SKDKnickerbocker is handling the NAACP’s “Power of 5—Community Voter Outreach Program” to distribute informational materials on voting in areas with high concentrations of Black people.

Launched on Sept. 18, the first-ever National Black Voter Day and wrapping up on National Voter Registration Day on Sept. 22, the program is part of NAACP’s effort to increase Black voter turnout by at least five percent over the 2016 election by focusing on “low-intensity voters."

The “no-contact canvassing initiative” targets voters in 15 cities in 13 states and DC. They include Birmingham, Baltimore, Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukee, Houston and Las Vegas.

Volunteers wear face masks, use hand sanitizer frequently and practice social distancing. They only distribute materials to people wearing face masks.

“The Power of 5 program aims to inform, engage and empower Black voters and make sure they have the tools and resources they need to make their voices heard at the ballot – because quite simply, our lives depend on it,” said Derrick Johnson, NAACP president.

Mark Penn's Stagwell Group owns SKDKnick.