Pia Heldenmark Cook
Pia Heidenmark Cook

Teneo has tapped Pia Heidenmark Cook, former chief sustainability officer for IKEA, as a senior advisor in its London office.

As CSO of IKEA/Ingka Group, Cook led a team of more than 100 professionals and spearheaded development of the Sweden-based retailer’s IKEA People and Planet Positive strategy.

She launched “circular business” models (e.g., take-back overs, leasing, second-hand sales), ended sale of single-use plastic products, promoted the sale of solar panels in 14 markets and shifted to a plant-based meatball with a four percent carbon footprint compared to the standard meatball.

Since exiting IKEA on a full-time basis in 2021, Cooke has held non-executive advisory roles at MAX Burgers (a top Swedish hamburger chain), BUPA (healthcare organization) and Origin Materials, which helps companies transition from petroleum-based materials to sustainable ones).

At Teneo, Cooke will work closely with Huw Maggs, sustainability strategy leader, and Debbie Howard, sustainability lead in Teneo’s US strategy and communications practice.

Nick Claydon, Teneo UK CEO, said Cook was responsible for driving IKEA’s sustainability agenda, setting bold goals and engaging its 160K people in the process.

“I can’t think of a better senior advisor for our clients as they embark on their own sustainability journey."