Israel and Gaza media are dishing out "fantasy news" coverage of the current conflict, according to a report in the UK's Economist headlined "propaganda war."

economistThe coverage of the war is "unusually partisan," according to the magazine. Israel's sole liberal daily, Haaretz backs the military campaign, though with questions about how it is carried out. Some readers cancelled subs after Haaretz "insisted that Palestinian casualties be covered along side Israeli ones."

Most Israelis get news from rolling bulletins by correspondents quoting military spokespeople.

Broadcasts are decidedly upbeat. "Specialists in Arab affairs report that the offensive is bringing Hamas to its knees. Former generals provide constant commentary, often describing Hamas in blood-curdling terms"

Few TV anchors have talked about the high death toll of Palestinian civilians, continued the Economist. One Hebrew-speaking Palestinian was cut off after he spoke of the toll on Gaza's children.

The Hamas propaganda machine "has kept up a flow of heroic exhortations and fanciful tales of its triumphant fighters."

Emails have been sent to Israelis to warn their country will "continue to explode" until Israel has met all of the Palestinian conditions.

The magazine reports that West Bank cafes have dropped the TV station that supports moderate president Mahmoud Abbas in favor of stations carrying martial footage from Hamas and the radical Islamic Jihad group.

Palestinian commandos are depicted as fearless warriors "supposedly storming enemy lines, as cowardly Israeli soldiers collapse in tears," according to the Aug. 16-22 Economist.