Prime Policy Group, a Burson-Marsteller unit, is making the Washington rounds on behalf of Ukraine.

Oleksandr Sych, vice-prime minister of Ukraine in a March 24 press conference.

Specifically, PPG shepherded the push to win financial support for Ukraine from the International Monetary Fund and Congress.

That thrust paid dividends Mar. 27 as the IMF announced a two-year “stand-by arrangement” on a bailout package worth from $14 to $18B to “stabilize the economy and create conditions for sustained growth” in the beleaguered country.

The IMF board will meet next month to vote on the package.

Congress, on the same day, okayed a $1B financial aid package for Ukraine.

PPG also has talked up Ukraine with Joe Biden’s office, National Security Council and the State Dept. It works through JAI Holdings LLC in Kiev.

Ketchum represents Russia, which invaded and then annexed part of Ukraine.

WPP owns B-M, while Omnicom controls Ketchum.