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TEN3 Public Relations

TEN3 Public Relations

211 E. 9th St., Brooklyn, NY 11218


[email protected]
Consumer, beauty + lifestyle, multicultural, hospitality, non-profit, corporate branding, thought leadership.

Employees: 7. Founded: 2019.

Agency Statement:

At TEN3 PR we prioritize smart strategy and ground-breaking creative over process. We take inspiration from the convergence of our clients' brand essence, customer needs, and cultural milestones to connect with consumers in authentic and meaningful ways. We go beyond simply generating brand awareness to igniting brand love, loyalty, and lasting advocacy.

Sharon Owens Robustelli, founder & CEO; Anthony Robustelli, CFO, CCO

Clients Include:

Sharon Owens Robustelli & Anthony Robustelli

Sharon Owens Robustelli & Anthony Robustelli

Brooklyn Youth Music Project (BYMP)
RightWorks Staffing

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