Bernie SandersBernie Sanders

Joe Biden’s decision to enter the Democratic presidential sweepstakes was very bad news for Bernie Sanders, who fell from his frontrunner perch.

The pride of Vermont now polls at 19 percent, which is half of the 38 percent of Democrats said to support the Vice President.

Biden burned Bernie, but Bernie can "feel the bern" again, A PR boost may be in the works from a very unlikely source, Walmart Inc.

The United4Respect group, which has long advocated for a living wage for Walmart workers, has invited Sanders as its guest to the retail giants June 5 annual meeting in Rogers, Ark, to introduce their proposal calling for a board seat for an hourly employee.

It invited Sanders in appreciation for his “Stop Walmart Act” introduced in November that banned companies from buying back their own stock unless they pay employees $15 an-hour, offer seven days of sick leave and cap exec comp to 150 times median employee pay.

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon earned $23.6M last year, which topped the $22K median worker salary by a whopping 1,076 times.

Walmart hopes Sanders doesn’t use his visit as a campaign stop, but as a “constructive opportunity to learn about the many ways we’re working to provide increased economic opportunity, mobility and benefits to our associates.”

The PR spotlight will be on Bernie. He should listen to Walmart’s pitch but if he doesn't hear the Bentonville behemoth talk about boosting the $22K median salary, Bernie should take it up a notch.

How about getting arrested again? It would be a follow-up to his 1963 arrest as a University of Chicago student for protesting for civil rights.

Under an Arkansas court order, U4R agents, who don't work for Walmart, are banned from entering any Walmart property other than to shop. [In California, they are enjoined from entering a store to engage in picketing, patrolling, marching, parading, flash mobs, demonstrations, handbill distribution, manager confrontations or customer disruptions.]

What if Bernie decided to go shopping at Walmart and then get a hankering to hand out a couple of U4R leaflets? Would Walmart have the cops haul away the 77-year-old Senator? The optics would be a thing of beauty for Team Bernie.

Sanders should make the most of his visit to The Natural State. A priceless civil disobedience opportunity awaits that would rocket him past Donald Trump’s preferred opponent, “Sleepy Joe” in the polls.