Instant Poll Archive

Sep. 3-21

PRSA & APR Accreditation

PRSA’s proposal to drop “must-have” APR accreditation for board service is:

Good move, expands pool of candidates: 58%
Bad move, will cheapen value of APR: 42%

Aug. 18-Sep. 2

Joe Biden

Will Joe Biden’s ill-planned exit from Afghanistan torpedo his domestic agenda?

No - Americans support end to "the forever war": 52%
Yes - Kills image of competence: 48%

Aug. 10-17

Joe Biden

Will House Democrats buck Biden and vote against his $1 trillion infrastructure bill approved by the Senate?

No -- Speaker Pelosi will crush dissent: 90%
Yes -- President caved to GOP: 10%

Aug. 5-9

Andrew Cuomo book cover

Cuomo will:

Get re-elected: 42%
Resign: 33%
Get impeached: 17%
Get indicted: 8%

Jul. 19- Aug.4

Tokyo Olympics

Do you agree with IOC president Thomas Bach that athletes should not use the Tokyo games to stage protests?

No, perfect platform for protests: 71%
Yes, keep it about the competition: 29%

Jun. 30-Jul. 19

Wall Street Bull

The S&P 500 was up 14.4% during the 1st half, its 2nd best run since the dot-com bubble. When does Wall Street’s party end?

Laissez les bons temps rouler!: 48%
1st half '22: 33%
2nd half '21: 10%
2nd half '22: 10%

Jun. 24-29


Will the Supreme Court’s recent decision to remove the cap on “education-related benefits” for student athletes just increase the role money plays in college sports?

Yes: 100%
No: 0%

Jun. 14-23

COVID Vaccine

Should PR firms mandate that employees get vaccinated for COVID-19 before returning to the office?

No, mandate violates privacy rights of individuals: 57%
Yes, requirement promotes safety of staff: 43%

Jun. 1-13

Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka withdrew from the French Open rather than meet with the press, citing mental health concerns. Are professional sports figures obligated to do media work?

Yes, media exposure benefits sports & sponsors: 68%
No, it should be up to the individual: 32%

May 27-May 31

GOP symbol

Donald Trump plans to hit the road in June to support the GOP effort to win back the House. Trump’s rallies will:

Prove to be a sideshow: 60%
Doom Republicans: 33%
Help Republicans: 7%

May 18-26

Israel & Hamas

Who’s winning the PR war in the latest Middle East conflict?

Neither side: 53%
Hamas: 37%
Israel: 10%

May 10-17

Warren Buffett

The Economist has called for Warren Buffett, 90, to resign as CEO of Berkshire Hathaway.

Disagree, BH investors trust him: 84%
Agree, he’s had a great 56-year run: 16%

May 5-9

Donald Trump

Do you support Facebook’s decision to continue to ban donald dump from its platform?

Yes: 74%
No: 26%