Shirley & Banister handled media connected with the Supreme Court's landmark Hobby Lobby ruling, exempting closely held corporations from the Affordable Care Act's requirement to provide workers with insurance coverage for birth control due to religious beliefs.

David and Barbara Green, who run the giant arts & crafts retail chain, are devout Christians who say they run the family business in a way consistent to "Biblical principles."

Critics of the 5-4 decision say it violates the traditional barrier between church and state and paves way for companies to deny workers of other ObamaCare mandates, such as blood transfusion/vaccine coverage, based on medical grounds.

S&B represents the Becket Fund for Religious Freedom, lawyers for Hobby Lobby.
The Washington Post profiled Becket Fund founder Seamus Hasson, 57, as a pioneer in the debate over religious freedom.

Partner Diana Banister, S&B partner, Kevin McVicker, account supervisor, and Mike Rudin, account executive, handle the Becket Fund.