The National Foreign Council today urged Congress to stand up to president Trump by conducting oversight to ensure that his tariff policy serves the overall national interest.

National Foreign Trade Council

The group, which represents manufacturers, automotive, retail and agricultural trade groups, has established the Tariff Reform Coalition to pressure Congress to assert its role in managing US trade policy.

TRC pledges to work with lawmakers to craft legislation “that will restore the longstanding balance between Congress and the Executive Branch in devising a US trade policy that helps US businesses flourish in the global economy."

In a letter to the Republican and Democratic leaders of the Senate finance and House ways and means committees, the Coalition says it’s critical to weigh the downside of the Administration’s tariff actions on American manufacturers, farmers and ranchers, exporters and consumers.

Those levies “have had significant collateral effects on domestic prices and have led to extensive retaliation agains our exports.”

Found in 1914, the NFC includes the American Chemistry Council, Grocery Manufacturers of America, National Retail Federation, Assn. Of Global Automakers and Truck & Engine Manufacturers Assn. and Assn. of Equipment Manufacturers.