Town of Reading, Mass.

Reading, which is located a dozen miles from Boston, wants proposals to perform a diversity, equity and inclusion audit and recommendations for improved DEI practices.

The town of 25K people prides itself for having a strong sense of community and a tradition of civic engagement and volunteerism.

As Reading’s people are becoming more diverse, the town wants to create a more inclusive atmosphere and ensure that everyone is heard, respected and protected, according to the RFP.

It wants pitches from firms that are experienced in working with local governments and have a background in the field of DEI.

In 2021, Reading established an Office of Equity and Social Justice to foster and support a culture that promotes and celebrates diversity, works to honor our shared humanity, and confronts and responds to discrimination, racism, and bias, according to the RFP.

The desired firm will evaluate Reading’s services and programs and to determine barriers to access and areas where inequities exist.

It will provide specific recommendations for more equitable services, accessible communication strategies, and a more inclusive community climate that promotes stakeholder engagement.

Responses are due March 8. They go to: 

Town of Reading
Town Clerk’s Office
23-20 Community Health Proposal
16 Lowell St.
Reading, MA 01867

Read the RFP (PDF).