Pinnacle Communications Resource Co. has won a competitive RFP process to develop a health communications campaign highlighting the impact of tobacco litter on the environment.

mdThe Maryland Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene, through its Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control, released an RFP in March for the new assignment, aimed to highlight the negative impact of second-hand smoke, cigarette butts and and other tobacco products through smoking and the leaching of toxins into the ecosysstem from litter.

Budget is capped at $98K for eight and a half months.

The campaign will try to reach the general public -- adults, youth, smokers and non-smokers. While the primary focus is to highlight the detrimental effects of tobacco waste, use prevention and cessation are a secondary element.

Baltimore-based Pinacle, led by Tracey Haldeman, has produced campaigns for the MDHMH in the past, including its "Cigar Trap" push to educate parents about the use of flavored cigars. It has also worked for the Baltimore Zoo and Planned Parenthood of Maryland, among others.