Thessalus Capital, an investment firm focused on the life-sciences sector, is looking for a PR firm to help it secure media coverage.

Focused on the pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostic tools and devices categories, Thessalus says it oversees "a quantitively optimized portfolio with competitive advantages in science and clinical affairs, information pipelines, research process, and management background."

Kenneth Ng, co-founder & managing director, is looking for coverage in top-tiered outlets like the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Bloomberg, CNBC and Financial Times over the next three-to-six months.

He's also interested in business publications like Fortune, Forbes, and Barron's.

Thessalus wants a PR partner that can secure placements at a reasonable price. Ng is willing to "budget $5K for a feature in a major outlet and less for a less reputable outlet."

He said his "physician-run investment fund has an interesting background story, had a great 2019 performance-wise, so we'd be happy to discuss all those things in the media."

Ng can be reached at [email protected]