The use of social media is increasing job satisfaction among PR staffers, according to a “PR 24/7” report released by Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. 

Forty-two percent of respondents report a hike in job satisfaction because of the SocMedia tool, while 16 percent saw a drop in satisfaction, according to the survey conducted by SFU’s continuing studies PR certificate program.

Those happy with online work, credit it for boosting creativity, communications value and the ability to connect with proper audiences.

One respondent wrote: "I find social media has helped me and my clients to engage with the public more often and at a less fevered pitch than can occur at public meetings. More contact means many issues can be pre-discussed before becoming the topic at a face-to-face meeting."

Another person noted: "Unlike other PR tactics, there’s an immediacy, high visibility and tangible engagement factor."

Forty-two percent said SocMedia made no on-the-job difference.

SocMedia has a majority of respondents are keeping their nose a little more to the grindstone. Fifty-three percent extended their work hours, busily monitoring and interacting with the online world.

That increase comes out to one to five hours per week. Seventy-six percent say their companies have policies regarding the after-hours use of SocMedia.

A key takeway: Empowering staffers with SocMedia duties can make a stressful job a little less so.