The Livingston Group, which is headed by former House Speaker-designate Bob Livingston, has signed on to introduce executives from France's Soitec, which makes semiconductor products for energy and electronics companies, to members of Congress.

In December, Soitec opened a $150M solar manufacturing plant in San Diego to produce photovoltaic modules for utilities in the Golden State, making it a Top Three maker of solar modules in the U.S.

Soitec expects TLG and its introductions to federal policymakers will help further its agenda of participating in Energy and Defense Dept. renewable power projects and tax credits for solar energy programs.

Livingston heads the Soitec team with support from his former chief of staff Allen Martin, Lauri Fitz-Pegado (Dept. of Commerce vet and one-time Gray & Co./Hill and Knowlton staffer), Steve Kreseski (chief of staff to former South Dakota Republican Senator Larry Pressler) and James Gauthier (aide to ex-New Hampshire Republican Senator Judd Greg.)