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4media Group
4media Group. 888-890-8066.

4media Group is a strategic, full-service market research and communications group offering specialist expertise within a united collective including broadcast PR, digital PR and market research. We provide you with a targeted plan that will connect your brand with your target audience. The wealth of experience and media contacts allows us to deliver meaningful results over all forms of media.

One of 4media Group's specialties is Satellite Media Tours (SMTs), a broadcast PR tactic utilized to efficiently share key messages through a series of back-to-back interviews via satellite within a given time window in a single morning or day. Our focus is on maximizing earned placement in target markets. This will allow you to maximize outreach for the brand and efficiently use your spokesperson’s valuable time.

4media Group also specializes in:
Satellite Media Tours
Internet Media Tours
B-roll & Bites
Video Content
Market Research
PR Surveys

Once hired, we start with a kick-off call with all stakeholders. This ensures alignment of goals and messaging. Then, we draft media materials and when they are approved, media pitching and booking begins. Booking updates are issued daily or weekly until the day of the tour. A full project report is given post-tour. From media training your spokesperson to set design, we can handle all the details in between.

Are you planning a Spanish Satellite Media Tour?
We can help with that too!

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A-1 Broadcast, 2030 Powers Ferry Rd., SE, Suite 400, Atlanta, GA 30339. 770/790-3690 ext. 175. Beverly Brunston, Pres. of Sales.

AKA MEDIA INC., 142 East Ontario, Suite 1600, Chicago, IL 60611. 800/996-9432.; Jim O'Reilly, Executive Producer.

Every company in the world communicates with video, and many of the world's most amazing brands trust our team for award-winning video content strategy, production, live-streaming events and satellite media tours. Find out why 96.5% of our clients say they would refer AKA to a friend.

Follow us:

• Video Content Strategy, Production and Distribution
• Live Video Streaming Events (Global CEO Town Halls)
• Integrated Satellite Media Tours (SMT/RMT/IMT)
• Brand Journalism and Video Storytelling
• Internet Media Tours, Radio Media Tours and ANRs
• Guaranteed Impressions
• Highlights Reels, Sizzle Reels, Award-Entry Videos
• Video Editing, Audio, Graphics and Effects (Sizzle Reels)
• Content for Video, Radio, Web, TV and Social Media Campaigns

Video Content Strategy, Production and Distribution
Our clients use video to engage, entertain and educate. We add value with common sense, humor, and major brand experience.

Live Video Streaming Events
We excel in live streaming productions from challenging locations. CEOs love our strategic, cost-effective approach to Global Town Halls.

Satellite Media Tours (SMT/RMT/IMT)
We connect your story, your star and your location to reach millions of people with earned engagement and guaranteed results.

Artisan Production House, 110 East 25th St., Floor 2, New York, NY 10010. 347/351-4804.;; Erin Lahey Schwitter, Producer/Partner; Kara Leibowitz, Producer/Partner.

Auritt Communications Group
Auritt Communications Group, New York, NY. 212/302-6230.; Joan Auritt, Pres.

Auritt Communications Group, a full-service PR production company provides creative multi-platform solutions for our clients’ specific needs. Expert and experienced in food and nutrition, consumer, healthcare, entertainment, publishing, finance, tech-- our producers partner with you to find the most effective story to tell. Our close, enduring relationships with the media result in the highest quality bookings. Our creatively designed, cost-effective production packages grow brand awareness, reaching influencers and targeted audiences in prime media markets. Through carefully honed strategy and skilled execution, our team of media experts and network-credentialed producers delivers promised results.

What we do:

•Video Production for Broadcast, Web, Corporate Events, Training
•TV Satellite, Radio, Online Media Tours
•Integrated Media Tours
•Partner Media Tours
•Media Training
•Social Media Campaigns
•Webcasts and Live Streamed Interactive Events
•Video, Audio, Multimedia News Releases
•B-Roll Packages

Broadcast Direct Communications Inc.
Broadcast Direct Communications Inc., 130 Shore Rd., Suite 185, Port Washington, NY 11050.; Irene Minett, 516/570-2369, Patti Kresner, 631/757-9630.

Broadcast Direct Communications, Inc. specializes in media relations for:

•Satellite Media Tours
•Radio Media Tours
•In-Market Tours
•The Web

As television, radio and internet professionals, we offer media strategy, creative writing and pitching, strong media relationships and over 30 years of experience in broadcast public

CB Radio Tours
CB Radio Tours, 37 West 37th St., 12th flr., New York, NY 10018. 212/629-6532.; Mike Zirinsky.

CB Radio Media Tours combines the best in breed: a proven media relations team, seasoned audio and mixing engineers and a brand new penthouse recording facility in NYC. You bring the spokesperson and we'll book back-to-back radio interviews and upload MP3 files to our FTP site for you to present to your client. For digitally-focused clients, we now offer Podcast Media Tours (PMTs). English and Multilingual Audio News Releases (ANRs) also available as a la carte items.

D S Simon Media
D S Simon Media, 229 West 36th St., 9th flr., New York, NY 10018. 212/736-2727.; Doug Simon, Pres. & CEO.

D S Simon Media creates compelling content and leverages relationships to distribute it to broadcasters, journalists, influencers, and others who air, post, and share it. We've won more than 100 industry awards and received a US government trademark for PRketing® our industry leading approach to helping clients with their communications initiatives.

Our partnership with Guinness World Records helps brands capitalize on untapped media potential with a record-breaking attempt.

DSS offers:

Satellite Media Tours
Digital Media Campaigns
Video Production/Live Events
Public Service Announcements
Guinness World Record promotions
PR Consulting

Dietrich Nelson & Associates, Inc.
Dietrich Nelson & Associates, Inc., 7510 Sunset Blvd., #1415, Los Angeles, CA 90046. 323/845-9608; fax: 323/883-1821. Dietrich Nelson.

If budgets and deadlines are tight you need experienced pros, call DNA. With over 20 years experience we offer expert advice, strategic planning, quality production and distribution for all your broadcast and Internet PR needs. Our services include satellite media tours, Internet and viral video production and distribution, Internet media tours, webcasts, radio tours, corporate videos and many other services. Call or email for ideas, quotes and testimonials from our satisfied clients.

Gourvitz Communications Inc.
Gourvitz Communications Inc., 875 Sixth Ave., Suite 1708, New York, NY 10001. 212/730-4807; Los Angeles 310/569-5602; fax: 212/730-4811. Paul Gourvitz, Pres.

Gourvitz Communications is one of the premier Broadcast Public Relations outfits in the world. We are experts in Satellite Media Tours (SMT), Co-Op SMTs (Co-Ops), B-roll production, Sizzle Reels, Radio Media Tours (RMT), Audio News Releases (ANR), and Internet Media Tours (IMT).

We guarantee success on all our SMTs and Co-Ops. Every Gourvitz delivers a minimum of 10,000,000 viewers and listeners. No matter what the subject or who your talent is, we can get them onto TV and Radio stations around the country and we also provide airchecks for every interview.

In the ever-changing landscape of Broadcast PR, we are always looking to create and innovate. We invented IMTs 6 years ago and have produced more IMTs than anyone in the industry, with more than 300 IMTs under our belt. Our IMTs regularly deliver UVPMs between 25 and 100 million. We target the biggest and best websites in the world and we always provide a link to every placement.

Our Co-Ops are unmatched in the industry, not only do we guarantee over 10,000,000 audience, we guarantee the best talent. Our Co-Op talent roster includes Toy Expert Elizabeth Werner, ESPN Analyst Mark Schlereth, NFL-MVP Terrell Davis, Lifestyle Expert Trae Bodge, Tech Experts Dave King and Jamie Sorcher and Home Improvement Veteran Kelly Edwards. Check out our Co-Op calendar at our new website at

We are also experts at producing b-roll and placing it in the media. This year, we produced the b-roll for the Nike Innovation Summit. We helped launch their HyperAdapt self-lacing shoe and the video we produced aired on virtually every station in the country. If you have a great story, we can get your video into the media.

If you are planning your media needs for the Super Bowl, Gourvitz Communications should be your first call. We will be producing two Super Bowl themed Co-Ops with NFL veterans and Super champs Mark Schlereth and Terrell Davis. Spots are filling quickly.

KEF Media, 1161 Concord Rd., Smyrna, GA 30080. 404/605-0009. Kevin Foley, Pres. & CEO.

Liv Davick Communications and Strategic Marketing, Inc.
Liv Davick Communications and Strategic Marketing, Inc., 9903 Santa Monica Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90212. 310/721-9646.;; Liv Davick, Pres.

Liv Davick Communications and Strategic Marketing, Inc. is a full-service communications and marketing company, incorporating analytics, research, and creativity to ensure superior results for each client’s broadcast and social media needs. We leverage our strong relationships with television/radio/digital media as well as social media influencers to enhance brand awareness and credibility and drive engagement. We can customize any of our services to fit our client’s specific objectives. Our expertise includes:

•Satellite Media Tours
•CO-OP Satellite Media Tours
•Radio Media Tours
•Audio News Releases
•Social Media Campaigns
•Digital Media Tours
•Multimedia Marketing Campaigns
•Multimedia News Releases
•Public Service Announcements
•Spanish SMTs/RMTs/ANRs
•Video and Event Production/Broadcast and Digital Distribution

Live Star Entertainment, 379 Park Avenue South, 4th flr., New York, NY 10016. 212/505-7666. Eric Drath.

Lyons PR, 10410 N. Kensington Pkwy., Suite 305, Kensington, MD 20895. 301/942-1306; fax: 301/942-1361. Dan Lyons, Pres.

Satellite media tours, radio media tours, public service announcements, video production, digital and social media engagement strategies.

Marquis Digital Media, 18345 Ventura Blvd., Suite 400, Tarzana, CA 91356. 818/600-8770.; Jeff Shulman.

Media Connect
Media Connect, formerly Planned Television Arts, 301 E. 57th St., New York, NY 10022. 212/583-2718.; Brian Feinblum, SVP, CMO.

Incredible value provided by the leading PR firm that trademarked satellite radio and television tours over 25 years ago! We’re proficient at promoting experts, authors, CEOs, non-profits, and topics focused on entertainment, books, health, business, consumer and advocacy. Experienced, knowledgeable, talented, connected.

Moldow Communications LLC, 22 Knollwood Terrace, Caldwell, NJ 07006. 201/519-3075.; Jim Moldow, President.

Murray Hill Studios, 248 East 35th St., New York, NY 10016. 212/889-4200; fax: 212/889-9413.; Contact: Jahaneen Johnsen.

See full listing under Webcasting.

National Press Club, 529 14th St., N.W., Washington, DC 20045. 202/662-7541.;

See full listing under Special Events.

PREMIERETV, 200 Spectrum Center Dr., Suite 300, Irvine, CA 92618. 310/899-9090.; Shayne Fraeke, CEO.


PREMIERETV delivers outstanding Satellite Media Tours to clients across the U.S. and around the globe. Whether your SMT originates from a TV studio, a hotel room, a desert, or any remote location, PREMIERETV's media and production teams always deliver with professionalism, diligence, and creativity.

Our media experts are trusted by the top newsroom producers in the industry. We maintain strong relationships with all the national networks and newsfeeds, top market local affiliates, and independent and regional cable outlets.

As a result, you get the best line-ups for your SMT.

Additional PREMIERETV specialties include:

•Satellite Media Tours
•Press Junkets
•Digital Media Tours
•Radio Media Tours
•Audio News Releases
•Creative Video Production / “Highlight Reels”
•Broadcast & Digital Distribution
•B-Roll Packages
•ENG Crews
•On-Air Radio Promotions
•International Services

Contact us for references, quotes, or information on an integrated broadcast publicity strategy that accommodates your budget.

Prime Time Media
Prime Time Media, Studios in Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver, London. 310/709-1109.; Neisha Cohen, Founder/Owner.

Prime Time Media is one of the most trusted organizations in the industry. We’ve learned a little something from our 25 years in the business. We excel at media relations, media distribution, and all forms of broadcast and digital communications. We create strategies and solutions to help brands, agencies, all sectors of entertainment, publishing, sports, health, beauty, lifestyle, garner mass media impressions.

As former network TV producers at the highest rated network morning and late-night programs, we know how producers think and what they want.

• Satellite Media Tours, Co-Op Tours
• Internet Tours
• Digital Media Tours
• Radio Tours
• Webcasting
• Satellite Feeds
• In-Studio Media Placement

Along with longstanding relationships with decision-makers in all media we position you for success. We coordinate every project with detail, professionalism, diligence, and creativity. We get you the best media placement for your message and within your budget. Plus, we target and get the largest audience and amass the most media impressions for you.

That’s our job.

Strauss Media Strategies, Inc.
Strauss Media Strategies, Inc., 529 14th St., N.W., #1163, Nat'l Press Bldg., Washington, DC 20045. 202/638-0200; fax: 202/638-0400.; Richard Strauss, Pres., Howard Davis, Mng. Dir.

262 West 38th St., Suite 803, New York, NY 10018
Richard Strauss, Pres.

Los Angeles, CA; 626/794-1350;
Richard Strauss, Pres.

Celebrating our 21st anniversary and 21 years of excellence in 2017, Strauss Media Strategies, Inc., is the nation’s premier public relations, communications, and strategy firm specializing in television and radio. Not just another "crank it out booking service," Strauss Media Strategies works closely with its clients to develop campaign-specific strategies and tactics that get results. Collectively, our staff brings more than 175 years of broadcast experience and judgment to our clients, and has booked tens of thousands of interviews throughout our company history with a strong commitment to quality.

Strauss Media specializes in booking television satellite media tours with local stations, national broadcast and cable networks, network feeder services, and syndicated programs. We expertly manage your SMT and provide a complete solution including the booking of all of the interviews, studio rental and equipment, satellite uplink, make-up and catering services, and all of the technical and production needs to make your SMT the most successful it can be.

We also specialize in booking radio tours with national news networks, nationally syndicated shows, statewide, regional, and local radio outlets in each of the nation's nearly 300 radio markets. Strauss Media also conducts radio and television ground tours.

Moreover, we script, produce, and distribute targeted audio news releases to the nation's largest radio networks with the best "guaranteed-placement" in the industry. In addition, Strauss Media provides:

•Audio Actuality Pitching and Placement Systems
•Radio Promotions
•Public Service Announcements
•Audio and Video Podcasts
•Radio Advertising Production and Placement
•Live Remote Broadcasts
•Customized Broadcast E-mailing (with our database of 12,000+ radio and television outlets, stations and show contacts)
•Satellite Uplinks and Downlinks
•Media Training

Among the hundreds of clients we have worked with, we routinely work with political groups such as the DNC; advocacy groups like the Sierra Club; award-winning PR firms like Burson-Marsteller, Edelman, Porter Novelli, MSLGroup, Hager Sharp and Apco; non-profit clients like Safe Kids Worldwide, the American Jewish Committee (AJC) and the National Safety Council; government agencies like the Dept. of Veterans Affairs; associations such as the US Conference of Mayors, National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF) and No Labels; large-scale events such as the Clinton Global Initiative and the major auto shows; major companies like Uber, Facebook, and General Motors; and we have worked on dozens of local, state and federal political campaigns. The company is also proud to be on the official GSA Schedule.

When your campaign calls for television and radio, Strauss Media Strategies delivers the absolute best results in the industry. You'll enjoy working with our friendly staff of experienced public relations media professionals. Contact us today to discuss a customized solution for your next broadcast outreach campaign!

Synaptic Digital, a Definition 6 company, 79 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10003. 212/682-8300.;

THUNK! Media. Inc.
THUNK! Media. Inc., 376 15th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215. 917/658-9932.; Robin DeAngelis.


Thunk!Media, Inc. delivers your message to the audience you want to target. Thunk!Media clients have achieved impressive results through our innovative and creative co-op media tours. Our boutique service offers a personal touch and provides the highest quality production values and top-market bookings -- all delivered by the celebrity spokespeople major news outlets turn to for advice.

VideoLink Inc., 1230 Washington St., West Newton, MA 02465. 800/452-5565.