Trump Newspaprer

A silver lining has finally emerged amid the carnage that is Team Trump.

And it's not coming from the glorious parade of “flippers” (it should be illegal, right Donald) led by Trump’s personal consigliere Michael Cohen, Trump Organization bookkeeping supremo Allen Weisselberg and American Media Inc. publisher David Pecker.

The twitter-in-chief deserves accolades for the terrific job that he’s done in restoring the public’s confidence in the media, which is on the upswing just as action heats up in Trump’s battle to remain in his government job.

Poynter: Trust and confidence in the press: General public (1972–2018)

The Poynter Institute’s just released survey of the media landscape shows a surge during the last two years in the level of trust in the media. That trust is up 22 percent since roughly the time that Donald Trump stormed onto the Washington scene.

Poynter noted that the upswing in media trust really began to take off in 2017, which was the time that the tweeter-in-chief began “Operation Fire Comey” and “rigged witch hunt attack” on special counselor Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 election with possible collusion from Team Trump.

Poynter’s poll follows the Aug. 15 survey released by Quinnipiac University that found a solid majority of Americans rejected Trump’s attack on the media as “the enemy of the people.”

A healthy 65 percent of respondents rebuffed Trump, calling the media “an important part of democracy.” Only 26 percent of those surveyed bought the enemy of the people line.

The Quinnipiac results also should make Donald think twice before firing Mueller as he steps up the investigation that threatens to torpedo Trump’s presidency and toss some of his most trusted lieutenants in jail.

More than half (51 percent) of those polled believe the special counsel is conducting a fair investigation into the possible coordination between the Trump presidential campaign and the Russian government.

Both surveys from Poynter and Quinnipiac show that Americans are rallying around the media in defiance of Trump’s relentless attacks on “fake news.”

Unlike Trump’s current lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, a majority of Americans understand that truth IS truth. They also say "nyet" to Trump's advice to not believe what you see and hear in the media.

People of all political stripes should thank president Trump for beginning his “Make America Great Again” campaign with the media, which is on the comeback trail after years of decline.

Now if only Donald would lift his burdensome tariffs on newsprint....