Collaboration is one of the keys to ensuring that large corporate teams stay effective in the work-from-home world, Procter & Gamble chief communications officer Damon Jones tells D S Simon Media CEO Doug Simon in the latest “PR’s Top Pros Talk” video.

Another key is maintaining a consistent corporate vision. Jones says that P&G established “three very early, very simple and very clear priorities” that set the company up for success in a marketplace increasingly impacted by social and political events.

First off, he tells Simon that P&G worked to protect the health and safety of its people. Second, the company focused on making sure it kept its focus on serving consumers. Third, P&G emphasized “being there for the communities that have always been there for us.”

Having those priorities firmly in place, Jones says, makes it easier for the more than 500 people on his team to collaborate. “Part of the reason we’re able to stay connected in this time is because we’re really clear on those priorities, we operate from principles and guidelines versus rules, and we have a high level of trust for each other.”

Jones also talks with Simon about P&G’s “The Choice” campaign, which addresses racial justice issues. “P&G has been a staunch advocate for equality for many years,” Jones says, “so right now that’s a natural conversation for us to have.”

He notes that taking a stand on social issues can have a strong impact on the relationships that develop between consumers and brands. “Times like these really reveal the character and the values that underlie brands,” he tells Simon.

The PR industry’s diversity issue also comes up for discussion. Jones says that while internships and recruiting are a good start, it will require a focus on developing opportunities for career advancement to get PR to where it needs to be.

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