Generation Z consumers aren’t nearly as influenced by online review sites as members of older generations, according to a recent survey by Los Angeles-based The Pollack PR Marketing Group.

PPMG’s “GenZEats” survey discovered that 75 percent of Gen Z respondents—or those born, roughly, between the mid ’90s and mid ’00s—have never posted a review to online business review site Yelp, illustrating a stark behavioral contrast between members of this generation and their foodie Millennial elders.

Pollack PR Marketing

Another crucial difference: the survey also found that nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of Gen Z respondents rarely or never post pictures of their food to social media.

And while companies’ public political and social stances have become a branding sine qua non in today’s conscientious climate, virtually all Gen Zers surveyed (96 percent) reported that they’ve never hit a restaurant’s Yelp page with negative reviews simply for its political views.

On the other hand, about two-thirds (67 percent) of Gen Z respondents admitted that they do check Yelp reviews—or consult additional online research—before visiting a restaurant for the first time.

However, only about a third (36 percent) are only slightly likely—if at all—to rely on Yelp when searching for full-service or fast-casual restaurants, the two most popular eatery types frequented by members of this generation.

Pollack’s “GenZEats” report polled nearly 500 Gen Z individuals—those between the ages of 15 and 24—between October and December, using online survey company Survey Monkey.