Donegal, Ireland's most northerly county, noted for its rugged landscape and wild Atlantic coastline, wants to be known as a "desirable and viable" relocation option in today's remote working environment.

The County has 15 digital hubs in various locations to support remote workers. Three more are on the way.

The Donegal County Council is looking for a communications partner to develop a PR campaign targeted at Dublin, Belfast, Galway; the Irish Diaspora living in North America, UK, Australia and New Zealand;  relocators seeking a work-life balance in an idyllic rural setting and digital entrepreneurs.

Donegal has a population of 160K and borders Northern Ireland. Housing prices are more than 50 percent lower than the rest of Ireland.

The County has an emerging fintech/insurtech/medtech sector and a burgeoning "blue economy" (marine services, engineering, renewables, commercial fishing/processing). Many of Donegal's companies operate on a hybrid work schedule.

Proposals are due Sept. 30 at 

Read the RFP (PDF).