Video marketing could see a major uptick this year, as an increasing number of business owners appear to recognize video campaigns’ ability to outperform competing content in terms of driving sales, web traffic and brand awareness.

A new report released by video content company Yum Yum Videos, which polled business owners on their video marketing plans for 2019, found that 21 percent more businesses will participate in video marketing this year compared to 2018.

Which type of content do you think will have the most impact on your marketing strategy in 2019?

Nearly two-thirds of business owners (62 percent) said they consider video content either “very important” or “extremely important” for their 2019 marketing campaigns, and 66 percent cited video as the marketing tool that will have the most impact on their 2019 strategy, beating out ebooks, infographics, blog posts and podcast combined.

An overwhelming majority of business owners who’ve employed video marketing in the past (87 percent) reported satisfactory results with video’s ROI.

More than two-thirds of the business owners surveyed (67 percent) said they plan to make at least three marketing videos in 2019. About a third (34 percent) said they’ll make between three and six videos, 19 percent will make between six and ten, and 14 percent said they intend to make more than ten videos this year.

A majority of business owners polled (80 percent) also said they’ve invested in explainer videos in the past—or short online marketing videos that explains a company’s product or service—and 83 percent reported a plan to invest in explainer videos this year.

Not surprisingly, social media remains the preferred channel for a majority of respondents (59 percent) to distribute video content. YouTube was named as the most effective social platform video (57 percent), followed by Facebook (26 percent) and Instagram (15 percent).

However, Facebook was seen by a majority of respondents (39 percent) as the social channel most likely to generate user interactions via video, followed by Instagram (32 percent) and YouTube (26 percent). And Instagram was reported as the platform resulting in better ROI from video marketing efforts (35 percent), followed by Facebook (33 percent) and YouTube (28 percent).

Yum Yum Videos’ “2019 Video Marketing Trends Survey” surveyed 167 business owners across the U.S. in April. The survey was conducted using online survey company Survey Monkey’s Audience platform.