There’s only one PR campaign worse than President Obama’s failure to promote Obamacare, his signature legislative achievement. That’s the crazed obsession of Tea Party Republicans to shut down the government. They are the only thing that Obama has going for him at the moment.

CNN released a poll today showing that 57 percent of Americans oppose the Affordable Care Act that gets rolling tomorrow. That solid majority is a condemnation of Obama’s lousy salesmanship.

The commander-in-chief punted Obamacare advocacy duties to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, not exactly a charm school graduate. The Nevada politico told his dissenting political colleagues that its time to move on, especially in the aftermath of the president’s solid victory at the poll last year.

Despite the President’s shaky political standing, a mere third of CNN’s respondents support a government shutdown to choke off Obamacare funding.

In fact, sixty percent say it’s more important to keep Uncle Sam up and running than killing the healthcare reform by starving it of funds.

CNN also played the “blame game.” Most Americans (46 percent) would blame the GOP if the government goes into shutdown mode tomorrow, while 36 percent would put the onus on Obama and his backers.

At this late hour, Obama and the Democrats are getting a free pass on the turmoil in D.C. The GOP will be accountable for its misguided tantrum.

House Majority Leader John Boehner is the guy in the spotlight. By publicly opposing the shutdown and slapping the Tea Party wing of the GOP, the Ohioan could settle the whole mess and restore a measure of credibility to the institution that he’s so long served.

That would require political guts and leadership for all Americans, not just one side of the Congressional aisle.

Those two virtues are rare in today’s Washington cesspool. We’ll find out very soon whether Boehner rises to the occasion.