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Instant Poll Archive

May 1-14

Joe Biden

What is President Biden's best pitch to young voters?

Don't waste your time, Joe: 56%
Loan relief: 24%
Trump legal woes: 12%
Climate: 4%
Marijuana: 4%

Apr. 25-30

New York Times

Do you think the NYT is over-hyping the pro-palestinian protests at Columbia University?

No, protests rep frustration with Biden’s 100% support of Israel: 60%
Yes, most of its reporters are Ivy grads: 40%

Apr. 13-24

Newspaper boy

What will drive the spring news cycle?

Israel, Gaza & Iran: 54%
Trump: 31%
Economy: 15%
Ukraine: 0%

Apr. 3-12

World Central Kitchen

Seven members of World Central Kitchen were killed Apr. 1 on mission to deliver food to people starving in Gaza:

War crime: 41%
Fog of war: 35%
Time for Biden to stand up to Netanyahu: 24%

Mar. 26-Apr. 2

Ronna Romney McDaniel

Former RNC chief Ronna Romney McDaniel is sacked from NBC after its anchors revolted:

What were they thinking?: 45%
Valiant attempt to broaden viewership: 27%
Holy Scaramucci!: 27%

Mar. 20-25

Benjamin Netanyahu

Should the US restrict military aid to Israel if it invades the Gaza city of Rafah?

Yes, invasion risks lives of thousands of civilian refugees: 84%
No, attack is needed to finish off Hamas fighters: 16%

Mar. 13-19


House passes bill that could lead to end of TikTok in U.S. if parent co. ByteDance doesn’t sell off control of the app:

Good move, Chinese gov’t manipulating our youth: 64%
C’mon man, millions are using the app to make a living: 27%
What the heck is TikTok?: 9%

Mar. 8-12

Joe Biden

Rate Biden’s SOTU address:

Home run: 40%
Standing triple: 32%
Forget baseball analogy, he’s still too old: 28%
Ground rule double: 0%

Feb. 28-Mar. 7

Kellogg's Frosted Flakes

Kellogg CEO's suggestion that people should "eat cereal for dinner" to combat high food costs is:

Tone-deaf: 60%
Poorly executed: 20%
PR brilliance: 10%
Fireable: 10%

Feb. 2-27

Fox News, Taylor Swift & Family/Friends

Who will exert a greater influence on the presidential election?

Taylor Swift: 61%
Friends & Family: 30%
Fox News: 9%

Jan. 25-Feb. 1

Nikki Haley

Will Nikki Haley suspend her presidential campaign before the Feb. 24 primary in her home state of South Carolina?

No, Haley will fight on: 68%
Yes, she’s done after loss to Trump in NH: 32%

Jan. 10-24

What is Higher Education's most pressing PR concern?

Wokeness: 80%
Tuition: 15%
Anti-Semitism: 5%
Plagiarism: 0%

Dec. 22-Jan. 9

How do you think PR will stack up in 2024? Are you:

Bullish: 64%
Meh: 27%
Bearish: 9%

Dec. 13-21


Who is the biggest PR "winner" of the COP28 climate conference?

United Arab Emirates host: 60%
Big Oil: 40%
Environmental activists: 0%
United Nations sponsor: 0%

Nov. 27-Dec. 13


The UAE reportedly is using its role as host of COP28 to cut oil and gas deals. The climate change confab is:

Hijacked once again by Big Oil: 67%
Greenwashing for polluters: 17%
The last such session: 17%
Only platform to discuss warming: 0%

Nov. 21-26

Thanksgiving turkey

What will lead the convo around your table this Thanksgiving?

Israel - Hamas war: 31%
None of the above, gimme a break!: 31%
Swift & Kelce: 23%
Economy / inflation: 15%
Pres. election: 0%

Nov. 8-20

Vote Button

Do the Nov. 7 election results boost Joe Biden’s re-election chances?

No, down ballot different from general election: 64%
Yes, voters vote, polls don't: 36%

Nov. 3-7

Ukraine flag

Will Congress continue funding for Ukraine’s defense?

Yes, in best interest of US: 86%
No, Israel is No. 1 priority: 14%

Oct. 30-Nov. 2

Dean Philips

Should Joe Biden fret about the primary challenge posed by Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips, 54?

Dean, who?: 41%
Yes. Energetic Dean contrasts with slowed-down Joe: 29%
No. Biden has nomination all sewed-up: 18%
Maybe. May encourage other Dems into race: 12%

Oct. 16-29

Jamie Dimon

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon on Friday warned investors that geopolitical threats in Ukraine and the Middle East could herald “the most dangerous time the world has seen in decades.”

Agree: 72%
Disagree: 28%

Oct. 5-15


Who can rescue the GOP brand as Speaker?

Steve Scalise: 44%
Jim Jordan: 22%
Donald Trump: 22%
Tom Cole: 11%

Oct. 2-4

McCarthy & Gaetz

Who’ll come out on top in PR war between Speaker McCarthy & Rep. Gaetz?

Democrats: 75%
McCarthy: 12%
Gaetz: 12%

Sep. 21-Oct. 1

Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch will be remembered for:

Sowing political divisiveness: 52%
Giving conservatives a media voice: 31%
Creating the 4th TV network: 14%
Powering Trump to the presidency: 3%

Sep. 5-20

White House

What is the biggest PR obstacle to Joe Biden’s re-election?

Age: 57%
Economy: 26%
Hunter Biden: 13%
Donald Trump: 4%
Kamala Harris: 0%

Aug. 24-Sep. 4

Nikki Haley, Vivek Ramaswamy, Chris Christie & Mike Pence

Who won?

Nikki Haley: 78%
Chris Christie: 11%
Vivek Ramaswamy: 6%
Mike Pence: 6%

Aug. 17-23

Republican Debate

What will be hottest topic at first Republican debate?

The Donald: 64%
Inflation & economy: 14%
Culture wars: 14%
Int'l crises - Russia, Ukraine & China: 7%

Aug. 3-16


How should Trump’s GOP rivals play the latest indictment?

Attack the Don: 69%
Raise $$ off it: 15%
Ignore it: 12%
Attack Jack Smith: 4%

Jul. 24-Aug. 2

X & Twitter logos

Elon Musk’s move to kill the Twitter blue bird and replace it with ‘X’ is:

Stupid decision that destroys millions in brand equity: 77%
Irrelevant since his bungled management has already torpedoed Twitter: 19%
Smart move to create launchpad for new offerings: 4%

Jul. 16-23

Man yawning

What’s keeping PR agency heads up at night right now?

AI: 57%
Layoffs: 33%
Threads: 5%
Hiring: 5%

Jun. 29-Jul. 15

Putin, Trump, Biden, Bud Light

Who is poised for the biggest PR comeback in the second half of 2023?

Biden: 41%
Bud Light: 41%
Trump: 16%
Putin: 3%

Jun. 5-28

John Roberts

What is John Roberts’ best PR play to save the Supreme Court’s sinking rep:

Ethics reform: 67%
Stay the course: 28%
Sit-down TV interview: 5%
Appear before Congress: 0%

May 24-Jun. 4

McCarthy & Biden

As the “X-date” quickly approaches, what’s your take on the debt ceiling showdown?

Whole thing just another example of D.C. dysfunction: 84%
McCarthy, GOP making reasonable demands: 11%
Biden, Dems should stand their ground: 5%

May 11-22

CNN Town Hall with Donald Trump

Who was the biggest PR winner in CNN’s town hall with Donald Trump?

Both were losers: 72%
Trump rallied his base: 22%
CNN moves to mainstream: 6%

Apr. 27-May 10

Don DeSantis & Mickey Mouse

Trump has called DeSantis’ battle with Disney “an unnecessary political stunt.”

Agree: 94%
Disagree: 6%

Apr. 19-26

Fox News

Fox News’ last-minute settlement with Dominion Voting Machines will result in:

No impact on ratings: 53%
Drop in number of viewers: 35%
Increased viewership: 12%

Apr. 11-18

Clarence Thomas

ProPublica’s story about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas palling around with Republican megadoner Harlan Crowe:

Raises legitimate ethics questions: 83%
Is a "nothing burger": 17%

Mar. 16-Apr. 10

Has ESG Peaked?

Yes: 61%
No: 39%

Feb. 22-Mar. 15

China balloon

Will China supply weapons to Russia to support its invasion of Ukraine?

No, it needs to strengthen economic ties with Europe: 70%
Yes, China depends on Russia’s oil: 30%

Feb. 10-21

Joe Biden

Did Biden’s strong SOTU performance ease concerns about whether he should run for another term?

No: 67%
Yes: 33%

Jan. 26-Feb. 9

Facebook, Zuckerber, Trump, Instagram

Do you agree with Meta’s decision to allow Donald Trump back on Facebook and Instagram?

No, Trump poses a threat to America’s democracy: 62%
Yes, Meta should not censor the next US president: 38%

Jan. 19-25

Tom Brady

Has Tom Brady, 45, played his last National Football League game?

Yes...He’s had a great 23-year run: 54%
No...Jets, Ravens, Broncos could use him: 46%

Jan. 9-18

Kevin McCarthy

Will Kevin McCarthy survive as Speaker of the House until the 2024 election?

No: 79%
Yes: 21%

Dec. 19-Jan. 8

Lionel Messi

Did hosting the World Cup burnish Qatar’s PR image?

Spotlighted Qatar’s despicable human rights record: 43%
Qatar should never have bid for the Cup: 39%
Showcased Qatar as economic and tech powerhouse: 17%

Dec. 13-18

Bull & Bear Market

EY has slashed holiday bonuses due to its fear of an economic downturn. Will the US enter a recession in 2023?

Don’t bet on a US downturn: 67%
No doubt about it: 22%
Forecasters don’t have a clue: 11%

Nov. 28-Dec. 12

President Biden & NATO

Will Republicans try to scuttle Biden/NATO support for Ukraine?

Yes: 80%
No: 20%

Nov. 15-27

Elon Musk & Mark Zuckerberg

Ian Bogost writes in The Atlantic that the troubles at Meta and Twitter are signifying the end of “The Age of Social Media.”

Agree: 68%
Disagree: 32%

Oct. 21-Nov. 14

Kevin McCarthy

In the midterm elections, Republicans will:

Win the House: 40%
Flame Out: 33%
Win Both: 26%
Win the Senate: 0%

Oct. 6-21

Peloton instructor

Peloton CEO Barry McCarthy, who has ordered another round of job cuts, says the embattled company has six months to prove that it can be a viable stand-alone operation. Will Peloton:

Get acquired: 80%
Go bust: 15%
Make it: 5%

Sep. 26-Oct. 5

Aaron Judge

Will the New York Yankees’ Aaron Judge become the 11th player in Major League Baseball history to win the Triple Crown?

Yes: 56%
No: 44%

Sep. 18-25

Joe Biden interview on 60 Minutes

Joe Biden told “60 Minutes” that he intends to run for re-election but hasn’t yet made a final decision.

Give it up, Joe: 67%
Go for it, Joe: 33%

Aug. 25- Sep. 18


Who’s winning in the court of public opinion on the legitimacy of the Mar-a-Lago search & seizure?

DOJ/FBI: 79%
Trump/Maga world: 21%

Aug. 8-24

Joe Biden

Will the Congressional approval of the climate and healthcare bill boost Joe Biden’s approval ratings?

Yes: 65%
No: 35%

Jul. 22-Aug. 7

Liz Cheney

Will Liz Cheney run for president in 2024?

Will take a pass on 2024: 67%
She will enter the GOP primaries: 12%
Cheney will run as a third-party candidate: 12%
Join with the Democratic nominee on a fusion ticket: 9%

Jul. 18-21

Steve Bannon

Will a federal jury convict former Trump advisor Stephen Bannon of contempt of Congress charges for his refusing to turn over his records and testify to the Jan 6 committee?

Yes: 80%
No: 20%

Jun. 22-Jul. 17

Jan. 6th Hearings

Will attorney general Merrick Garland criminally indict Donald Trump for his role in the Jan. 6 insurrection?

Yes, evidence shows he sparked the Capitol Hill riot: 53%
No, prosecution would trigger massive unrest: 47%

Jun. 13-21

11-year-old Uvalde survivor testifying before Congress

Should the media run grisly images of victims of mass shootings (with permission of affected families) to show the impact of gun violence?

Yes, would spur action on gun control: 62%
No, too sensational: 38%

May 31-Jun. 12

New York Post cover for Texas shooting

Is it different this time? Will the Senate pass a gun control law in the aftermath of the Uvalde elementary school massacre?

No: 93%
Yes: 7%

May 11-30

Trump, Musk, Twitter

Would Trump's return to Twitter help or hurt him politically?

Hurt: 62%
Help: 38%

May 3-10

Supreme Court

Should Democrats push to end the filibuster to the Women’s Health Protection Act to codify abortion protections of Roe vs. Wade?

Yes: 88%
No: 12%

May 2

Trump post on Truth Social

Will Donald Trump keep his promise to use Truth Social rather than Twitter as his social media platform?

No: 100%

Apr. 20-May 1

U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle

Florida judge puts an end to the federal mask mandate on public transportation:

Law trumping science is bad precedent: 83%
About time!: 17%

Apr. 12-19

Elon Musk

Will Elon Musk use his newfound leverage as Twitter’s largest stakeholder to reinstate Donald Trump on the platform?

Yes, so much for Truth Social: 67%
No, whew!: 33%

Mar. 29-Apr. 11

Clarence Thomas

Should Clarence Thomas recuse himself from Jan. 6 related Supreme Court cases, following revelations about the role that his wife, Ginni, played in the insurrection?

Yes: 74%
No: 26%

Mar. 23-28

Ketanji Brown Jackson

Which Senator has most debased himself during the Supreme Court confirmation hearing for Ketanji Brown Jackson?

Ted Cruz: 40%
Josh Hawley: 30%
Lindsay Graham: 30%
Ben Sasse: 0%
Tom Cotton: 0%

Mar. 16-22

Ukraine President Zelenskyy address US Congress

Should the US approve the transfer of jet fighters to Ukraine to meet president Zelenskyy’s request to “close down the sky” over his country?

Yes: 65%
No: 35%

Mar. 8-15

Andrew Cuomo's American Crisis book

“God isn’t finished with me,” Andrew Cuomo told a Brooklyn congregation on Mar. 5. Are NY State voters finished with their former governor?

Yes: 79%
No: 21%

Mar. 2-7

Joe Biden State of the Union address

How did Pres. Biden do in his State of the Union address?

Meh: 40%
Hit it out of the park: 35%
Bombed: 25%

Feb. 24-Mar. 1

Vladimir Putin

What do you think of Biden admin’s handling of Russian Ukraine invasion?

Situation out of control: 38%
Diplomatic efforts on target: 36%
Running standard sanction playbook not enough: 26%

Feb. 18-23

Beijing Olympics

Did the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics enhance China’s global image?

No: 70%
Yes: 30%

Feb. 10-17

Daniel Henninger, WSJ deputy editor, wants people to turn off the Olympics due to China’s internal repression and crack down of the press.

Good idea: 50%
Bad idea: 50%

Jan. 31-Feb. 9


Is Spotify’s decision to finally acknowledge COVID misinformation on its platform, specifically with the Joe Rogan podcast, enough of a response to artists like Neil Young pulling their content?

No, weak face-saving move: 74%
Yes, listener beware: 26%

Jan. 20-30

Joe Biden

How would you grade Joe Biden’s first year in office?

C: 38%
B: 28%
A: 14%
D: 10%
F: 10%

Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Stumbling Block

What will be the biggest stumbling block for PR clients in ’22?

COVID variants popping up: 28%
Workforce & hiring issues: 28%
Inflation & economic uneasiness: 23%
Diversity & ESG missteps: 21%

Dec. 8-21

Bill de Blasio

Do you support NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio's mandate requiring all private sector employees to get vaccinated by Dec. 27?

Yes: 61%
No: 39%

Nov. 26-Dec. 7

WHO - Omicron COVID variant

Will the discovery of the South African COVID variant spur a wave US lockdowns?

No: 69%
Yes: 31%

Nov. 12-25

Man holding cash

95% of PR firms surveyed by Davis + Gilbert expect to increase revenues in 2022. What do you think of this rosy outlook?

Bit optimistic: 60%
In for rude awakening: 27%
On the mark: 13%

Nov. 1-11

UN Climate Change Conference UK 2021

The Glasgow climate summit will be remembered for:

Lots of talk but little action: 97%
Putting countries on path to fight warming: 3%

Oct. 20-31

COVID Certificate

Should the media stop publicizing the firing of police officers and health workers who lost their jobs because they failed to comply with COVID-19 vaccine mandates?

No, mandates violate individual rights: 53%
Yes, they made a choice to violate rules designed to protect all: 47%

Oct. 5-19

Facebook & Whistleblower Aid

What will actually result from the Facebook hearings?

Nothing: 64%
Slap on wrist: 27%
Real reform: 9%

Sep. 22-Oct. 4

Antonio Guterres

UN chief Antonio Guterres called it "an obscenity" that rich nations plan to offer COVID booster shots to their people. Should the US put boosters on hold and give the vaccines to poor countries?

No, poor countries can handle vaccine distribution: 68%
Yes, right thing to do: 32%

Sep. 3-21

PRSA & APR Accreditation

PRSA’s proposal to drop “must-have” APR accreditation for board service is:

Good move, expands pool of candidates: 58%
Bad move, will cheapen value of APR: 42%

Aug. 18-Sep. 2

Joe Biden

Will Joe Biden’s ill-planned exit from Afghanistan torpedo his domestic agenda?

No - Americans support end to "the forever war": 52%
Yes - Kills image of competence: 48%

Aug. 10-17

Joe Biden

Will House Democrats buck Biden and vote against his $1 trillion infrastructure bill approved by the Senate?

No -- Speaker Pelosi will crush dissent: 90%
Yes -- President caved to GOP: 10%

Aug. 5-9

Andrew Cuomo book cover

Cuomo will:

Get re-elected: 42%
Resign: 33%
Get impeached: 17%
Get indicted: 8%

Jul. 19- Aug.4

Tokyo Olympics

Do you agree with IOC president Thomas Bach that athletes should not use the Tokyo games to stage protests?

No, perfect platform for protests: 71%
Yes, keep it about the competition: 29%

Jun. 30-Jul. 19

Wall Street Bull

The S&P 500 was up 14.4% during the 1st half, its 2nd best run since the dot-com bubble. When does Wall Street’s party end?

Laissez les bons temps rouler!: 48%
1st half '22: 33%
2nd half '21: 10%
2nd half '22: 10%

Jun. 24-29


Will the Supreme Court’s recent decision to remove the cap on “education-related benefits” for student athletes just increase the role money plays in college sports?

Yes: 100%
No: 0%

Jun. 14-23

COVID Vaccine

Should PR firms mandate that employees get vaccinated for COVID-19 before returning to the office?

No, mandate violates privacy rights of individuals: 57%
Yes, requirement promotes safety of staff: 43%

Jun. 1-13

Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka withdrew from the French Open rather than meet with the press, citing mental health concerns. Are professional sports figures obligated to do media work?

Yes, media exposure benefits sports & sponsors: 68%
No, it should be up to the individual: 32%

May 27-May 31

GOP symbol

Donald Trump plans to hit the road in June to support the GOP effort to win back the House. Trump’s rallies will:

Prove to be a sideshow: 60%
Doom Republicans: 33%
Help Republicans: 7%

May 18-26

Israel & Hamas

Who’s winning the PR war in the latest Middle East conflict?

Neither side: 53%
Hamas: 37%
Israel: 10%

May 10-17

Warren Buffett

The Economist has called for Warren Buffett, 90, to resign as CEO of Berkshire Hathaway.

Disagree, BH investors trust him: 84%
Agree, he’s had a great 56-year run: 16%

May 5-9

Donald Trump

Do you support Facebook’s decision to continue to ban donald dump from its platform?

Yes: 74%
No: 26%