen events that may well alter their future, pose unprecedented challenges, and potentially define their reputation for years to come.

What is required in these circumstances is an expert, experienced strategic communications partner to work with senior management and a Board of Directors to develop and execute the necessary integrated communications strategies to gain the trust and confidence of key stakeholders in this era of accelerated change.

Kekst CNC is ideally equipped to help global business and institutional leaders address these challenges ... as well as their opportunities. For 50 years, our team of more than 300 experienced professionals in 15 locations around the world has partnered with leading organizations of all sizes to: articulate new business strategies and a vision for success; explain an enterprise transforming event and its significance; help navigate complex business challenges or crises; build support among key stakeholders; and, work to strengthen and protect our clients’ credibility, reputation, and brand.

As trusted advisors, Kekst CNC’s professionals bring to client engagements high energy, sound judgment and expertise on such high stakes matters as: M&A, shareholder activism and governance, crisis communications, restructurings, regulatory investigations / resolutions, litigation support, complex investor relations, IPO communications, issues and reputation management, leadership transitions, employee engagement, public affairs, as well as digital and social communications—providing exceptional counsel and execution supported by objective insights, based on access to proprietary research, data and analytics capabilities.

LAG Strategy Corp

Pasadena, California
[email protected],
[email protected]

Stuart Pfeifer, Co-Founder
Matthew Fern, Co-Founder

Co-Founders Stuart Pfeifer and Matthew Fern are veteran crisis communications professionals who created the firm after long careers at one of the nation’s best-known crisis PR agencies. They have represented corporations, publicly traded companies, celebrities and entrepreneurs in make-or-break crisis situations, offering thoughtful and strategic solutions that have built LAG Strategy’s reputation as an elite crisis PR firm. Pfeifer is a Pulitzer Prize-winning former veteran journalist who understands how the news media works and how to protect his clients’ reputations in times of crisis. Fern is an expert in digital marketing and advertising whose skills pair perfectly to protect clients’ online reputations—an essential tool in today’s digital world.


1500 K Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20005

14 Penn Plaza
225 West 34th Street
New York, NY 10122

[email protected]
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Rolf Olsen, CEO
Philip Armstrong, John Lovallo, Maxwell Marcucci, Managing Directors

Leidar is a global communications consultancy that has recently expanded to the U.S. market. Leidar has added offices in Washington D.C. and New York to the firm’s global footprint that includes offices in Geneva, Brussels, Oslo, Dubai, and Singapore. For more than a decade, Leidar has helped corporate and NGO clients across Europe, Asia and the Middle East strategically leverage opportunities and withstand reputational challenges.

Leidar practice areas include Risk, Reputation and Crisis; Corporate Advisory; Public Affairs and Policy; ESG and Sustainability.

Our clients work in the following sectors: Healthcare, Enterprise Technology, Non-Profit, Food and Nutrition, Transportation, Medical Technology, IT, Legal, Financial Services, Consumer Package Goods, Travel and Tourism, Real Estate, Manufacturing, and Government Contracting.

The Levinson Group (TLG)

200 Park Avenue South, Suite 1218
New York, NY 10003

655 15th Street, NW, Suite 501
Washington, D.C. 20005

13 Norfolk Place
London W2 1QJ
c/o The Frontline Club

The Levinson Group (TLG) is a full-service strategic communications firm advising global leaders, public and private businesses, law firms, and civic institutions on consequential and complex issues. Headquartered in New York and Washington, D.C., TLG’s team of expert communications advisors bring extensive experience in business, law, policy, politics, finance, and the media.

Since its founding in 2013, TLG has become well known for serving as a strategic partner and trusted advisor in high stakes matters relating to corporate reputation and governance; government response and sensitive investigations; public affairs and issues management; workplace and workforce communications; crisis and risk management; litigation communications; cybersecurity communications; and global financial communications including corporate restructuring, executive transitions, mergers, acquisitions, and other transitions. The firm also has a strong commitment to leading social impact programs and has a robust and diverse pro bono practice.

TLG’s team of veteran communicators have extensive experience successfully partnering with leading businesses, institutions, and individuals to manage risk, assess crisis readiness, and navigate pivotal inflection points. The firm’s senior team members have been recognized as communications and public relations industry leaders, receiving notable industry awards for their success and expertise including “Crisis Manager of the Year” multiple times by PR News, “Women to Watch” by PR Week, “Top PR People in Crisis Communications” by Insider, “Media Relations Professional of the Year” by PR Daily, and “Top 100 Legal Strategists” by Lawdragon.

TLG was recently named a PRWeek 2024 Agency of the Year finalist, and has also been recognized by PRNews as Agency of the Year and Ragan’s as Crisis Firm of the Year. The firm also receives the highest ranking by Chambers & Partners and National Law Journal, noting TLG’s proven track record in Crisis Management and Litigation Communications.

Marx Layne & Company

31300 Orchard Lake Rd., #100
Farmington Hills, MI 48334
[email protected]

Michael Layne, President
Michael Szudarek, Partner
Michael Odom, Senior Vice President
Lana Mini, Vice President

Marx Layne professionals have years of experience handling crisis communications issues. We are frequently retained by leading national law firms to help them guide their clients through the media frenzy that often erupts during a company’s most trying times.

Critical issues from employment disputes, industrial accidents, death on premises, food-borne illness and environmental pollution, to boycotts, strikes and corporate fraud have all been expertly handled by our senior executives.

During crisis events, Marx Layne crisis counselors are on call 24/7/365. Our senior team members are experienced in working with legal advisors, police departments and municipalities while keeping company executives apprised at all times of the crisis situation as it unfolds.

We also train company spokespersons in the development of key speaking points and delivery of messaging. Using the latest media technology, our executives tap into the power of social media to monitor sentiment and provide direction on how to protect and manage the client’s brand. Additionally, we understand how to leverage social media tools as part of an arsenal to respond rapidly, whether the crisis occurs in Detroit or in any other region of the nation.

From privately held entities to Fortune 500 companies, Marx Layne has a 35-year history of successfully developing proactive, comprehensive crisis communications plans that are in place before, during and after a crisis.

Montieth & Company

155 E. 44th St., Suite 1610
New York, NY 10017

Montieth M. Illingworth, CEO & Global Managing Partner
Perry Goldman, Senior Director, Professional Services, Crisis Management and Litigation PR
Katarina Matic, Senior Director, Marketing Communications, Issues Management and Public Affairs, Litigation Communications, Branding and Website Development
Cameron Penny, Director, EMEA
Joyce Lee, APAC Lead/Hong Kong

Montieth & Company is a global specialist communications consultancy that provides a fully integrated set of communications services and solutions that deliver high-value, measurable outcomes for organizations across sectors and global money and media markets. Montieth & Company’s flexible, integrated, and budget-efficient cross-border business model enables us to reach multiple media markets via our global hubs in New York, London, and Hong Kong, and our affiliates around the globe.

We are recognized globally for our issues and crisis management, and litigation PR expertise which is provided throughout the world. This work includes crisis planning, strategic counsel, media relations, and stakeholder communications support on the full range of civil and criminal matters from business disputes to regulatory and law enforcement actions. We are frequently hired by law firms to help advise their clients on media relations pertaining but not limited to intellectual property and patent litigation, competition, bankruptcy, mergers and acquisition, corporate governance, international trade, contract law, SPACs, etc. We have advised on many of the most high-profile, headline issues, crises, and court actions in the world, civil, regulatory and law-enforcement related.

Montieth & Company enables its clients to achieve influence, realize their ambitions, and solve their most critical problems. Central to our value-add is achieving outcomes in our issues, crisis and litigation counsel that protects the corporate reputation and, where relevant, supports key corporate initiatives.

The Next Solutions Group

230 Park Avenue
New York, NY
[email protected]

Ray Kerins, CEO (Former Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs at Bayer and VP of Public Affairs/Communications at Pfizer)
Justin Blum, Managing Director of Content/Issues Management (Former Senior Editor at Bloomberg News and Reporter at The Washington Post, Tampa Bay Times)
Dan Childs, Managing Director of Global Media Relations (Former Director of External Communications at Bayer and Senior Producer at ABC News)
Mike Harley, Managing Director of Business Intelligence (Former NSA and Military Intelligence)
Lauren Pearle, Senior Vice President of Content/Issues Management (Former Senior Producer at ABC News, Former Litigation Associate at Sidley Austin)

Our senior team of professionals has a broad range of experience in business, government, and journalism. We have supported C-suite executives, top government officials, military, and non-profit leaders. Our senior leaders do the day-to-day work. Clients won’t get passed off to junior staff.

We protect and advance our clients’ reputation while ensuring alignment with organizational objectives. We support and coach executives and leaders in preparation for engagement with key audiences, including investors, employees, regulators, and journalists. At a time when companies and their leaders are coming under relentless assault online, we monitor the clear, deep, and dark web to protect their safety and reputation.

We help clients prevent crises by identifying and addressing issues early -- before they spiral out of control. We coach clients so they’re ready in the event of a crisis. And we work with organizations during times of crisis to resolve any underlying problems, communicate effectively to stakeholders, and repair any reputational damage.

We have represented multinational companies in sectors including healthcare, technology, energy, defense, consumer goods and financial services. We have partnered with companies that have been under investigation by various governmental agencies, including the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission. We have worked on class action lawsuits, executive issues/transitions, corporate layoffs, anti-corporate activism, and cyber/ransomware attacks. Our work has also included M&A, regulatory and product issues such as recalls.


135 W. 50th Street, Suite 200
New York, NY 10020
[email protected]

Mike Kuczkowski, Founder & CEO
Diana Dopfel, Senior Vice President

In today’s complex business environment, reputational risks have multiplied. Brand performance in the face of crises can make or break a company. Orangefiery provides support for both crisis preparedness and crisis response. We use a rigorous, analytical approach to map and prioritize potential issues; develop norms and governance around crisis detection, evaluation and escalation; and lead crisis response messaging and materials development. We prepare clients for crisis response through trainings, simulations and learning forums designed to enhance performance.

Founded in 2014, Orangefiery has helped businesses of all sizes address complex public issues, improve their reputations and achieve commercial success. High-profile crises our team has managed include SwissRe and 23 other insurers in their litigation over the World Trade Center terrorist attacks and managing rapid response efforts for a pharmaceutical product for smoking cessation. We take great pride in our capabilities that have helped our clients develop norms for confronting complex issues and remaining resilient in high-risk crises.


1101 West River Parkway
Suite 400 (Headquarters)
Minneapolis, MN 55415

Chris Werle, Senior Vice President
24-hour emergency hotline (1-877/PR-ER-911)

Crises can come from any direction, and each one represents a moment of truth for your brand and your reputation. Fortunately, the Crisis Communications + Critical Issues Management Team at Padilla can guide you from crisis preparation and planning to crisis and critical issues management. We help our clients perform at their absolute best on their very worst day by showing them how to maintain control in the midst of chaos.

That work begins before the crisis strikes. First, we help our clients measure their level of exposure and preparedness with a deep Risk Analysis and Preparedness Assessment. Based on that analysis, we develop plans and programming to address and mitigate the primary threats facing the business as well as tailored simulations designed to stress test an organization’s crisis protocols, decision-making and communications effectiveness.

Padilla is a full-service agency that transforms brands and organizations through strategically creative communications. Our work across deep areas of sector expertise in agriculture and environmental sciences, food, beverage and nutrition, health, technology and financial services, is consistently recognized by industry partners such as the PRWeek Awards, PRovoke IN2 SABRE Awards and PRSA Anvil Awards, among others. Padilla operates in seven cities across the U.S. through its family of brands, which includes, SHIFT (performance communications), FoodMinds (food and nutrition affairs) and Joe Smith (brand strategy). As an AVENIR GLOBAL company and a founding member of the Worldcom Public Relations Group, the agency provides services to clients through 155 offices worldwide. Transform with Purpose at


425 E. 53rd Street
New York, NY 10022
[email protected]

Steve Cody, CEO and Founder
Ann Barlow, EVP & Chief Engagement Officer
Jacqueline Kolek, EVP & Chief Innovation Officer
Maggie O’Neill, EVP & Chief Client Officer
Tara Lilien, Chief Talent Officer

Peppercomm, part of the Ruder Finn Group, is an award-winning strategic, integrated communications and marketing agency headquartered in?New York City.

With 29 years of expertise, the agency has guided countless clients through a wide variety of issues and crises and manages corporate reputation on an ongoing basis. Today, stakeholders look to organizations to see if and how they respond to social and political events, such as war, the overturning of Roe v. Wade, cases of racial and ethnic injustice, mass shootings and more. However, brands are often ill-equipped to offer a response.

With only 23% of communications executives reporting they have frameworks or playbooks to respond to social issues, RepCompassTM, the agency’s issues and crisis communications solution, guides organizations through the development of an issues response framework. Aligned to their unique values and stakeholders, RepCompass successfully prepares for those critical moments when they have an opportunity to speak out (or not).

The company recently introduced Team Meridian, a new specialty group with nearly a century of experience to provide strategic counsel to help clients plan for and manage societal crises impacting their people, brands and business. A unique approach combining both internal and external crisis preparedness, Team Meridian launched in anticipation of greater public discourse during a highly contentious U.S. presidential election cycle.

This team has deep expertise guiding business-to-consumer and business-to-business clients through the process of developing a repeatable and objective protocol specifically to deal with social issues, as well as crisis and reputation management. The teams’ expertise spans industries including agriculture, automotive and mobility, manufacturing, retail, food & beverage, hospitality, technology, banking, financial services and professional services.

Visit or find us at @Peppercomm.

Public Communications Inc.
Partner in The Worldcom Public Relations Group

161 N. Clark St., Suite 2050
Chicago, IL 60601
[email protected]

Jill Allread, APR, CEO
Craig Pugh, APR, President
Pamela Oettel, COO/CFO

Bringing calm and strategy to clients in crisis, Public Communications Inc. works closely with our clients to prepare them to effectively handle situations that can threaten an organization’s brand and erode consumer confidence. We partner with clients from prevention through the challenges of managing issues to then thriving in post-crisis recovery.

PCI’s experienced counselors consistently deliver award-winning campaigns for clients with reputation management and enhancement needs in all fields, including healthcare companies and associations; conservation, zoo and aquarium organizations; government agencies and nonprofits of all sizes. When an organization faces trouble, a thorough and strategic crisis communications plan is vital. We work with clients to identify, plan for, and mitigate crises that have the potential to negatively shape public opinion and disrupt business.

The PCI team has extensive experience helping clients manage their reputational risk through crisis communications planning and implementation. We also have specialists to provide spokesperson training and coaching on how to best articulate company values and messages that can restore public faith and support.

PCI offers clients a specialized, post-crisis communication recovery model based on rapid response; ongoing and proactive communication; and inspired thought leadership that is critical to companies of all sizes. In recent years, PCI developed deep experience and skills in assisting clients to communicate effectively through company culture change, natural and man-made disasters, and through personnel and labor issues.

Public Policy Holding Company (PPHC)

800 North Capitol Street NW, Suite 800
Washington, D.C. 20002
[email protected]
[email protected]

Simon Lee, Chairman of the Board of Directors
G. Stewart Hall, Chief Executive Officer
Roel Smits, Chief Financial Officer
Thomas Gensemer, Chief Strategy Officer
Sarah Wills, CEO, Concordant Advisory

Public Policy Holding Company (PPHC) is the largest group of government relations and policy communications firms by revenue and reach. Incorporated in 2014 and publicly listed in 2021 (London Stock Exchange: PPHC), PPHC provides clients with a fully integrated and comprehensive range of services, including government and public relations, crisis communications, research and analytics, and digital advocacy campaigns.

Retained by over 1200 clients, including corporates, trade associations and non-governmental organizations, PPHC is active in all major sectors of the U.S. economy, including healthcare and pharmaceuticals, financial services, energy, technology, telecommunication and transportation.

Group services support clients to enhance and defend their reputations, advance policy goals, manage regulatory risk, and engage with US federal and state-level policy makers, stakeholders, media and the public.

PPHC operates a holding company structure and currently has eight operating entities comprising Crossroads Strategies, Forbes Tate Partners, Seven Letter, O’Neill & Associates, Alpine Group Partners, KP Public Affairs, MultiState Associates and Concordant Advisory.

Each of PPHC’s federal lobbying firms consistently rank in the top 20 of over 2,500 registered firms for revenue, based on quarterly federal lobbying disclosures. Combined, PPHC is the largest in these rankings.

In November 2023, PPHC launched Concordant Advisory, a policy and communications advisory firm for organizations at the crossroads of market risk and transformational growth. Concordant is designed to service clients in special circumstances and/or crisis by working across the breadth of PPHC firms, and over 350 policy and communications experts.


521 Fifth Ave., 27th Flr.
New York, NY 10175
[email protected]
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Brandy Bergman, CEO & Founding Partner
Hugh Burns, Paul Caminiti, Delia Cannan, Renée Soto, Founding Partners

We are strategic communications specialists trusted by clients to advise leadership on navigating complex situations. Founded by five established practitioners of public and investor relations, Reevemark delivers big-firm expertise in a boutique package. We provide direct and insightful counsel, develop top-quality written and digital content, and engage with key stakeholders, including the media and investors. We created Reevemark to focus on what really matters—delivering favorable outcomes for our clients.

Our practice areas include litigation support, crisis communications, bankruptcies and restructurings, shareholder activism and corporate governance, transactions, investor relations and corporate positioning programs, and reputational matters.

Reevemark has been recognized by Chambers and Partners for litigation support and crisis communications, The Deal as top global bankruptcy communications advisor, Bloomberg as a top ten global shareholder activism defense advisor and Business Insider for crisis and financial communications.

Clients Include: AIG, Bausch + Lomb., Carronade Capital, H.I.G. Capital, INNOVATE Corp., Sanderson Farms and The Children’s Place.

Reputation Doctor®, LLC

244 Fifth Ave., Suite 2620
New York, NY 10001

Mike Paul, President & CEO

Reputation Doctor® LLC is a global leader in crisis communications and risk management advisory services. Much of our work these days in crisis communications and risk management is focused on high-stakes corporate CEO and board advisory.

In addition to advising leading corporations and conglomerates, Reputation Doctor® LLC has an excellent track record of providing crisis communications and risk management advisory services to governments, NGOs, as well as sports and entertainment clients worldwide.

Reputation Doctor® LLC provides Crisis Communications and Risk Management Advisory Services to leading clients when the media, customers, consumers, employees, investors, regulators, government leaders and even fans are all demanding answers in high-stake situations.

Our global team of senior consultants provide winning results by developing strategic crisis communications and risk management programs which add value consistently. We are very proud that our advice and counsel often surpasses our clients’ expectations. We offer crisis management services to local, national and international clients. More than 50% of our client base is international.

Reputation Doctor® LLC is also a leader in litigation communications worldwide. We often offer our litigation communications services in conjunction with our crisis communications and risk management services when our clients face high-stakes issues in the court of law.

Why pick Reputation Doctor® LLC? Because Your Reputation Is Everything!™

Risa Heller Communications

233 Broadway, Suite 2160
New York, NY 10279
[email protected]

Risa Heller, CEO
Jennifer Burner Barden, COO
James Yolles, Linden Zakula and Gwen Rocco, Managing Directors
Carly Holden, SVP

Risa Heller Communications (RHC) is a boutique issues management and crisis communications firm based in New York with clients across the globe. RHC proudly works on the front lines of high-profile issues management situations every day. Steeped in crisis communications, we have extensive experience designing and executing strategies that help our clients successfully navigate complicated issues and protect their reputations.

We work with a wide range of clients—from high-profile institutions facing a daily onslaught of media attention that need to break through the noise, to technology companies seeking to push back against entrenched interests, to private citizens confronting problems that require narrowly targeted communications and an under-the-radar approach. Our clients value our proactive strategies, thoughtful ideas and straightforward advice on finding the right way to tell their story, advance their business objectives, and protect their brand.

We are adept at seeing around corners, identifying potential problems before they arise, and devising smart, proactive strategies to keep our clients on their front foot. Our work is effective not only because we have excellent relationships with top reporters and understand how news is covered, but because our approach is informed by the ways that personalities and the press influence policymakers, investors, markets and decision making.

Our areas of expertise include: shaping high-profile, front-page news; employment litigation related to sex, race or age discrimination; employment litigation related to wrongful termination and retaliation; shareholder litigation; intellectual property; trusts and estates disputes; executive transitions; internal investigations and problems with workplace culture; labor relations; white collar defense; government and regulatory investigations; Congressional hearing preparation/testimony; and public affairs and issue advocacy.

ROKK Solutions

2020 K Street, NW, Suite 510
Washington, D.C. 20006
[email protected]

Lindsay Singleton, Chief Development Officer

In an increasingly polarized political environment, ROKK Solutions stands apart by working together. We sit at the nexus of policy and communications, having spent years counseling companies, trade associations, coalitions and nonprofits. Our team possesses decades of senior-level public service and corporate communications experience, which allows us to offer our clients a true understanding of the policymaking process and the media strategies needed to create a climate for success. Unlike many other firms, we bring a bipartisan approach to each engagement because our experience shows it is the most effective way to ensure a clients’ objectives are achieved.

We also know that communication silos between corporate America and Washington policymakers no longer exist. That’s why ROKK Solutions harnesses its combined knowledge and experience of public affairs and corporate communications into crafting winning strategic communication strategies. In today’s world, messages should be well thought out in order to positively resonate with consumers as much as Washington and state-based policymakers. We know that these groups access their information from different sources, which is why we deploy a data-driven approach to placing and amplifying communications in outlets and channels where they will have the greatest impact.

Sachs Media

114 S. Duval St.
Tallahassee, FL 32301
Fax: 850/224-2882

For over 25 years, Sachs Media has helped clients across diverse sectors navigate the treacherous waters of high-profile crises with smart, strong, strategic support through its seasoned crisis management team. The key to weathering any crisis is preparation. That’s where Sachs Media’s trademarked Crisis Defense™ comes in—to actively help you plan, train, develop and deploy an effective plan to help prepare your organization in advance of a crisis and support you all through it.

Sitrick and Company


Los Angeles: 310/788-2850
New York: 212/573-6100
San Francisco: 415/999-9634
Denver: 720/904-8560
Washington, D.C.: 443/977-7215
Boston: 617/897-0326

Michael S. Sitrick, Chairman and CEO

Less important than what you say about yourself is what others say about you.

• The New York Times: “The City’s Most Prominent Crisis-Management Firm.”

• Forbes: “The crew from the television magazine is banging on your door. You can have the security guard throw them out and know they’ll trash you. Or you can sit down with them and figure that out of the hour you give them, they’ll use only 40 seconds on air. And those 40 seconds will make you look very guilty. Better solution, call Mike Sitrick.”

• BusinessWeek: That’s unbelievable. This is the heavy artillery.” Quote is from the CEO of one of the largest PR firms in the world, after learning we were brought in on the other side of a contentious matter in which his firm was involved.

Since our firm’s founding 31 years ago, we have been consistently ranked among the top crisis and strategic communications firm in the nation.

The majority of the firm’s senior executives are former editors and reporters from news organizations that include the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Bloomberg, Los Angeles Times, Forbes, CBS News and NBC News. We also have former practicing attorneys and business executives.

Matters with which we have been involved include litigation support of all kinds; intellectual property matters, allegations of stock manipulation, wrongful termination, contract disputes, allegations of fraud and fraudulent inducement, wrongful death claims, allegations of illegal drug use, SEC matters, and a variety of other white-collar crimes. We have also handled criminal and civil cases against companies and their executives for such things as price fixing, insurance fraud, options backdating, antitrust violations, race and sex discrimination, sexual harassment, racism and #MeToo matters. We have a significant data breach, mergers and acquisitions and corporate governance practice and have done extensive work combatting short sellers. Other issues include sensitive environmental matters, racketeering cases, family disputes, and high-profile divorces, reputation management and reputational positioning. We have also been involved in helping to launch such firms as Oaktree Capital.

Offices are in Los Angeles, New York and Washington, D.C., though we have handled cases all over the world.
For additional information including clients for whom our work was public and additional media comments about our firm see:


1150 18th Street, NW, Suite 800
Washington, D.C. 20036

285 Fulton Street, 63rd Floor
New York, NY 10007
[email protected]

Doug Thornell, CEO
Jacqui Newman, COO

Media today moves faster than ever, and SKDK is built for speed. Whether producing advertising—often in 24 hours—to respond to attacks or jumping on the latest news story to gain a competitive advantage, SKDK knows that being nimble and adapting to an ever-changing environment means success.

SKDK has grown to become one of the nation’s leading strategic communications and political consulting firms. With in-house digital, research, and creative teams working hand-in-hand with our public affairs experts, SKDK offers a range of expertise anchored in strategic and creative services. Our “always on” approach means whenever our clients need us, we are there. Named by the Observer in 2023 as one of the top PR firms in America, our team knows the players, the strategies, the issues, and we put all that to work for our clients.

SKDK and its subsidiaries are proud members of Stagwell, a digital-first global marketing network that delivers scalable, seamless solutions through a unique combination of culture-moving creativity and cutting-edge technology.

To learn more, visit

Sloane & Company

One World Trade Center
285 Fulton Street, 63rd Floor
New York, NY 10007
Fax: 212/486-9094
[email protected]

Darren Brandt & Whit Clay, Co-CEOs
John Hartz, President
TJ White, Managing Director and Head of Special Situations

Sloane & Company is an industry-leading strategic communications firm that provides comprehensive counsel on high-stakes situations, including: M&A; shareholder activism defense; IPOs and SPACs; litigation; unforeseen management changes; board issues; employee issues; cybersecurity; natural disasters; product integrity; regulatory and legislative issues; bankruptcies / restructurings; environmental issues; and corporate governance. More broadly, we provide strategic support around corporate and financial public relations; transactions; strategic insights; messaging, analytics and measurement; public affairs; and investor relations—to public and private companies as well as investors, associations and individuals.

We are experts at assisting clients when unforeseen events threaten to impact their business or damage their reputation. We are known for our intelligence, intensity, creativity and focus on getting results. Whether the situation calls for developing and delivering the right messages to the audiences that matter or advising on high-stakes deals or crises, our goal is the same—to drive winning outcomes for our clients.

We have become a go-to firm when these crises and special situations occur by listening to our clients, understanding the situation, determining the risks to their business and delivering candid advice to management teams, boards, executives and organizations when they need it most. Clients have the benefit of working with senior executives with decades of experience who offer professional counsel in all phases of crisis planning and response, leading to immediate results.

Beyond specific crisis situations, we develop effective and actionable contingency plans in close coordination with a client’s legal, financial, marketing, communications and government relations/lobbying advisors. Our approach provides best-practices and enhances client procedures and appropriate training of personnel before and during a crisis. When the unexpected happens, we actively manage and support implementing the appropriate communications tactics. After the crisis subsides, we help clients restore their credibility and reputation in the marketplace.


909 Third Ave.
New York, NY 10022
[email protected]

Alex Stanton, CEO
Tom Faust, Charlyn Lusk, Managing Directors
Liam Collopy, Matthew Conroy, Michael Goodwin, Scott Lessne, Katrin Lieberwirth, Joshua Greenwald, Sr. VPs

Stanton provides a full range of senior-level counsel to protect corporate reputations before, during and after a crisis hits, when critical issues arise, and through major transitions. Our expertise helps clients prevent crises through thoughtful planning and oversight. In the event a crisis does occur, we help contain the situation by managing media coverage and executing proactive communications to offset reputational damage and repair relationships with key constituents.

Stanton works with senior leadership teams, corporate task forces, outside counsel and other advisors to develop comprehensive communications strategies that ensure our clients are fully prepared. We apply our decades of experience to create the right strategy and put the right support behind it to control the narrative from the start and stay focused on your priorities. Our experience spans a variety of situations including corporate litigation, cybersecurity, bankruptcy and restructuring, executive changes, consumer and special interest boycotts, workplace violence, manufacturing plan issues, employee misconduct, financial improprieties, environmental issues, product tampering and many others. Stanton’s efforts help clients minimize negative attention and prevent escalation of vulnerabilities during crisis situations. That’s why you’ve never heard of some of our best crisis work.

Clients include: Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty, Bain Capital, Bob’s Furniture, Carl Marks Advisors, Conning, CVC, HGGC, Makena Capital, Rackspace Technologies, Schulte, Roth & Zabel, SonicWall, and Winston & Strawn.

Trident DMG

1120 20th St., NW, Ste. 700 N
Washington, D.C. 20036
Twitter: @TridentDMG
LinkedIn: Trident DMG

Josh Galper, Co-Founder and Partner
Adam Goldberg, Co-Founder and Partner
Eleanor McManus, Co-Founder and Partner

Trident DMG is a strategic and risk advisory firm that specializes in strategic and policy communications, stakeholder solutions, reputation management, public affairs, and crisis preparation and response. Based in Washington, D.C., we have worked in the Beltway and across the nation, the world, and numerous industries.

Founded in 2016, Trident is a one-of-a-kind agency that pioneered the approach of combining media, political, and legal expertise in one team, managing some of the highest-profile crises of the past 30 years, from the White House to Wall Street to Silicon Valley and around the world. Our team members have worked in the White House, Congress, the national news media, global law firms, and corporations.

Our clients include investors, startups to global brands, high-profile and high-net-worth individuals, and nonprofits and NGOs. They turn to us for our ability to see around corners as strategists, to build creative and compelling narratives, to navigate and manage pressures from stakeholders and the media, and to seize opportunities. In addition, we regularly work with AmLaw 50 firms to advise their clients and support their advice.

Trident is consistently ranked a top firm by Chambers and Partners for litigation and investigations communications, including in Band 1 in recent years, and for crisis management. Trident’s partners have been recognized as elite practitioners by Chambers, Lawdragon, BusinessToday, and PRNews, which also honored Trident as a top 100 Agency Elite firm in 2023.

Weber Shandwick

909 Third Avenue, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10022

Peter Duda, President Global Crisis & Issues
[email protected]

Crisis and issues response often has greater reputational impact than the situation itself; we help clients prepare for, navigate and lead through these situations.

How an organization responds to a crisis or issue may have a more substantial impact on stakeholders’ perceptions than the situation itself. Our multi-disciplinary, global team of crisis communications experts advises clients at the intersection of business, public policy, geopolitical risk and cultural transformation. We help clients mitigate vulnerabilities, develop and validate communications strategies, and provide real-time counsel to help them navigate risk and reward in a complex and ever-changing world. Informed by AI-driven technology and human analysis, we make sense of millions of signals and narratives to provide context and perspective, predict trends, and deliver incisive strategic recommendations.

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