The California Department of Motor Vehicles plans to hire a firm to handle a $500M communications and outreach campaign to inform the public about new renewal requirements for participation in the disabled placard program.

About 3M Californians have DPs, which are free and allow holders special parking benefits. They are valid for two years and expire on June 30 of every odd year.

The DPs had renewed automatically but holders this year must re-apply for the placards.

DMV wants a firm to run a statewide campaign to ensure the DP community is aware of the new renewal requirement.

The English-language campaign must be translated into Spanish, Chinese, Armenian, Hindi, Punjabi and Vietnamese.

Responses are due Feb. 14. They go to:

Department of Motor Vehicles
Contract Services Section
Attn: Valerie Roybal
2415 First Avenue, MS: E112
Sacramento, CA 95818-2606

Read the RFP (PDF).