thanksgivingThe Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, family, prayer, turkey, cranberries, argument with crazy old Uncle Louie, pumpkin pie, football, left-overs, hug with Uncle Louie, Wal-Mart stampedes and forecasts of weather Armageddon are all part of America's national holiday.

Local TV forecasters gear up a week in advance with over-the-top reports of turbulence on the Big Day. The AAA gets its yearly moment in the sun with predications of traffic nightmares. Smug newscasters join the fray, reporting from airports about cattle-car conditions and allowing travelers to vent about cancelled flights and vow never to fly again.

A dose of sanity is the cure for holiday madness. Horizon Media delivered the treatment yesterday with release of survey finding that 81 percent of Americans are not going to be leaving their towns for Thanksgiving. More than half (55 percent) will spend time with family, while 20 percent will be with friends. Two percent will be alone on Thanksgiving Day.

Horizon's "Finger on the Pulse Survey" shoots down the TV perception of every body and his brother heading for the airport for the holidays. Its message to the ever-eager newspeople who seemingly enjoy the airport chaos is to "get a life." Or better yet, pipe down and join the family table to give thanks. Also, invite one of the two per centers who plan to be alone on Thursday.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!