michael grossRLM Finsbury partner and president Michael Gross will succeed CEO and co-founder Walter Montgomery later this month.

The 68-year-old Montgomery will remain an active partner of the firm following the transition on April 15.

The former Robinson Lerer Montgomery merged with Finsbury in 2011 in a move by parent WPP. Montgomery took the CEO slot at the time, while Finsbury chief Roland Rudd was named chairman.

“With Roland and Michael at the helm, I couldn’t be more optimistic about the continuation of RLM Finsbury’s heritage and the prospects for its future," Montgomery said.

Gross is a 25-year veteran of RLM and RLM Finsbury, joining RLM in 1989 from a managing director slot at Adams & Rinehart. He has counseled Toyota, Blackrock and Moody's, among other clients at RLM Finsbury.

The firm said the CEO transition was announced internally last year.