It won't be must-see TV, unless... Ousted White House communications director and press secretary Sean Spicer is getting his own daily talk show on Newsmax TV beginning March 3.

SpicerSean Spicer

Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy, a dear friend of Donald Trump and long-time member of Club Mar-a-Lago, expects Spicy will achieve Trumpian-type ratings.

Why is he so bullish? Ruddy claims Spicer's press conferences generated ratings that were "off the charts, a phenomena that hasn't happened before or since."

That may be true, but it wasn't because Spicer was good at the job.

People tuned in to Spicer's press conferences just like car drivers "rubber-neck" on a highway to view a crash in the opposite lane.

Spicer was the king of media car wrecks. He crashed his reputation and diminished the role of press secretary by spewing lies and distortions right from the start on Jan. 21, 2017. That's the day Spicer kicked off his road to DC ruin when he told the whopper about the size of the inauguration audience. It was all down hill after that.

There's only one way for Spicy to achieve the ratings desired by Ruddy.

He needs to wear a different eccentric costume for each "Spicer & Co." program just like he did on "Dancing with the Stars."

Who can forget Sean's fluorescent light green puffy sleeved shirt get-up or his red and black flamingo dancer outfit?

He also scored major fashion points with the Woody from Toy Story and Popeye the Sailor get-ups.

If Spicer doesn't opt for off-the-wall outfits, his show be off the air in seven months, which was how long he lasted as press secretary.

And speaking of former White House communications directors, Spicer should "get" The Mooch, while the getting is good.

As the presidential campaign swings into gear, Anthony Scaramucci will be in high demand for his deep insights into the mind of Trump.

The Mooch thinks Trump is a "loser" in 2020, especially if Mike Bloomberg is the opponent.

“He has the money, he has the personal dexterity, he knows how to handle the Trump onslaught of all the bullying nonsense,” Scaramucci said Feb. 11 on CNBC “I like him the best. He’s the most experienced, he’s a clear-eyed, technical leader.”

Scaramucci, who has called Trump a demagogue, has a way of getting under the president's skin.

Trump, in turn, has called Scaramucci a "dope" and an "unstable nut job."

Spicer & Co. would get a nice ratings bounce with The Mooch as resident political pundit.