Radio Media LLC

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Radio Media LLC

Radio Media LLC

600 Park Offices Dr., Suite 300-123, Durham, NC 27709

919/763-1230; fax: 919/763-1231

Radio Media Tours, ANR’s, podcasts and social media integration.

Employees: 3. Founded: 2020.

Agency Statement:

Radio Media is a customer-focused media relations services company whose mission is to help you deliver your message effectively and work with you as a long-term media partner.

Relying on more than two decades of experience in the industry, Radio Media offers you direct access to an expansive network of broadcast stations and national programs throughout North America as well as unmatched expertise in helping craft an effective strategy for building awareness.

Our extensive experience in both crafting and framing conversational messages -- combined with precision targeting of appropriate media -- will maximize your exposure to the fullest extent possible.

Lisa Fisher, pres., media rels.; Ryan Fisher, mgr., client rels.; David Fisher, chief technology officer

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