Reporters Without Borders has launched a global video campaign to highlight journalism’s role in exposing state violence, human rights abuses, public health emergencies and discrimination against women and immigrants.

The #FightforFacts effort shows how those tragedies would never have become exposed without the work of reporters.

The video’s tagline is “Reality only exists if someone reports it.”

“At a time when journalism is being criticized from all sides, populist discourse is gaining ground, violence against journalists is growing and reliable information struggles to be visible on social media, RWB wants to make people aware or remind them that none of humankind’s major problems could be solved without free and independent journalism,” said RSF secretary-general Christophe Deloire in a statement.

The video is available in ten languages and will be broadcast on TV and shared on social media.

It was funded by the French Development Agency and produced by Paris ad firm BETC.