nteuThe National Treasury Employees Union has launched a year-long PR effort to link the productive work of members with the quality of life in the U.S.

The overall theme of the PSA, grassroots, social media and website communications package is to show the behind-the-scenes impact that civil services have in areas such as NTEU securing American borders, providing safe food/medicine, protecting air/water supply and distributing Social Security checks.

In launching the campaign earlier this month, Colleen Kelley, NTEU president, said the current political paralysis in D.C. has contributed to the negative image of government and its employees.

She knocked smear-jobs depicting public service workers as deadbeats “insidious and harmful to our national interests.”

The PR effort also works to dislodge the false notion that federal workers mostly work in Washington and its suburbs. Only 15 of federal staffers work in the national capital region.

NTEU is the No. 1 federal union with 150K members scattered across more than 30 agencies and departments.