Westhampton Beach

Westhampton Beach trustees pleaded ignorance last night when asked if they recognized any danger to citizens from cell towers, cellphones, cordless phones, tablets, etc.

“We need to study this issue,” said Mayor Maria Moore who presided at the meeting. Trustee Brian Tyman said, “We don’t know enough about this issue.” The three other trustees were silent.

This reporter had spoken at five trustee meetings last year on the dangers of radiation in the town including high readings in the library. We sent Moore and the library board, which her husband Tom heads, more than a dozen articles quoting scientists and others who see a palpable health threat.

Westhampton Beach trusteesWesthampton Beach trustees

We noted last night that the steeple of St. Marks Episcopal Church a few blocks away had a powerful array of cell towers. Standing across from the church with our Acoustimeter, we found the pulsed microwave being emitted from the steeple was next to the highest reading on the instrument—No. 14 on a scale of 15.

The church has apparently rented out its steeple for decades. Contracts are usually for 20-35 years, says the law firm of Varnum, Grand Rapids, which helps churches rent to AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Spectrum and Sprint. AT&T and T-Mobile have rented the St. Marks steeple. Other telecoms can add their equipment, says the firm. Typical rents are $25K to $50K yearly.

Churches should make sure they get additional rent from second or third providers who add their antennas to the steeple, it says. This the “biggest item” in the contract, it notes and failing to gain the rent is the “most common and most expensive error property owners make,” says Varnum.

Deals Shock Health Advocates

Susan Foster, medical researcher who has helped firefighters block cell towers on firehouses, said “Churches, synagogues and mosques are playing with the lives of people and not doing their research.”

Churches should examine the research in BioInitiative.org “rather than taking the word of a telecom salesperson who gets them to sign a 20-year lease without any liability coverage in case parishioners or neighbors become ill,” she says.

“Ministers, priests, rabbis and mullahs are putting the financial reserves of their churches at risk, but most importantly, they are risking the lives and well-being of the flock they are charged with taking care of,” she added.

Health Advocates to March on Supreme Court

Radiation health advocates will stage a demonstration outside the Supreme Court on Tuesday, Oct. 17, demanding a halt to installation of the new “5G” (fifth generation of transmitters until “safety testing is completed.”

Leaders of the rally are concerned about “mini cell antennas in front of our homes, cell towers on schools, and outdated limits of the Federal Communications Commission on such equipment.”

Speakers include Ellen Marks of the California Brain Tumor Assn.; Camilla Rees, author and speaker on electro-magnetic dangers; James Turner, public interest lawyer who will discuss legal initiatives of telecoms in many states; Theodora Scarato, Environmental Health Trust, and Bregtie van der Haak, Dutch filmmaker who is making a film called “Ubiquity” which will say that a global wireless structure “is being built at the expense of local and state ordinances, human rights, taxpayers and public health.”

“Many diverse types of people are planning to come to this event,” say the leaders. “It is not only about wireless technology. It is about taking our democracy back and refusing a sneakily, coldly, technologically dictated society at the expense of the public health. This is now a global issue. Within three years every square inch of the earth will be covered by microwave/RF radiation: the byproduct of ubiquitous wireless Internet being built on a global scale that is predicted to have catastrophic effects on the magnetosphere, the ozone layer and the public health.”

Following is Release of Health Advocates

Organizers of the event are seeking more volunteers as well as publicity.

Following are excerpts from their initial release to the press.

Camilla Rees, MBA, a long-time health educator, researcher and author on electromagnetic fields will speak on the subject of the biological and health effects of the non-stop proliferation of wireless technologies, including the unrecognized connection of wireless exposures with spiraling health care costs.

She is founder of ElectromagneticHealth.org, Manhattan Neighbors for Safer Telecommunications and Campaign for Radiation Free Schools; co-author with Magda Havas, PhD of “Public Health SOS: The Shadow Side of the Wireless Revolution”; and author of “The Wireless Elephant in the Room”.

Ellen Marks is Director of the California Brain Tumor Association, a 501-c-3 nonprofit which focuses on prevention of primary brain tumors attributed to wireless radiation. She has worked on legislation calling for the placement of notices about safer use of mobile technologies at the point of sale from Hawaii to Maine.

She currently Chairs the California Alliance for Safer Technology, a collaboration of 24 activists, lobbyists, physicians, public health researchers and elected government officials fighting legislation specifically intended to enable the wide scale placement, in residential neighborhoods, of high frequency 4G LTE and 5G antennas on utility poles, lamp posts and other municipal infrastructure, while eliminating any local involvement or influence in this process.

Her husband, a real estate broker, is a survivor of a brain tumor from excessive cell phone use. Ellie was co-producer of the film "Mobilize" and has testified before a Congressional Oversight Committee on cell phone risks. Ellen does not advocate against technology but for honesty and integrity from the wireless industry about the established risks, for getting corporate money out of politics and for the use of safer, hard-wired internet access, including optical fiber to the home.

Jennifer Wood is an architect, writer & science researcher who has lived and worked throughout the world. In 1996 she experienced radiation poisoning resulting from excessive over-exposure to wireless technology & widespread, commercial , digital cell phone use that skyrocketed in that year. After three near-bouts with death, and weighing 77 pounds, she was forced to move to the National Radio Quiet Zone in Green Bank, West Virginia in 2011, the same year the World Health Organization, despite industry influence, at least declared wireless devices a Class 2B carcinogen.

She built her own tiny non-electric cabin, solo, in the forest, and regained much of her health, becoming an environmental health advocate. She has been filmed and interviewed by Time Magazine, Werner Herzog, Russia Today and over 80 other international journalists and filmmakers at her cabin and in Washington, DC; she is painfully familiar with the omissions and distortions of the wireless-industry influenced media. She is the author of Fighting Faustian Fission, the story of an elderly police officer who helped shut down New York’s Shoreham nuclear power plant before it opened commercially on Long Island. Her shorter writings include The Canaries, an Afterward, for a photography book on environmental illness and exile (Thilde Jensen, Lena Publications); and Deep in the Dream of Time (Adams Media Publications) under the pen name Langley, among others. She is currently writing a book called The Wireless Puppets (of the Wireless Empire).

Bregtje van der Haak, a Dutch filmmaker making a film called Ubiquity on the 5g technology and global wireless , multiple satellite Internet being built now at the expense of local and state ordinances, human rights, taxpayers and the public health; Joseph Piner, on-going filmmaker of Electronic Crack who began a film about the social aspects of cell phones , met Jennifer Wood and expanded his film to include the health , science, politics and industry issues involved with wireless technology; and possibly Alexey Brazhnikov of Russia Today (who was one of the first filmmakers to sign a good will agreement with Jennifer Wood not to edit out certain statements about the known science) might also be attending for a possible Part Two Film, if we are lucky. He filmed our protest at the FCC last spring and expressed some interest in larger future venues. In addition, we are hiring our own filmmaker so that we will have a full record of all that was said. Networks and filmmakers are notorious for editing out all the political and scientific facts due in part to industry pressures from wireless sponsors.