Instant Poll Archive

Apr. 2-6

MLB 2021 All-Star Game moved from Atlanta

Do you agree with Major League Baseball’s decision to move its All-Star Game from Atlanta due to Georgia’s new restrictive voting laws?

Yes: 94%
No: 6%

Mar. 31-Apr. 1

Atlanta All-Star Game 2021

Should Major League Baseball move its All-Star Game from Atlanta to protest Georgia’s new restrictive voting law?

Yes: 67%
No: 33%

Mar. 26-30

Joe Biden's first press conference

How did Joe Biden, the self-described human gaffe machine, do in his first press conference?

Met expectations: 67%
Hit it out of the park: 28%
Failed to meet low expectations: 6%

Mar. 24-25

Sidney Powell

Sidney Powell, facing a $1.3B defamation suit, says “no reasonable person” could possibly believe her claims of a stolen election were based on facts.

Gimme a break Sid!!: 100%
True, have to take everything with a grain of salt: 0%

Mar. 10-23

Harry & Meghan interview with Oprah

Is the Royal crisis the result of inept PR management by “The Firm”?

Yes, tone-deaf response: 50%
Who cares!: 33%
No, legit high-stakes family feud: 17%

Mar. 3-9

New York Post cover Mar. 2, 2021

Should NY Gov. Cuomo resign in light of sexual harassment allegations by two women in his admin. and a third claim backed up by photo evidence from a woman who had not worked as a state employee?

No, state AG's investigation will exonerate him: 63%
Yes, damning evidence: 37%

Feb. 23-Mar. 2

Andrew Cuomo Book Cover

Can New York Gov. Cuomo’s image be rehabbed after discovery that he purposely withheld his state’s skyrocketing COVID-19 nursing home death count?

Nope, stick a fork in him: 67%
Yes, he’s down but not out: 33%

Feb. 15-22

Joe Biden

What should job #1 for Biden be now?

Clearing up vaccination logjams: 55%
Getting out stimulus checks: 22%
Pursuing investigations into Jan. 6 Capitol riot: 22%

Feb. 8-14

Former President Donald Trump

Did Trump’s Jan. 6 DC rally inspire the crowd to storm the Capitol?

Yes: 77%
No: 23%

Feb. 3-7

Trump speaks at rally Jan. 6

Will Donald Trump show up for his impeachment trial?

No—Would give credibility to trial: 58%
Yes—He craves the global spotlight: 42%

Jan. 28-Feb. 2

U.S. Senate

Would you favor censuring Donald Trump for his role in inciting the Jan. 6 Capitol Hill riot as an alternative to an impeachment trial?

Yes--It’s time for the US to move on.: 67%
No--Sets a bad precedent for future presidents.: 33%

Jan. 14-27

Washingtonn Post: Trump Impeached

Will the Senate impeachment trial derail the beginning of Joe Biden’s presidency?

Yes: 91%
No: 9%

Jan. 11-13

Capitol Hill Riot

Should the House impeach Donald Trump again?

Yes--He must be held accountable for inciting the storming of the Capitol: 67%
No--It’s time to move on after the last four years: 33%

Jan. 5-11

Trump Election Defense Fund

Should the Biden administration launch a probe into president Trump’s bid to overturn the presidential election results?

Yes--It would discourage future "losers" from following Trump’s lead: 60%
No--It’s time to move on from the past four years: 40%

Dec. 22-Jan. 4

U.S. Capitol Building

NYT suggests the Senate’s ability to pass a bipartisan $900B pandemic relief bill may be a sign that Congress will work together under president Biden.

Depends on outcome of Georgia Senate races: 53%
Disagree: 42%
Agree: 5%

Dec. 9-21

President-Elect Joe Biden

O’Dwyer’s editor Fraser Seitel writes, “it’s likely the Biden Admin., like the Obama Admin., will be long on rhetoric and short on results.”

Disagree: 61%
Agree: 39%

Dec. 2-8

Trump children

Which Trump kid will be the first to run for public office?

Don, Jr.: 41%
Ivanka: 33%
Tiffany: 15%
Eric: 11%

Nov. 18-Dec. 1

Mark Zuckerber & Jack Dorsey

Are Twitter’s Jack Dorsey and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg doing enough just by labeling election misinformation posted on their networks?

Yes, let the reader beware: 50%
No, complicit in destroying democracy: 50%

Nov. 9-17

Joe Biden

Will Trump concede election to Biden?

Never, it would make him a ‘big loser': 78%
Yes, after state electors meet Dec. 14: 22%

Oct. 27-Nov. 8

Professor Alan Lichtman

American Univ. prof. Allan Lichtman, who has correctly called every presidential election since ’84, says Trump will lose.

Agreed, Biden takes the helm: 85%
Malarky, Trump rolls: 15%

Oct. 24-26

Trump & Biden debate

Who "won" the 2nd presidential debate?

Who Cares? Mind already made up: 43%
Biden: 36%
Trump: 21%

Oct. 13-23

Amy Coney Barrett

Should Democrats avoid questioning Amy Coney Barrett about her religion?

Yes: 58%
No: 42%

Oct. 8-12

Kamala Harris & Mike Pence

Who "won" the vice presidential debate?

Draw: 48%
Kamala Harris: 30%
Mike Pence: 22%

Sep. 30-Oct. 7

Donald Trump & Joe Biden

After the first presidential debate fiasco, is there any hope for a more civil discourse in the next one?

No: 54%
Call it off: 40%
Yes: 6%

Sep. 25-29

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Will Trump’s replacement of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg have an impact on the presidential election?

It will energize Dems to turn out: 47%
No impact—Voters minds are aleady set: 42%
It will energize GOPers to turn out: 11%

Sep. 10-24

Rage by Bob Woodward

What effect will Bob Woodward’s blockbuster book revealing that Trump lied about the threat from COVID-19 have on the election?

No impact: 57%
Trump supporters will declare it "fake news": 29%
The president will lose independent voters: 14%

Aug. 31-Sep. 9

Facebook Groups

Do you feel Facebook is complicit in the conspiracy theories promoted by groups on its site?

Yes: 96%
No: 4%

Aug. 27-30

Milwaukee Bucks player reads statement regarding Jacob Blake shooting

Is the NBA, WNBA, Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer decision to boycott games to protest police brutality and racism a good PR move?

Yes: 75%
No: 25%

Aug. 13-26

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris & Mike Pence

Who will “win” the vice presidential debate?

Kamala Harris: 75%
Mike Pence: 25%

Aug. 7-12


TikTok claims president Trump’s ban will undermine global businesses' trust in the United States.

Agree: 67%
Disagree: 33%

Jul. 27-Aug. 6

COVID-19 vaccine

When will you be able to get a COVID-19 vaccine?

First half of 2021: 59%
Second-half of 2021: 27%
By the end of the year: 14%
2022: 0%

Jul. 7-26

Niel Golightly

Did Boeing cave to “cancel culture” in accepting resignation of PR chief Niel Golightly after an employee complaint about an article that he wrote in 1987?

Yes: 91%
No: 9%

Jul. 1-6

Mark Zuckerberg

Should Mark Zuckerberg resign as CEO to focus on product development in bid to take political pressure off Facebook?

Yes: 79%
No: 21%

Jun. 24-Jun. 30

Baseball game

Will baseball fans embrace a truncated 60-game season?

Yes: 94%
No: 6%

Jun. 11-23

George Floyd

Will the Republican-controlled Senate join the House and pass a police reform bill?

No: 63%
Yes: 37%

Jun. 1-10

Protesters in Wash., D.C.

Donald Trump has threatened to call out the US military to restore “law and order” in cities reeling from violent protests. Do you agree?

Yes: 67%
No: 33%

May 20-Jun. 1

MLB, NFL & NBA logo

Do you believe professional sports (MLB, NBA, NFL) will be back this year?

Yes: 69%
No: 31%

May 14-19

Dr. Rick Bright

Rick Bright, who was America’s top vaccine official, warns the country faces the “darkest winter in modern history?" Do you expect a resurgence in COVID-19?

Yes: 95%
No: 5%

Apr. 30-May 13

Elon Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has called the shelter-in-place order “fascist.” Is it right for the government to restrict movement for the greater good?

Yes: 95%
No: 5%

Apr. 21-29


Facebook is blocking anti-quarantine protesters from using the site to organize demonstrations to protest "stay-at-home” orders.

Good move: 79%
Bad move: 21%

Apr. 10-20

When do you expect PR to snap back to business?

2021: 42%
Summer: 30%
Fall: 28%
May: 0%

Apr. 7-9

Navy Captain Brett Crozier

Did Capt. Crozier’s punishment fit his breach of protocol to protect crew from COVID-19?

No: 100%
Yes: 0%

Mar. 30-Apr. 6

Joe Biden

Should Joe Biden step aside and throw his support to Andrew Cuomo for the Democratic presidential nod?

Yes, country needs new leadership for new time: 50%
No, Biden’s steady hand is what country needs: 43%
What about Bernie?: 7%

Mar. 20-29

Gov. Cuomo, Mayor de Blasio, Gov. Newsom, Anthony Fauci

Who gets the highest marks for their coronavirus pressers?

Gov. Cuomo: 70%
Dr. Fauci: 28%
Gov. Newsom: 1%
Mayor de Blasio: 0%

Mar. 4-Mar. 19

Joe Biden, Feel th eBern, Trump, NY coronavirus cases

What do you find most worrisome?

4 more years of Trump: 67%
Coronavirus spread: 21%
Biden presidency: 7%
Bernie presidency: 5%

Feb. 26-Mar. 3

Democratic Debate in South Carolina

Who would you vote for to take on Trump?

Bloomberg: 30%
Sanders: 25%
Biden: 20%
Warren: 15%
Buttigieg: 10%
Klobuchar: 0%

Feb. 24-25

Airline stocks took a nosedive on Wall Street today due to coronavirus jitters. Are investors overreacting? (Latest figures from the WHO for coronavirus spread as of Feb. 24 listed above)

No: 67%
Yes: 33%

Feb. 20-23

Democratic Debate in Las Vegas

Who "won" the debate?

Elizabeth Warren: 55%
Mike Bloomberg: 15%
Bernie Sanders: 15%
Pete Buttigieg: 10%
Amy Klobuchar: 5%
Joe Biden: 0%

Feb. 5-19

Nancy Pelosi tears up SOTU speech

Nancy Pelosi’s decision to tear up the SOTU speech was:

Signal SOTU was pack of lies deserving of trash can: 34%
Proper quid-pro-quo response to Trump’s refusal to shake her hand: 24%
Bad move that will result in Dems losing control of the House: 24%
Fodder for Trump’s pitch Dems won’t work with him: 18%

Jan. 23-Feb. 4

Trump 2020 poster

Will Donald Trump’s political campaign get a boost after the Senate acquits him of impeachment?

No. Independents won’t vote for only the third president to be impeached: 61%
Yes. The acquittal supports his claim impeachment was a scam by House Democrats: 39%

Jan. 3-22

General Soleimani

President Trump’s decision to assassinate the second most powerful figure in Iran will result in:

Escalated violence in the region: 55%
Terror attack in US: 29%
Decreased tension in the Middle East: 17%