imre CEO Dave Imre talks with Doug Simon about the skills that communicators in both PR and marketing will need to succeed this year in the latest “PR’s Top Pros Talk” video interview.

“I would advise folks to be amenable to try new things and reinvent yourself as often as you can,” Imre says. “In order to survive, you need to learn new things constantly.”

That ability to learn and adapt is especially important given the rapid changes that the industry continues to experience. “What would have taken ordinarily six or seven years, moved in just six months,” Imre tells Simon.

To handle those changes, communicators need time on their own to experiment, Imre notes, giving them the option to “take a couple of steps forward, and if we learn something new, we can step back and try it again.”

Even in an increasingly digital world, Imre stresses the staying power of TV as part of the marketing mix. Consumers are “looking at blogs, they’re looking at everything, but I think TV with the matching, the pictures, the images with the words, is just essential in telling a brand story.”

For pharma brands and health organizations, he says “making sure all the pieces of the marketing puzzle” fit together in the wake of COVID is a must. “If you’re saying different things in different channels, it’s just not going to work any longer.”

Imre also says that there’s a need for optimism that communicators need to address if they want to really connect with consumers. “They’re going to be looking for light at the end of the tunnel,” he tells Simon.

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