Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Donald Trump: loanshark. In a bid to divert attention from his disastrous statement about allowing Russia to do "whaever the hell it wants" to NATO allies that he views as deadbeats, Trump wants to float Ukraine a loan.

As part of his "America First" schtick, Trump is against sending more money to Ukraine.

But after noting that the Senate approved a $60B aid deal for Ukraine, Trump said:

"Do it this way. Loan them the money. If they can make it, they pay us back. If they can't make it, they don't have to pay us back. Why should you just hand it over to them? Do it as the form of a loan."

The loan idea is fresh out of Trump’s business playbook, which is subtitled: "The Road to Ruin."

Four of his casino companies (Trump Taj Mahal, Trump Castle Assocs., True Hotel and Casino Resorts and Tump Entertainment Resorts) declared Chapter 11. They wrote off debt and stiffed creditors.

Shielded by US bankruptcy laws, Trump walked away from his financial carnage.

Ukraine lacks the bankruptcy protection enjoyed by Trump. It faces real carnage at the hands of Trump's buddy, Vladimir Putin.

The last thing that Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky needs to hear is nonsense about a loan from his former antagonist Trump. Without US military support, Zelensky's government won't be around long enough to make the payments.

Who’s warming up in the Democratic bullpen….Nearly half (48 percent) of voters believe Joe Biden will be replaced as the Democratic nominee for the presidency, according to a survey from the Monmouth University Polling Institute released Feb. 15.

Advanced age and declining physical health and mental capacity are the top reasons why they say Joe must go.

Monmouth Poll

Only about one-in-three (32 percent) respondents are at least somewhat confident that Biden has the necessary stamina to carry out the job of president. That’s down a whopping 20 points from 2020.

The Monmouth poll divided respondents into above and below age 70 categories.

Forty-five percent of the elderly group believe Biden can get the job done, but that number drops to 30 percent for the younger group.

That’s horrible news for Democrats. Younger voters are credited for putting Biden into the White House.

Biden is running neck and neck with Trump (42 percent vs. 40 percent) among voters under the age of 35, according to the survey.

An injection of fresh energy and new blood into the Democratic ticket is the only way to retain those younger voters.

The 2024 election should be about the future of the national Democratic Party.