The D.C.-based Sikh Council on Religion and Education is talking with AKPD Message and Media about launching a PR campaign to spread awareness of Sikhism.

AKPD is the firm founded by David Axelrod, who was President Obama’s top advisor.

A Tribune News Service report says the campaign from SCORE is aimed to prevent hate crimes here against Sikhs.

A U.S. Army veteran attacked a Sikh temple in Wisconsin in 2012, the rampage left six dead and four wounded.

The U.S. Joint Task Force on Terrorism called that carnage an act of domestic terrorism.

First Lady Michele Obama visited the site to comfort family members of the victims and express support of all Americans for the religious freedom of the Sikh community.

SCORE’s PR campaign also will stress the differences between Sikhs and Muslims.

The social activist group says two-thirds of Americans can’t distinguish between the two religions.

Founded in 1998, SCORE says its mission is “to represent the Sikh viewpoint in public forums, interfaith discussions and throughout governmental agencies to promote community understanding and a just society for all.”

There are an estimated 300K Sikhs in the U.S.

O’Dwyer’s has not yet reached an AKPD spokesperson for comment about its work for the Sikhs organization.