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Famous Last Words

Famous Last Words

35 E. 23rd St., 5th flr., New York, NY 10010


[email protected]

Representing both consumer brands and high-profile talent, Famous Last Words is at the center of Pop Culture. We provide earned media strategy & engagement, social media strategy & management, crisis planning & communications, as well as all the bells & whistles used to disrupt and create news cycles.

Employees: 12. Founded: 2020.

Agency Statement:

Famous Last Words is built to match the speed of today's news cycles. Focusing on consumer's passions - products, services, events, talent - Famous Last Words gets clients noticed, so they can sell more stuff.

Fred Shank, co-founder & mng. partner; Jennifer Peros, dir., talent; Evan Starkman, co-founder

Clients Include:

Cooper Spirits
Essentia Water
GYM weed
Hero5s, The Good Organization
Perla Rose Beauty

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