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O'Dwyer's Inside News of Public Relations & Marketing Communications - Healthcare & Medical PR: Oct. '15
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Category: Healthcare PRReturn to Latest News
Tue., Oct. 13, 2015
Sanofi's Thomas to Makovsky
By Greg Hazley
megan thomasMegan Thomas, global head of communications for Sanofi Oncology, has moved to Makovsky as senior VP in its health practice.
Category: Healthcare PR
Fri., Oct. 9, 2015
In Healthcare, Focusing on Your Marketing Niche is Key
By Dan Martin
Dan MartinPersonalizing stories and focusing on target audiences within your market niche is crucial in healthcare marketing. Here are some tips professionals can use to discover their niche, own it and achieve success.
Category: Healthcare PR
Fri., Oct. 9, 2015
Building Value Proposition in a Cost-Minded World
By Michael Rinaldo
Michael RinaldoChallenges abound surrounding notions of cost and value in today’s pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Healthcare communicators crafting messages with a “value story” need to keep in mind that it’s not just about the data.
Category: Healthcare PR
Wed., Oct. 7, 2015
Healthcare's New Era of Consolidation, Collaboration
By Nicole Cottrill
Nicole CottrillThe healthcare industry’s current evolution is being driven by reform, fluctuating reimbursement, innovations in care, and the evolving needs of people at every stage of life.
Category: Healthcare PR
Tue., Oct. 6, 2015
The Critical Importance of Giving Patients a Voice
By Karen Moore
Karen MooreWith the presidential election a year away, we can count on three things: an onslaught of campaign ads, hilarious Saturday Night Live candidate parody sketches, and a deluge of debate regarding the future of healthcare in the United States.
Category: Healthcare PR
Mon., Oct. 5, 2015
Understanding Marketing Automation for Healthcare
By Nicole Wojno
Nicole WojnoMarketing automation is a great way for communicators to drive brand awareness, and should be strategically integrated into all marketing and PR efforts, connecting everything you do in digital spaces for healthcare clients.
Category: Healthcare PR
Mon., Oct. 5, 2015
Why Effective Writing Always Trumps Safe Writing
By Tom Jones
Tom JonesPredictable, formulaic writing constitutes a significant percentage of the daily press releases produced by healthcare companies and their agencies.
Category: Healthcare PR
Mon., Oct. 5, 2015
What Medical Marijuana Teaches Us About Disruption
By Mark Thabit
Mark ThabitCalifornia blazed a trail when it legalized medical marijuana in 1996. Today, nearly half the country — 23 states and Washington, D.C. — permit medical marijuana use, and 11 of those have passed their legislation since 2010.  However, controversy around the issue remains thick.
Category: Healthcare PR
Fri., Oct. 2, 2015
Bruised Pharma Turing Gets DC Help
By Greg Hazley
turingTuring Pharmaceuticals, which took a PR and financial beating after plans to exponentially raise the price of one of its drugs, has hired Washington help.
Category: Healthcare PR
Mon., Sep. 28, 2015
RiverMend Health admits Maccabee
By Jon Gingerich
MaccabeeNational treatment service provider RiverMend Health has picked Maccabee Public Relations to provide media relations, as well as ongoing social media marketing and corporate communications work.
Category: Healthcare PR
Wed., Sep. 23, 2015
Rothenberg Out at Embattled Turing
By Greg Hazley
Turing PharmaceuticalsCraig Rothenberg, the veteran Johnson & Johnson communications exec who moved to embattled Turing Pharmaceuticals in July, has left the company.
Category: Healthcare PR
Tue., Sep. 15, 2015
MWW Taps Holland
By Kevin McCauley
MWWPRMatthew Holland, most recently executive director of public health solutions at WebMD, moved to MWWPR as senior VP in its corporate health practice.
Category: Healthcare PR
Tue., Sep. 8, 2015
Crystal Run Seeks PR Prescription
By Kevin McCauley
Crystal Run HealthcareCrystal Run Healthcare, a multi-specialty group practice of more than 350 physicians serving New York's Hudson Valley region and lower Catskill Mountain region, is circulating an RFP for PR and advertising.
Category: Healthcare PR
Mon., Aug. 31, 2015
Marin Co. Seeks Substance Abuse PR
By Kevin McCauley
Marin County Health & Human ServicesNorthern California's Marin County is looking for a firm to handle PR for its media advocacy and PR push behind its alcohol, tobacco and drug "intervention, treatment and recovery" efforts.
Category: Healthcare PR
Fri., Aug. 21, 2015
Fink Prescribed EVP Role at Porter Novelli
By Greg Hazley
catherine finkCatherine Fink, senior VP who led patient engagement at Ogilvy's Feinstein Kean Healthcare unit, has moved to Porter Novelli as an executive VP to lead its health and wellness business.
Category: Healthcare PR
Wed., Jul. 8, 2015
Medtronic's Slone Settles in at McKesson
By Kevin McCauley
pete sloanMcKesson Corp., the $179B healthcare care giant, has hired Medtronic's Pete Slone as senior VP-corporate affairs.
Category: Healthcare PR
Wed., Jun. 24, 2015
Havas Acquires UK Healthcare Shop
By Greg Hazley
talman, crozierHavas has acquired London-based healthcare PR agency Just:Health Communications, founded in 2006 by two Chandler Chicco alums.
Category: Healthcare PR
Tue., Jun. 23, 2015
Jones Takes Healthcare Reins for Blueshirt
By Greg Hazley
bob jonesCorporate and financial PR vet Bob Jones has moved to The Blueshirt Group as managing director to develop a healthcare practice for the San Francisco-based firm.
Category: Healthcare PR
Thu., Jun. 18, 2015
California Health Exchange Moves $50M Account, Renews Ogilvy PR
By Greg Hazley
covered californiaCovered California, the Golden State's health insurance exchange, has moved its $50M-per-year marketing account to Campbell Ewald and a team of minority-focused subcontractors, following a review.
Category: Healthcare PR
Thu., Jun. 11, 2015
Why Monday Is a Great Day for Healthcare PR Programs
By Cherry Dumaual
cherry dumaualResearch shows that Monday is the best day for healthcare PR firms to launch campaigns devoted to influences behaviors such as healthy eating, wellness, exercise, and medication adherence.
Category: Healthcare PR
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