As president Trump is caught in his latest lie about paying “hush money” to porn star Stormy Daniels, it all comes down to numbers for the tweeter-in-chief.

In an exclusive interview with his favorite media outlet, Fox News, Trump said he “does not know how you can impeach somebody who has done a great job.” Be patient.

He was taking credit, of course, for the record bull run of the stock market, which began in 2009, when Donald was peddling Trump condos to Russian oligarchs.

“If I ever got impeached, I think the market would crash,” said Trump, a sell-off that could do some serious damage to the portfolios of his constituency, the one-percent crowd.

“I think everybody would be very poor because, without this thinking, you would see numbers that you wouldn’t believe,” continued Trump. Some way more than the rest of us.

Americans are currently seeing numbers that they could never imagine about their president.

Those numbers are from the Washington Post’s Fact Checker that now has now documented 4,229 lies or misleading claims from the former reality TV show star.

Trump is averaging a very impressive (sad, really) 7.6 whoppers a day.

The it’s-all-about-me Donald doesn’t have much to hang his hat on when it comes accomplishments that help Americans live better lives.

But it’s very risky to tie your ability to wiggle out of impeachment to the health of the stock market.

As Ace Greenberg said following the Black Friday, Oct. 19, 1987 crash, “stocks go up, stocks go down.”

Donald should be warned that this bull market is a bit long in the tooth.

Peter Eliades, editor of Stockmarket Cycles, told Fox Business’ Neil Cavuto on Aug. 22 that he’d be amazed if the market moved above its current position ten years from now.

The crash is coming, Donald. It may be here sooner than you think. Hopefully, you won't be in the White House much longer to watch the market tumble.