Chuck Dolan, a PA veteran of Prism Public Affairs and Ketchum experienced in Russia relations, has moved to Kglobal in Washington as a senior VP.

chuck dolanDolan exits a VP role at Prism, where he advised foreign governments and The Walt Disney Company on its Russian operation, among other assignments.

Kglobal in 2012 worked with the opposition in the former Soviet republic of Georgia that swept into power in October elections. It also handled the re-branding of pretzel baker H.K. Anderson and the "Americans for George" campaign, which pushed back against a Congressional movement to drop dollar bills in favor of coins.

Dolan was a senior VP in Ketchum's PA operation, where he worked its Russia Federation account, and at Cassidy and Associates.

In the public sector, he was vice chairman of the seven-member U.S. Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy during the Clinton administration and executive director of the Democratic Governors Association.

Kglobal is owned by government contractor Zenetex.