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Agency PR

Agency PR

217 E. 7th Ave., Denver, CO 80203


[email protected]

Real estate, development, design, architecture, artists, travel, hospitality, consumer products, fitness, and wellness.

Employees: 5. Founded: 2017.

Agency Statement:

Agency PR is a leading public relations and strategic communications firm. With experts in Denver, New York, and Dallas, we serve clients in design, art, architecture, hospitality, travel, real estate, product design, fitness, wellness, law, and more. By delivering high-impact media and digital strategies we build reputations, tell stories, grow businesses. In our opinion, if PR isnít impacting our clientís bottom line itís not doing its job.

Katie Breest, pres.

Clients Include:

Altitude Design Office
CIM Group
College of Architecture and Planning at CU Denver
Dynia Architects
HKS Architects
Kabin Microhousing
Office Untitled
Natural Object
Milehimodern Realty
Morit Summers
The Source Hotel + Market Hall, Denver, CO
Zaner Harden Law
Zeppelin Station
Zeppelin Development

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