Look for Donald Trump to be surprisingly attentive at the G7 meeting slated for the French town of Biarritz from August 24-26.

And it's not because he has assumed a sudden interest in the problems of global inequality.

The president also has little interest in bonding with the leaders of the mightiest western economies, plus the EU, Spain, Australia and India.

Trump will be engaged because he has 2020 on his mind and planning for what could be his final big score as president: hosting the G7 on his home turf.

Our ever-gracious president has offered the Trump National Doral Miami golf club as a venue for the 2020 G7 shindig, which could be his last appearance on the international stage.

Though Florida Department of Health officials have cited the Doral pools for violations at least 10 times in the last year, while other luxury properties received clean bills of health, Trump's 800-acre golf club is among finalists in the running for the G7.

The Doral could certainly use the PR boost as its revenues have fallen 69 percent during the past two years due to "some negative connotation that is associated with the brand," according to the Washington Post. E.g., Trump as president.

The G7 bash could be the last chance for the president to cash in on the commander-in-chief gig and a fitting capstone to his four years in office.

The Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington watchdog reported August 15 that there were 2,310 conflicts of interest stemming from Trump's unprecedented decision to keep a stake in his businesses after he took office in 2017.

To the president: the emoluments clause of the Constitution is for losers.

CREW reported that Trump has visited his properties—at taxpayers' expense—362 times. That's about a third of his time in office. Another 111 officials from 65 foreign countries also visited Trump properties and 250 officials from the Administration swung by 630 times. That represents a lot of revenue for the Trump Organization and its leader.

The worrywarts at CREW fret that the "corrupt relationship between the Trump Organization and the White House calls into question President Trump’s decision-making as president."

Nah! They should relax. The presidency is just a fabulous marketing opportunity for Trump.

See you at the Doral's G7. It promises to be the best session ever.

A word to the wise: Though you might be tempted by the August heat and humidity of Miami, leave your bathing suit at home.