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Dentons Global Advisors

Dentons Global Advisors

1900 K Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20006


Agency Statement:

Dentons Global Advisors is an expert-led advisory firm that provides integrated solutions for clients in an increasingly complex, regulated and interconnected business environment. Comprising Albright Stonebridge Group and a deep bench of communications, public affairs, government relations and strategy consultants, we help clients engage with governments and regulatory bodies, navigate public disclosures and transactions within the private and capital markets, and manage their reputations through critical moments of change, challenge or opportunity. Our relationship with Dentons, the world’s largest law firm, means clients can draw upon integrated legal expertise and strategic advisory services when and where they need them.

Our team of experts has significant experience advising boards and management teams on the most complex and high-stakes reputational issues and crises of the last decade. In these situations, we help protect our client’s brand, valuation, reputation and permission to operate by ensuring accurate representation of facts, maintaining credibility, strengthening relationships, reducing negative legal and/or political consequences, ensuring business continuity, driving employee engagement and protecting corporate value. Specific examples include: cybersecurity and privacy matters, product recalls, litigation, government investigations, executive transitions, labor relations disputes, workforce reductions, human resources issues, operational incidents, financial disclosures, as well as environmental, financial or social activism.

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Edward Reilly, CEO; Deborah Scott, partner & head of EMEA; Adam Cubbage, partner & head of US; Melissa Kresse, chief content officer

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