David Sandor
David Sandor

Emory University has recruited David Sandor, a Powell Tate and Home Depot alum, for senior VP-communications & PA duties. He starts March 19.

Claire Sterk, Emory president, cited Sandor’s “extensive experience in communications and government” in announcing his appointment. She called Sandor a “proven, thoughtful leader who values teamwork in a collegial, productive and strategically driven environment.”

Sandor, a founding member at Interpublic’s PT, worked eight years there in two tours. He counseled clients such as RJR Nabisco, Food Lion and Visa.

As VP of Home Depot, Sandor wrestled with crises and issues including natural disasters, financial accounting, workplace violence and shareholder activism.

Sandor’s political experience stems from his role as headquarters spokesperson for Bush/Quayle `88 and special assistant for PA for ex-Transportation Secretary Sam Skinner.

Most recently, Sandor did a six-year stint as VP-corporate communication & PA at Health Care Service Corp. a licensee of Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Chicago, where he managed a 100-member staff involved in integrated marketing communications, crisis, internal PR and media outreach.