Ed Towns
Edolphus Towns

Former Brooklyn Congressman Edolphus Towns represents 2U Inc., the online higher education company that has partnered with Morehouse College on the Morehouse Online offering.

Morehouse College is the nation’s only all-men’s historically Black college.

2U, which is based in Latham, MD says it teamed with Morehouse in 2021 to support the 3.4 million Black men in the US who have earned some college credit, yet no degree.

USA Today on June 1 ran a story headlined "Your online college course may be run by a for-profit company. How to spot the difference.”

It featured a 32-year-old Morehouse Online student who was unaware that 2U was helping to manage the program. He called for more transparency.

Chip Paucek, 2U co-founder and CEO, blogged to criticize the USA Today article for focusing on early operational issues that already have been addressed, “while ignoring the significance of the program’s audacious mission and early wins.”

He believesmedia outlets reporting on 2U frequently adopt a predetermined narrative and are largely influenced by entities that are critical of for-profit education.”

Towns, who served on Capitol Hill from 1983 to 2013, advocates on the behalf of 2U in his capacity as senior advisor at Gray Global Advisors.