Twitter, Facebook & Google

Desperate for even a sliver of the national PR spotlight, Donald Trump has filed gratuitous class action censorship lawsuits against Facebook, Google and Twitter.

The revenge suits make the twisted claims that the Tech Trio violated always-the-victim Trump’s First Amendment rights by stripping him of his social media megaphone.

At his Bedminster golf club, King Donald whined, “Of course, there’s no better evidence that Big Tech is out of control than they banned the sitting president of the United States earlier this year. If they can do it to me they can do it to anyone.”

What chutzpah! When did the US install a leader who is above the rules of the game?

Trump may envy the control that his buddy Putin has over Russia’s media, but American companies still enjoy a measure of freedom.

As private companies, Facebook, Google and Twitter have the right to determine what goes and what doesn’t go on their platforms.

Trump’s suit against Facebook makes the outlandish claim that it should be considered a “state actor” due to its global reach and be subject to the First Amendment’s ban on governmental action to restrict free speech. That’s just plain nuts.

Facebook, Google and Twitter booted Trump from their platforms for inciting the Capitol Hill insurrection of Jan. 6.

They performed their patriotic duty compared to a then-president who is still spreading lies about a stolen election because his sensitive ego can’t admit that he was crushed by “Sleepy Joe” in an election that was deemed fair by courts throughout the US.

Trump filed his frivolous federal suits in the Southern District of Florida to fire up his political base.

He should pay more attention to the legal action against the Trump Organization in the Southern District of New York.

The former president may soon find himself spending a lot of time in that lower Manhattan courthouse.

The US has lost more than 600K Americans to COVID-19 largely due to Trump’s failure to take the disease seriously and his unwillingness to encourage Americans to wear masks and practice social distancing.

Things took a turn for the better once Joe Biden was elected president, according to a report released July 7 by the Yale School of Public Health and The Commonwealth Fund.

It found that the stepped-up COVID-19 vaccination rollout from December 12, 2020 through July 1 curbed the virus’s spread and reduced the national death toll.

Researchers estimated 279K lives were saved and 1.25M people averted hospitalizations due to the rapid rollout despite the emergence of the new Alpha, Gamma and Delta variants.

There is no way Team Trump would have topped the Biden administration’s rollout success.

There still are millions of unvaccinated Americans, especially in the country’s Red States, who must get their shots before victory is declared over the pandemic.

The Report shows the benefits of living in a country that is led by a government that eschews alternative facts and embraces science.